Projects and photos of wooden stairs in a private house: with their own hands a design from wood, a master

To get acquainted with beautiful and original photos of wooden stairs with ease it is possible on the Internet acquainted with beautiful and original photo of wooden stairs with ease on the Internet, you can Experts identify many types of ladders made of wood, so each designer will be able to buy the most suitable option.

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diversityAnd wooden stairs in the private house

The most affordable, attractive and compact are the wooden staircases.

Beautiful and elegant in the interior of the country house will look like a wooden spiral staircase beautiful and elegant in the interior of a country house will look wooden spiral staircase

They are divided by type:

  1. Screw stairs - the creation of such a structure should be dealt with only by qualified masters, because such work is enoughDifficult, and requires a lot of experience and practice. Such designs are distinguished by rounded handrails, they differ in an extravagant design, but may not be convenient enough for the elderly.
  2. Folding ladders - used if the house has too little free space, and on the second floor are raised quite rarely. With frequent folding and layout of such a ladder, it can gradually loosen up and quickly deteriorate.
  3. Marching direct stairs - are highly popular due to their ease of use and high structural strength. They are convenient for people of any age, and are distinguished by a high level of security.

Fans of a win-win classics will appreciate the design with straight lines and figured balusters, made of expensive woods and decorated with handmade carved elements.

To give the room a royal charm, you can put a red carpet on the stairs.

For fans of modernism suitable spiral staircase, and to give it a touch of charm and exclusivity, can, or paint each step in a different color, or burn patterns on the railing of the steps or themselves.

For connoisseurs of high-tech style it is necessary, either to purchase a construction made of metal, or to paint wood in the color most suitable for this style of the room.

You can also use combination - different types of wood or a combination of wood and metal.

We make wooden stairs in a private house: photo, material for manufacturing and painting

The most important requirement - safety is often applied to wooden staircases.

You can create a ladder yourself, the main thing is to pick up quality material for the future product Produce stairs can be on their own, the main thing - to find quality material for future product

To design will last for many years for its production are used wood:

  • Fir;
  • Pine;
  • Larch;
  • Oak;
  • Spruce;
  • Birch.

The main advantage that people have when buying wooden staircases is their low price category.

Most often, ladders are treated with special means and are toned, and then covered with varnish. This color scheme is suitable, both for classical style and for country.

Scandinavian motifs have a white color, and can also be used to decorate a variety of materials, emphasizing the overall style of the room and creating an impression of warmth and comfort in the house.

How to make a wooden staircase in a private house with your own hands: assembly tips

To assemble a wooden ladder with your own hands is not difficult, you just need to familiarize yourself with its components, and know the rules of assembly. If such work seems complicated, a master will come to the rescue, who will do everything at the highest level in a short time.

Before you start assembling and installing a ladder, you should first carefully read the instructions for installing it Before starting the assembly and installation of stairs, you should first carefully read the instructions for its installation

wooden staircase design consists of several elements:

  1. side components are called string. They are 2 identical boards, in which there are ledges under the steps. Experts recommend that you look closely at the protrusions, because they are the main details and are responsible for the strength of the entire structure.
  2. The steps are inserted, like puzzles, into the side holes.
  3. risers are set to choose from owners - if they are present, the stage looks closed, without obtaining a public.
  4. Handrails are a must if elderly people or young children live in the house. Good and high quality railings are the key to security in the home, so their choice should be approached more responsibly. In modern apartments, with the presence of the second floor, air stairs are often used, without the use of handrails.
  5. The interfloor serves as a connecting component between the first and second flights on the stairs. It is presented in the form of a platform with legs, and is designed for rest while walking.
  6. You also need to purchase the means for fastening the balusters and installing the handrail.

The main rule of successful work or purchase, is the product of the correct calculations. It is necessary not only to count the number of steps, but also to take into account the frequency of using the ladder structure.

Experts advise to design a staircase at the initial stage of the construction of a private house, then left the place in advance under such a structure, and you can not worry about installing it.

The middle angle of the ladder should be within 45 degrees, the width of the tread is up to 350 mm, and the height up to 180 mm. The application of such rules will avoid penalties during the inspection of the relevant authorities, and to obtain a safe design as a result.

The presence of the necessary tools is of great help in the independent manufacture of the stairs. If previously there were no electrical appliances accelerating the process of production and assembly of staircases, now you can buy almost any, and make even the most complex elements yourself.

Specialists advise that if you have to seek help and look for masters in the assembly, it is better to give preference to a more expensive firm that values ​​its reputation than to apply for a cheap ad, and risk not only their health, but also their loved ones.

Types marches of wooden stairs in a private home

Stairs made of wood in a private house there are primary and secondary. Basic allow you to move from one floor to the second, and the auxiliary leads to the attic or balcony.

The most popular and popular today is a straight wooden staircase most popular and in demand today is the direct wooden staircase

Also stairs are divided into marches:

  1. Design Direct march is most common, and is easy to build, as well as the convenience while walking. If floor space is impressive enough, you can make 2 or 3 bays, with the placed on these platforms, and the space under the stairs to use more rationally - to build a closet, put a table or shelving for books.
  2. The most compact are the stairs that have a L-shaped design. A similar construction is placed along the wall, and has a turning line, on which are located a few more steps.
  3. Designs with P and T-shaped design is installed, most often, in country houses with a large area. In addition to interesting design, they often have a high cost, that's why in most houses they prefer, or do similar work with their own hands, or purchase budget projects.

Projects of wooden stairs in a private house( video)

Wooden staircase for a private house is one of the most optimal options. It is aesthetically attractive, environmentally friendly and affordable. The assembly and design of such a ladder is a process that is accessible to everyone.

Beautiful stairs and successful assembly!

Design and projects of wooden stairs in a private house( photo in the interior)