Inexpensive stairs to the second floor for a summer cottage: screw economy class, in a cheap wooden house, a budget for repairs

Among the advantages of wooden stairs is worth noting a small price Among the advantages of wooden stairs, it is worth noting a small price Addition of the second floor is possible, and most importantly, to choose a comfortable and comfortable staircase upstairs. But, the stationary ladder is not that small, especially if it is a large one. But manufacturers tried to please all categories of citizens - so there were inexpensive stairs to the second floor of the villa.

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Cheap stairs to the house

As a rule, Due to the reduction in the dimensions of the staircase itself.

Strangely enough, but small designs are gaining popularity, as:

  • Look very worthy;
  • Fits almost any interior;
  • The price is much lower, and the variety of species remains.

Indeed, the monumental designs will not always be in place, especially for small houses with a built-up second floor.

To a wooden staircase lasted longer, it must be covered with a layer of varnish To keep the wooden ladder longer, it needs to be covered with a layer of varnish

The stairs have a number of requirements, including that the width of the passage is equal to the width of the ladder. The second floor is also unlikely to be large, and a huge passage will just spoil everything.

Not everyone can afford expensive options, especially if the house was completed and the repair is completed. An acceptable price helped small-sized staircases take their niche in the goods market. Indeed, the variety of materials and design options for entering the second floor allows you to find exactly what you want, even for the most fastidious taste and complex interior style.

Materials for inexpensive stairs

Often, the price itself affects the material from which the staircase is made. And, almost always the choice of expensive materials instead of the usual is determined solely by prestige and the desire to boast. And on the performance characteristics of inexpensive materials are often even better and more reliable.

Most often, inexpensive stairs are made of materials such as:

  • Concrete;
  • Metal;
  • Tree.

Concrete stairs are considered to be one of the most reliable. It can be found in any entrance of a multi-storey building. Stairs are also made of this material. But this does not mean at all that such a construction can not be used at the dacha. Maybe it looks and not too beautiful and expensive, but reliability is guaranteed.

The cheapest are the stairs made of wood The most inexpensive are the stairs made of wood

For increased safety, it is recommended to install a railing and cover the steps with a path.

Stairs entirely made of metal are rare, it is understandable - in order to make the staircase strong, the metal should not be soft, and it weighs a lot. Most often, the metal is combined with other materials, for example, with tempered glass. Especially impressive are the metal forged rails.

Wooden stairs are considered a taste standard and a "golden mean".The most popular are pine constructions - the stairs are covered with a transparent varnish, which will emphasize the stunning natural texture of the tree. In addition, wooden stairs are the most environmentally friendly, even if they are economy class.

Advantages of inexpensive wooden stairs to the second floor

In fact, wooden stairs have many advantages.


  • Acceptable price;
  • No additional finishing needed;
  • Variety of options;
  • Reliability;
  • Strength;
  • Pleasant appearance;
  • Environmentally friendly materials.

Improve the appearance of the wooden staircase by painting it The appearance of a wooden ladder can be improved by painting it

Especially appreciated are such designs in interiors close to nature, for example, country. The natural tree brings warmth and comfort to the house, and beautiful drawings and wood carvings turn the interior into something amazing.

Interestingly, it is not necessary to choose an expensive tree species. The same pine is ideal if the homeowners are looking for budget options. They practically do not create pressure on the floor and walls, while manufacturers guarantee a service life of 50 years or more. The only drawback of wooden stairs is good sound conductivity, but it can be corrected if desired. It is enough to lay a carpet or rugs.

The wood must be protected with some impregnations from parasites and spoilage. This is done at the time when manufacturing and installation is being carried out, but it is desirable to clarify this point nevertheless.

Screw stairs to the second floor of the economy class

Of course, there are a great many configurations and forms of stairs.

The most simple are the most simple screw, and there are reasons:

  • Due to its configuration, there will be a large space saving;
  • They are considered the safest;
  • Screw constructions look great in any interior;
  • They can be made from almost any material;
  • It's easy to install them, even on their own.

Yes, you can save not only on the material. The souvenir bag will remain in the holder's pocket if the staircase is to be manufactured by hand. It is interesting that some models have already started to be sold with detailed instructions for self-assembly - some kind of modular constructors are obtained, which even non-professionals manage very well.

Screw stairs to the second floor can significantly improve the appearance of the interior and make it more functional Screw staircases to the second floor can significantly improve the appearance of the interior and make it more functional

Depending on the size and material, the cost of the spiral staircase can start from 10 thousand rubles. This is really quite inexpensive. Even if the staircase is made to order, it can still be saved. The basic winding of the price goes, oddly enough, for additional work - measurements, drawing up of schemes and drawings, and also the owners often make up a budget. If you do it yourself, it will save at least 15 percent.

You can save as much as you do without finishing. You can do it yourself. Yes, and self-assembly will leave the owner about 20% of the total.

The most economical version of the spiral staircase - with an emphasis on the bearing pillar. It is made of a metal tube, which has a diameter of 5 cm. Fan-like steps are attached to it with a fan. There are other options - with support on the wall, on the kosuroh, well type. However, it is this design on the pipe that is the most reliable. It also allows you to make a railing device, which provides additional security. This is relevant for the elderly and families where there are children.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the spiral staircase very appreciably saves space. If for a large house this is not so important, then for small rooms such a configuration will be a real salvation. In addition, it is possible to trim, both the steps themselves and the support tube, in various ways. For example, they paint with special paints, varnish.

Cheap stairs for villas on the second floor

It is clear that those people who are trying to save money on installation and finishing are unlikely to order a ladder for several hundred thousand rubles from precious wood, and many people begin to doubt the quality and reliability of low-costConstructions.

It should be noted that:

  • The finished ladder can differ in size;
  • Order specially - expensive;
  • Inexpensive models can be made of poor-quality material.

It is not recommended to buy too cheap wooden staircases, since they can be unsafe It is not recommended to buy too cheap wooden staircases, as they can be unsafe

All these doubts are fairly easy to dispel. Yes, ready-made sets for mounting stairs have strict proportions, but you can not be mistaken if you perform all the measurements well. Stairs can also not hit the wallet by order if part of the work is undertaken. And the savings on materials are due not to low quality, but to the similarity of all models - they are the same until the last screw, and vary only in size, and very little.

A nice appearance inexpensive ladder will provide grinding. She will get rid of burrs and other troubles. In addition, it will increase durability and durability.

Further finishing is done solely on the taste of the owners. Wooden structures are usually covered only with varnishes. But the metal can be painted, not only the railing, but also the steps.

Comfortable inexpensive stairs to the second floor for villas( video)

Choose an inexpensive model of a staircase for a country house is not too difficult. And even here you can make everything much cheaper if part of the work will be done by the owners. Inexpensive - does not mean bad, so do not be afraid of such designs. They will also serve for a long time, and they will look beautiful.

Good luck in the experiments!

Details: cheap stairs to the second floor( photo examples)