Balusters for stairs made of wood: installation on wooden ones, how to fix dimensions, photos and video

Beautifully decorate the wooden staircase can be special balusters Beautiful wooden stairs can be decorated with special balusters Balusters, like mighty atlantes, bear a strong support for their handrails on their shoulders. Not for nothing, several centuries ago the grand staircase was decorated with carved balusters from expensive woods, in the form of animals and people, with bizarre ornaments.

    • Parameters of balusters for wood stairs: dimensions, structure and types
    • Direct wooden staircase with balusters made of different material
    • Tips on how to install balusters on wooden stairs without hassle
    • Ways: how to fixBalusters on wooden stairs without experience
    • Installation instruction for balusters on wooden stairs with their own hands
    • Decorative baluster for stairs: wooden masterpieces
    • How to install balusters on wooden letnitsu( video)
    • Examples wooden balusters for stairs( photo)

balusters options for wood stairs: the size, structure and types of

baluster - the main element of the ladder rail.

It performs several functions:

  • Fasteners for railing stairs;
  • Provides safety of movement;
  • Decorative function.
Balusters perform simultaneously as an aesthetic function, and provide security when traveling on the stairs Balusters perform both an aesthetic function and provide safety when traveling on the ladder

Conditionally, the balusters can be divided into 3 main parts:

  1. The lower part that provides a fastening with handrailsAnd sex, is called the foundation;
  2. The middle part, which is usually carved or applied to it by decorative elements, is called the body of the baluster;
  3. The upper part, which is responsible for the support for the handrail, is called the support part - as a rule, it is made the same as the base, so that the overall appearance of the baluster is symmetrical.

All balusters, regardless of the material from which they are made, differ in the type of finish. The simplest kind is flat balusters. In general, this is a simple bar, to which the railings are attached. Such balusters do not have a decorative component or milling.

Carved balusters have a complex artistic decoration, which is carved out manually. Such balusters are used to decorate a separate part of the ladder or the whole structure. Balusters, the shape or pattern of which are made by a milling or lathe, are called - milling and turning.

This technique makes it possible to create undoubtedly very beautiful elements, with the least cost, than with manual carving.

The number of balusters and their dimensions depend on the configuration of the ladder. The length of the balusters should correspond to the height of the handrail. As a rule, they are set at a height of 80-100 cm. The number of elements in the railing is calculated from the length of the ladder.

For safe use of the ladder, the distance between the balusters should not exceed 30 cm, and in order for the overall look of the composition to look organic, the distance between the balusters should be the same. It is necessary to take into account the angle at which the ladder is at, from which it is not difficult in the future to calculate how to cut the supporting part of the baluster, to which the railings will be attached in the future.

Direct wooden staircase with balusters made of different material

When a house is planned to build a staircase with your own hands, then most often, it is a direct flight of stairs. Such a design is not difficult to perform, and even a beginner can cope with this task.

But here is the manufacture of balusters, the process is much more complicated and not everyone can do it. An important technical and aesthetic aspect of performance, has many options and solutions. In order to create a real masterpiece with your own hands, it is worth studying the peculiarity of baluster designs, the materials from which they are made, and the actual manufacturing process itself.

It is better to use balusters made of wood, because they are characterized by ecological compatibility and safety for health It is better to use balusters made of wood because they are environmentally friendly and safer for health.

Baluster for stairs are different. Use a lot of materials: glass, metal, marble and even concrete, but why choose a tree?

There are many undeniable facts in favor of the tree:

  • Environmentally friendly material;
  • Easy to manufacture( simple straight balusters made of wood can always be made by yourself, but from glass or metal is problematic);
  • Compliant( wood, soft enough material, which can easily be applied to a drawing or carving);
  • Appearance( wood is great for any interior).

Of course, it's worth remembering that a tree needs special care, so that it does not lose its beauty and is not destroyed by parasites.

Permanent cleaning, treatment with antiseptic and antifungal agents - all these are mandatory measures.

For making balusters with your own hands, it is better to choose deciduous tree species. For this, oaks, ash trees, beech, larch and birch are good. The strength of these rocks is much higher than the rest. For example, pine or spruce have not a high index of strength, but it is easier to work with such a material. From this tree you can make carved ornaments, or use it in tandem with metal.

The combination of wood and metal is quite common. Metal is suitable for the performance of fasteners, protection against damage and moisture. This tandem is often used in the construction of street structures. Also, metal is used for decorative finishing of balusters.

If more than one material is used for the manufacture of balusters, such a decision should be considered in advance, and a drawing made.

Tips on how to install balusters on a wooden ladder without the hassle of

To mount a baluster, you need to familiarize yourself with the installation methods. Usually one of 3 classic methods is used.

You can install the balusters yourself, the main thing is to prepare materials and tools for installation You can install the baluster yourself, the main thing is to prepare materials and tools for the installation of


  1. Attachment of the studs to the bowstring. A hole is drilled in the middle of the end of the lower post. Baluster is cut at an angle, which depends on how the pole is attached to the string, and a hole is inserted into the hole. The stud is fixed with PVA glue. The end of the hairpin should leave the post about 5-7 cm. Next, in the string, a hole is drilled, a baluster with a hairpin is attached to it. The first is to put the outer balusters and only then the rest. The upper fastening of the balusters is also carried out, only the structure is fastened to the underbelow or directly to the railing.
  2. Fastening on dowels. The dowels are a wooden spike. Fastening of balusters is made in the same way as on a hairpin. The only difference is the size of the hole that needs to be drilled. For dowel, it is a little more.
  3. Self-tapping screws. This is probably the fastest and easiest way to fasten. Fastening is carried out directly to the steps, and is suitable for staircases in the oblique. The screw is screwed into the step. The tip of the screw is half sticking out. According to the pre-set mark on the lower cut of the baluster, we wind it onto the screw.

Ways: how to fix balusters on a wooden ladder without the experience

When fastening balusters is carried out on its own, there are many questions, for example, how to properly fix them?Experienced masters say that this is a jewelry business.

In order to fix the balusters, you should purchase a special segment nut In order to secure the balusters, you should purchase a special segment nut

Two traditional ways to fix the balusters and posts:

  1. Fastening with a nut. For this method of fastening a segment nut is needed.
  2. Wood grouse. In the column, in its lower part, a groove is cut, quite large. In it screw the wood grouses( the product for fasteners, with 4-6 faces, 6-15 mm).

Wooden poles can be installed and secured in the same way.

Instructions for installing balusters on a wooden ladder with your own hands

The whole laborious process should be divided into stages.

Before proceeding with the installation, it is necessary to plan the whole work process in advance Before proceeding with installation, it is necessary to plan in advance the entire operation process

Performed in a step-by-step:

  1. Installation of extreme balusters. Any way of fastening: on studs, screws and dowels.
  2. Now it is necessary to mark up the future support. Here, the levels or thick thread, for example, string, will come to the rescue. Remember that all further work depends on the accuracy of the scribing line.
  3. Chalk, a special marker marks the middle part of the baluster.
  4. Preparing the upper slices of the support - saw off at the same angle as the angle of the entire staircase.

The process of installing fences on a wooden ladder does not tolerate haste. It is necessary to carefully measure, carefully and painstakingly make markings. Otherwise, the work will have to be reworked. After all, no one will like the staircase with balusters sticking out in different directions and curved handrails.

Decorative baluster for stairs: wooden masterpieces

In addition to its main function( safe movement on the stairs), balusters, it is also one of the main elements of the decor. Beautiful carved balusters, no doubt, will add a simple wooden staircase of gloss and luxury. In modern manufacture of decorative elements the master is helped by power tools and machine tools, but nevertheless, no car can compare to the ancient art of hand carving on wood. Patience, artistic talent and diligence are required from a true master to make a real masterpiece.

Relief carving on balusters will give a ladder of elegance and elegance Embossed thread on balusters will give a staircase of elegance and elegance

There are the main thread types:

  1. Openwork or through thread. In this way, ornaments or patterns without background are recognized. Used in the manufacture of individual decorative elements and the creation of independent products. This method is suitable for making flat balusters with a lace pattern on wood. The method of openwork carving is the simplest and the strength of a newcomer. To produce it, expensive tools are not needed: a knife and a chisel, a hacksaw and an electric jigsaw.
  2. Blank thread. There are no slots in the machine with this thread. This type of thread has different execution techniques. For example, the contour thread pattern consists of grooves and grooves that are cut along the contour of the pattern. With staple threads, the pattern is formed by notches and brackets. Beginners first learn the geometric carving, the pattern of which consists of different notches of geometric shape. And, perhaps, the most luxurious kind of carving is black-lacquered. Produced on a tree with a dark background, which is covered with varnish or stain.
  3. Relief or sculptural view of the carving. This thread is considered the most difficult to perform, requires the master serious skills.

Such a carving creates real masterpieces: various wooden figures, ornate oak trees, wood animals and people. More often this type of carving is used to decorate the first( front) pillars of the staircase.

How to install balusters on wooden stairs( video)

The staircase guard can be various - wooden balusters made from oak, which are made by hand, delicate, forged craftsman, columns or glass canvases - always remember that the main function is the safety of movement. Examples

balusters wooden stair( photo)