Staircases from logs: photos in the house, video by yourself, chopped how to make, from rounded to the second floor, examples from the wild, ready-made outdoor

Stairs of logs look great in the interior, made in the style of country Stairs made of logs look great in the interior, designed in the style of country music Stairs are quite different. Some models look elegant, others are massive. Stairs made of logs, perfectly fit into any interior. These stairs are used in interiors in the style of country. Stairs of logs are used for bathhouses and other facilities. Wooden structures from logs have a long service life. A beautiful staircase can be made in any style and is suitable for a cottage or a country two-storey house.

    • Staircase in a log cabin or cottage
    • Stages of work: Steps from a log with his hands
    • convenient staircase polubrevna
    • Material Preparation: chopped stairs logs
    • Staircase of the log with your hands( video)
    • Stairs made of logs( photo examples)

staircase in a log cabin or cottage

staircase made of logs perfect for log home or cottage. Logs have a beautiful appearance and are suitable for manufacturing steps. Logs are an inexpensive building material that is used for building houses, creating stairs and as a decorative element in the premises. In a log house, this ladder will look organic due to the material used to make the structure.

The cost of the ladder depends on the amount of material used. Many owners of houses make ladders from a single log independently, without resorting to the services of professionals. To make and install stairs can be easy and simple, having all the necessary materials and tools for work.

Stairs made of logs can be made on their own or ordered from a specialized store stairs from the timber can be done independently or ordered

specialty store Staircase of logs may consist of several elements:

  • Grades:
  • handrails;
  • Support elements

A log ladder may not have an additional decorative finish. The very construction of such a material looks like a finished product.

Many people decorate the stairs with additional elements - handrails from tree branches. Cover them with varnish and remove excess twigs.

Such handrails perform only a decorative function, but are not the main supporting element. These stairs are installed between the floors of the log house or as a porch finish.

Stages of work: ladder from the log with your own hands

You can order a log ladder in a specialized workshop, shop or make by yourself. The erection of such a ladder is a laborious process that will take time. But, you will save money if you are going to manufacture and install the stairs yourself. Especially in a style that suits the interior of the house.

When deciding to make a ladder from a log, you must first execute its drawing on paper When deciding to make a ladder of logs must first perform a drawing it on paper

Production ladder of logs occurs in several stages:

  • Make sketch;
  • Make room measurements;
  • Perform a drawing of the future design;Prepare the necessary materials and tools;
  • ;
  • Make up the individual elements of the ladder;
  • The finished structure is installed in the proper place;Do
  • Make a decorative or protective coating.

The log stairs look beautiful, naturally, but massively. For a strictly interior in the classical style, they do not fit.

Convenient staircase made of half-timber

Stair steps can be made from the half-logs with your own hands. For this, saw logs in half along the axis. Such steps look original and unusual. Steps from the half-timber give the house a fabulous and beautiful view. The railing can be made from curved trunks, and balusters made from thin branches. Such stairs have a convenient and durable construction.

Among the advantages of stairs from logs it is worth noting excellent aesthetic qualities and environmental friendliness Among the advantages of log stairs is worth noting beautiful aesthetic quality and ecological

The house with a staircase of half-beams resembles a tower. It will be cozy for you to be in such a room and it is convenient to go up or down from one floor to another.

This ladder will serve you for a long time. Steps from the half-log are practical and do not bend under heavy weight.

Features stairs made of polubreven:

  • has a long service life;
  • Made of durable material;
  • Looks original.

These staircases look good inside the house and outside. But, when developing the design of the ladder, it is necessary to take into account the load that will be assigned to it, the permissible sizes and regulatory requirements.

Material preparation: chopped ladders from logs

Logs cut in half are used for making stairs. Perform steps from a dried and prepared log. They look original in a log house. Such a ladder can lead you to the second floor of the house. Steps can be made from round logs, sawn in half.

Logs cut into two parts are suitable for the manufacture of stairs. Exterior finish of logs can include varnish coating.

Before the operation of the staircase from logs, it must be treated with a special solution protecting it from the negative effects of natural factors Before using a ladder from the logs it should be treated with a special solution that protects it from negative effects of environmental factors

These ladders are suitable for "wild" and the harsh climate, where there is a minus temperature, humidity and lunge rainfallA kind of snow. The tree is resistant to such external factors, therefore wooden staircases can be used not only indoors, but also on the street.

In order for the logs to be used as steps for stairs, you must prepare them in advance.

you need to properly prepare the wood for the production of her staircase:

  • Dry logs;
  • Clear logs from resin;
  • Treat the material with antiseptic;
  • Coat the surface with a special varnish or waterproof paint.

If you have decided to make their own ladder of logs, but not yet decided on its appearance and design, you can see examples of the finished stairs and do the same.

Staircase of the log with your hands( video)

beautiful and eco-friendly materials such as timber, ideal for the production of stairs in suburban homes. The usual log can be sawed in half and make independently the original steps from each part. Then make for the stairs a beautiful handrail that will complement the appearance of the staircase and fit the interior of the house with your own hands. This detail in the interior will add a fabulous and exclusive look to the house.

Ladders of logs( photo examples)