Steps for stairs made of wood: wooden and the distance between the metal, zabezhnye with lining, dimensions

Wooden steps are popular because they are environmentally friendly Wooden steps are popular because they are environmentally friendly When building a private house, it is necessary to provide a staircase. It can be made of the most materials, but the steps are preferably done from wood. This is due to the fact that it is easy to make wooden steps with their own hands, their surface will always be warm to the touch, they look aesthetically pleasing, they are durable and reliable. With proper use and care of the steps, they can last for a long time. If necessary, you can very quickly and easily carry out the restoration, it is enough to replace only one or several damaged and damaged steps.

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What could be the wooden steps to

stairs Before carrying out calculations, fabrication and installation steps necessary to find out what are their types.

For a simple interstore staircase, it is better to choose straight wooden steps For a simple interstore ladder, it is better to choose straight wooden steps

Wooden steps can be:

  • Straight;
  • Corner;
  • .

Straight lines represent a rectangle made of a whole array of trees. When choosing this type of steps, you need to pay attention to the width of the step itself and the height of the riser. They need to be selected in such a way that the step is not too low and it is convenient to go up and down. Corner stairs are needed in the house if the staircase has a turn. This step is made in the form of a large blade, because it performs not only the function of the step, but also a turn.

Stair steps are only needed for spiral staircases. In form, they represent an irregular trapezoid, with the inner side slightly smaller than the outer side. But it should be borne in mind that the calculation should be carried out in such a way that the landing area is uniform without slopes, which is why the distance between the individual steps must be equal.

Manufacturing of wooden steps of any shape and size can be done on their own, the most important thing is to correctly calculate and prepare the required materials and tools.

Define the distance between the steps of the wooden ladder

One of the most important steps that need to be taken when calculating the ladder is to determine the distance between the individual steps. These norms are regulated by GOST, and their compliance is very important for ensuring the reliability and safety of the structure.

Particular attention should be paid to the size of the steps and the distance between them Special attention must be paid to the dimensions of the stages and the distance between them

For the determination of the optimum distance it is taken into account:

  • Height of the riser;
  • Thickness of wood;
  • Tread width.

The concept of distance between individual steps includes the number of centimeters required for the human foot at the lower and upper levels, as well as the intermediate distance between the two planes.

Important!Since each person is an individual, the GOST standards are adjusted taking into account all these parameters, therefore it is possible to make a design that will suit everyone.

Depending on the type of premises being fitted, other parameters can be additionally changed. In many respects the distance between the individual steps depends on the angle of inclination of the steps. For accurate calculation of dimensions it is important to take into account all the indicators.

Modern metal ladder with wooden steps

Quite often a metal staircase with wooden steps is installed in the house.

Perfectly in the interior of a modern room will fit a stylish metal staircase with wooden steps Excellent in the interior of a modern room will fit a stylish metal ladder with wooden steps

This option is the most acceptable, as it combines:

  • Reliability;
  • Metal strength;
  • Fine wood.

You can buy ready-made designs or make them yourself, thereby significantly saving money and performing steps in your own design, perfectly in harmony with the overall interior of the house. Fastening of steps of a ladder to an available metal skeleton is carried out by means of apertures and self-tapping screws.

No matter how high the welding of metal parts was made, there may still be a slight difference in height. In order to align the iron steps intended for the base, it is necessary to fix a special substrate beforehand. As a special substrate, you can use sheets of plywood, which are attached with screws. Do not use a mounting foam for fixing, as in time it will crumble and crumble and the steps will become unstable.

Steps should protrude slightly behind the base of the metal, as this staircase will look more attractive, thus hiding the frame structure.

So that at the ends of the steps you can not see the chips, you need to use solid grades of wood. When making stairs, you first need to remove sharp corners, giving them a rounded shape, and then cover with varnish.

Doing stairs for wooden stairs

Stair constructions with staggered and swivel steps are quite complicated, so to make them correctly, you need to apply a lot of effort. The spiral staircases with the staircases help to save a lot of space in the house. They can be installed either along the wall or directly in the middle of the room, in any case the design will not take up much free space.

In order to correctly and quickly install a ladder with a staggered step, you should contact a specialist In order to correctly and quickly install a staircase with staggered steps, you should refer to specialists

However, despite all the advantages, there are certain disadvantages of this design, in particular such as:

  • Quite narrow steps;
  • Steep ascent;
  • Labor-intensive manufacturing process;
  • The complexity of the calculations.

It is very important to correctly calculate all the dimensions of the ladder, otherwise it can be quite inconvenient. For the manufacture of the steps, it is best to use hardwood. The oak is good for this, because it is at a higher price than pine, but will last for a long time.

Oak wood has a very beautiful shade, so it will look great in any interior, however, if desired, the tree can be painted in the desired color. Wooden steps have many advantages, as if damaged they can be very easily updated in just a few hours.

Assembling the runway stages can be quite laborious, which is why you can refer to specialists if necessary.

Ladder ladders made of wood

To protect the surface and provide special comfort for walking, special lining on the stairs can be used.

They can be made of:

  • Tree;
  • Carpet elements;
  • Rubber and many other materials.

Special wooden lining on the steps protect the surface of the stairs from all sorts of scuffs Special wooden covers on the steps protect the surface of the ladder from all kinds of scuffs

Before fixing the cover plates on the steps, they must be varnished. Also an important stage is painting, as it helps protect wood against moisture. For the wooden staircase, the carpet lining is most suitable, which can occupy the entire width of the step or only a part of it.

There can be various ways of fastening such products, in particular:

  • Using the spike-groove method;
  • For liquid nails or resin;
  • With self-tapping screws.

Important!Before you mount the patches for the steps, you must first align the surface.

To ensure that the patches on the stage retain their excellent appearance for as long as possible, they need to provide the required care.

How to calculate the dimensions of steps for wooden stairs

In buildings in which more than one floor must necessarily be located ladders for ease of movement. The most simple installation of a straight staircase on kosuroh, as there is no need to have special knowledge and skills of work.

Specialists recommend carefully calculating the dimensions of the steps, as this affects the comfort and reliability of the staircase Specialists recommend carefully calculating the dimensions of the steps, because the comfort and reliability of the ladder depends on this.

It is very important to take care of the steps when constructing the ladder, as they must combine:

  • Reliability;
  • Comfort;
  • Beauty.

When adjusting the stairs, you need to correctly calculate the number of steps, as well as their dimensions for ease of movement. It is very important in the calculations that the depth of the tread is from 300 to 400 mm, and the step height should be from 100 to 200 mm.

Assembly of wooden stairs with grouting steps( video)

The steps of the staircase in the house must be not only reliable, but also beautiful enough, therefore, when performing their installation, the lining of the finished structure is often additionally made.

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