Testing of fire ladders: requirements and sample certificate, for outdoor GOST, periodicity for stationary

Before using the fire escape, it is mandatory to conduct a series of tests with it before using the fire escape, it is imperative to spend with her a number of tests Fire escapes often installed outside the building, and so that they have successfully carried out their functions within the dividing of time, they should be checked periodically andtest.

    • General requirements for the testing of fire escapes and regulations
    • Sample act test fire escapes and requirements
    • Test Example external fire escapes and rooftops fences
    • Requirements and Standard test fire escapes and
    • roof railings
    • Terms and frequency of testing of fire escapes in departments
    • How is the test of fire escapes( video)

General requirements for the testing of fire Lestitz and regulations

There are certain guidelines that people must follow when conducting audits of external fire escapes.

As a rule, experts of a certain methodology conduct a test of fire ladders As a rule, the test of fire ladders carried out by experts on a specific procedure

certain methods of conducting such tests:

  1. inspection of the external fire escapes should be performed only during daylight hours, in accordance with all the necessary safety precautions. The place around the staircase must be fenced, and warning signs should be hung on the tests.
  2. statistical tests are performed at each load fifth rung of the ladder load of 180 kgf, and load is applied for a few minutes. Also subjected to a similar load of the ladder.
  3. If the ladder is marching with platforms, then marches and platforms are also checked, with the statistical load applied to them. Load on the march is made from the bottom strictly in the middle, and on the site is checked by means of a distributive load.
  4. The ladder fences are also checked by applying a load of 54 kgf to them every 1.5 m along the entire height of the ladder.

After removal of all loads, the entire staircase is inspected, if during the inspection deformations of the structure or partial destruction of the staircase elements are detected, such a ladder is not allowed for further operation, what the act is about, the unsuitable use of this structure.

If the ladder is completely in order after the load is removed, a protocol is made about its suitability for further operation.

Sample of the fire staircase test certificate and

requirements After carrying out all necessary tests of the fire escape, if it meets all the requirements of GOST( for COSS) for similar structures, an act of performed work is performed on testing external fire stairs.

After carrying out tests on the ladder, a special tag is placed in the necessary order, which confirms the serviceability of the structure After the tests on the ladder, a special tag is placed in the required order, which confirms the good condition of the

. This document must contain the following items and must be completed:

  1. The contract specifies the contract based onWhich checked the staircases, as well as the locality and address where the staircase was tested, its name and type, and all its dimensions, height, width, height of the fenceAnd so on.
  2. The act should specify what time of day the tests were conducted, as well as some of the equipment used: dynamometer, ropes, cargo winch etc., which tests indicating the cargo weight or tension in kgf were conducted, the number of points, To which the cable was fixed.
  3. At the end of the certificate, it is indicated whether the ladder corresponds to the required loads and whether all parts of the ladder have been visually inspected after the load is removed.

At the end of such an act, the date of the inspection shall be put, the seal of the authorized organization that is entitled to carry out such checks and signature of the responsible person.

On the same ladder a tag is hung on which the inventory number of the object is indicated, the date of verification and the terms of the next tests. The same information is duplicated in a special journal that is stored in the organization or in the administration of the plant, factory, settlement, etc. Such a sample of the completion of the act will help to correctly compile this document by the person who conducted the audit.

Example of testing external fire staircases and roof guards

In each building and structure, a height of more than 10 m, there must be fire escape ladders, both internal and external, as well as roof fences, which at any time of the year should be serviceable, Because the life and health of people depends on this, to check their health and normal functioning. Such tests, according to a government decree, should be held every 5 years, and visual inspection of the entire structure once a year.

Tests should be carried out by the relevant organizations, as, for testing, a license is needed.

If you need to test a ladder, then it If you need to test a ladder, then it's best to ask the appropriate organizations for assistance.

There are certain requirements for testing and testing fire protection ladders:

  1. All ladders should be tested only at daylight, The wind speed is not more than 10 m / s. The place near the stairs on which the test passes is to be fenced. Participants who conduct tests during the load on the ladder must, for safety reasons, be out of this zone.
  2. A fixed weight is hung on the structure of a stationary fire ladder, or a force is applied to the structure using cables and a winch to determine if the ladder can withstand a static load for a certain period of time. Also before and after a visual inspection of the entire structure is carried out.
  3. In addition, a verification of the covering of the ladder with a primer and a special paint is carried out, which must correspond to grade 5 of the coating. After all the tests, a protocol is drawn up, if the ladder has passed all the tests. If not, the information is communicated to the nearest fire department about the incompetence of the ladder for further operation.

Requirements and GOST for testing fire escape ladders and roof fencing

All similar ladders must be made in accordance with GOST, this standard applies not only to metal fire ladders, including for marching and vertical, which are installed permanently, but also on otherTypes of fire stairs. This GOST also acts on the roof fencing, and establishes the order of testing, as well as the procedure for assessing the quality of stairs and roofing.

In addition, the ladder should be inspected for coating the structure with a special paint In addition, the ladder should be inspected for coating the structure with a special paint

The method of their implementation corresponds to a certain standard:

  1. The structural strength tests are carried out by static loads, the load value is selected from the possibility of maximum load on the structure withA certain margin of safety, which is usually 1.5.
  2. The tests are carried out using special equipment, while in the test area of ​​the structures the testers should be banned so as not to get injured in case of structural failure.
  3. Inspection of stairs and other structures is carried out before and after tests, using manual measuring means of roulettes, levels, etc. And also with the help of more modern means, for example, using for such purposes a laser rangefinder.

Also carried out inspection for a qualitative coverage of the stairs with special paint, and it is also possible to measure its thickness using special means. In the course of such verification, the suitability of the ladder for further operation is revealed.

The periodicity of checking the stairs is also regulated by GOST, visual control of the stairs should be carried out at least once a year, and with the use of equipment - every 5 years.

Timing and periodicity of testing firefighting stairs in departments

Fire stairs research should normally be conducted by the relevant departments, but these tests and private organizations that have all the necessary documents can carry out the research.

The fire ladder should be inspected every 5 years or after the repair The fire ladder must be inspected every 5 years or after the repair

It is enough to conclude a contract with such organizations and representatives of these organizations can start working:

  1. The tests are performed using the necessary equipment thatAllows you to load the ladder with a certain load, which allows you to determine the suitability of the ladder or, conversely, its uselessness for further operation. After completing the necessary documents, indicating all the operational properties of the stairs.
  2. All works are estimated, indicating exactly what the payment was to be made for. Also, the period for the next tests of the staircase is prescribed, the stairs are tested every 5 years, and also they are tested after repair.

How to test the fire escape( video)

In addition to stationary fire stairs, there are stairs and others. Thus, the tests of the assault ladder, as well as the pull-out three-knee, should be checked once a year. Also, once a year, various other portable structures that serve the firefighters' work are subject to verification, for example, such types of stairs as OKPD, NBC, etc. When checking this type of stairs, a special installation is used, which allows to give a certain load on the entire structure of the staircase.