Types of stairs: different types, open 3 best choices, basic articulated, cascading to the second floor and universal

As a rule, almost all out-of-town houses are designed with two-story houses, so the presence of stairs in them becomes an indispensable condition As a rule, almost all two-storey holiday homes are designed, so the presence of these stairs is becoming a prerequisite Decorators use different types of ladders to give exclusivity to their projects. Over the past dozens of years, the construction and design of houses has stepped forward. Requirements for the architecture of a country house have grown. If before construction of a second floor could afford only very wealthy people, it is now in the design of the house is laid several floors and the attic, which is to connect architects use diverse type of stairs.

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    • main types of stairs, without which it is impossible to do
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stairs types

choice of specific options leThe stanza depends on many parameters. This is the area of ​​the room, and the type of material, and the overall interior design, and the amount to buy. There are a number of signs on which it is possible to distinguish ladders, and, therefore, to choose the necessary option.

There are 7 variants of classifications, using which you can make the best choice.

Choosing the design of the future staircase, it is necessary to proceed primarily from its appointment choosing a project of the future staircase should be repelled primarily on its purpose

Thus, choosing a ladder for your home, consider the following factors:

  • Appointment. Depending on the purpose, the stairs can be: entrance, working, passing and connecting.
  • Functionality. Depending on the needs, they can be: for the landscape, for the home and specialized.
  • Position. Depending on the location: inside and outside.
  • Layout. Direct or with a turn.
  • Transportation method: Portable, foldable and stationary.
  • Construction: Single, double, multi-marble.
  • Material. Metal, reinforced concrete, wood, concrete, mixed.

As it became now clear, there are different types of stairs, there are also combined. On some of them we will dwell in more detail.

Different types of stairs and their features

There are basic options for stairs to climb to the second floor. They differ in their materials and appearance. Some options are chosen based on the decor, some because of their practicality.

Spiral staircase is perfect for rooms with limited free space spiral staircase is perfect for rooms with limited free space

talk about specific options and installation methods for each of them:

  1. spiral. This type of ladder, usually used in a room in which there is not enough space for any other. To choose such a ladder by any other principle is not reasonable, since it is very inconvenient to operate. Going down it is very risky. To properly install such a ladder, its steps are fastened around the pole.
  2. Painted. Steps a ladder mounted on special devices - rails to each other, thus distributing the weight of the structure between the floor and ceiling. It turns almost floating above the floor ladder, and the space below it can be used for any purpose. This hinged structure is very practical.

studying samples Doc stairs, you can determine whether you will need a separate formwork for them or not, as well as the need to install safety cell on a particular type of construction.

Emergency fire or an open staircase

marching - it is the most common type of stairs.

The main purpose of the fire escape is to ensure the rapid and safe evacuation of people in case of an emergency The main purpose of the fire escape - to ensure fast and safe evacuation of people in case of emergency

There are models:

  • Open non-smokeable;
  • Closed.

It is this ladder that is installed in an apartment building. There is another division of the flight of stairs to the straight and with a turn.

Rotary models are used more often, because of space saving, but straight lines are easier to install.

classification, color and size, interior decoration, identification of colors - all this is determined by the choice of the stairs step, it is necessary to characterize and enumerate the design requirements. If the owner of the apartment threw all my things, it does not matter, the norms and SNiP for tunnel and industrial type of staircase for the first and second floors will not affect this, but they must be observed.

Hinged ladder

Now it was a question of ladders, installed inside the house. Still there are varieties of other stairs that do not belong to the previous classification. One such option is a hinged ladder.

The swivel ladder is characterized by the fact that it can be assembled and disassembled quickly hinged ladder being characterized in that it can if necessary quickly to assemble and disassemble


  1. sample such ladders can be up to 6 m
  2. widely used both in the construction and.at home.
  3. The universal ladder can be aluminum or steel. The former are lighter in weight, but not so strong.
  4. Also ladders of this type are divided into one-sided and two-sided.

Such stairs are especially appreciated for the fact that the range of their application is very wide. For example, a scissor type ladder is very convenient in that it can be assembled and disassembled as an accordion, and a shaft type can be used to raise workers to the roof.

Cascade ladder

One of the most interesting types of stairs. It consists of a considerable number of staircases. Most often, such stairs are built when the length of the climb is very high.

Cascade staircase consists of a number of spans and is appropriate in case of a prolonged climb cascaded ladder composed of a plurality of spans and is appropriate in the case of the prolonged lifting

Design Features of application:

  1. order to climb stairs was convenient, between its sections are arranged flat pad on whichYou can take a breath.
  2. The cascade ladder is most often used in very hilly terrain.
  3. Another version of its application, serve as architectural projects.

Every year more and more variants of stairs appear on the market, which differ greatly in appearance, strength of construction and safety precautions. Moreover, they are used not for decorating, but in order to create a real second floor. This newfangled trend is gaining momentum, so it's time to understand what types of stairs exist, where they are used, and how to work with them.

main types of stairs, without which it is impossible to do

Rope ladder so functional, that, perhaps, there is no sphere of life, where she would not have found a use.

Rope ladder is perfect for arranging a children Rope ladder is perfect for decorating children's playground

dwell on some:

  1. Widespread use rope ladders received the Navy. Used to transport people from a large ship to boats and to work with masts. One type of staircase looks like several vertical ropes with wooden steps. The second, completely rope.
  2. Household use is also very common. For example, for descent into the well, for children's sports equipment.
  3. Rescue rope ladders needed to help people who are at high altitude.

In the sports industry, rope ladders are also in demand. There is also a type of ladders used for mountaineering. They are equipped with additional attachments and more durable.

The cheapest and the best choice for everyday stairs

Despite this wide range of applications, a rope ladder is the easiest type of stairs, and it is quite possible to make their own hands.

Rope ladder without any difficulties can be collected at home rope ladder without too much difficulty can collect at home

There are several ways:

  1. tied a rope around the levels. This is quite easy to do at home. It will take a couple of ropes, wooden wedges and some tools. The main thing is to make a small saw cut on the uneven bars, the rope does not slip.
  2. Fixing through through holes. It is easy to assemble such a ladder. In the wooden bars holes are drilled from two sides. Then the rope is threaded therein, a pre-tied knot at the end. Further on the same scheme.

Overview of the types of stairs( video)

When choosing the type of staircase, it is necessary to be guided by the function of designation, design and strength characteristics of the design, then the choice will satisfy the owner throughout the life of the product.

Design outdoor stairs( photo in the interior)