Two-march staircase: with a platform to the second floor, photo sizes, from a metal profile, drawing and calculation, with a turn of 180, U-shaped with an intermediate in a private

The main feature of the two-march ladder is the presence of an intermediate platform between the spans The main feature of the two-ladder ladder is the presence of an intermediate platform between the spans Any ladder provides a rise to the next level of the structure. The designs of the stairs differ in the types of execution and style solutions. Separately, there is a two-march staircase because its advantage is the presence of an intermediate platform between marches( spans).How to make a two-march ladder with your own hands at home is understandable not to everyone. But by following certain rules you can create a practical architectural masterpiece at home.

    • Two-ladder ladders to the second floor: advantages and materials
    • Two-ladder ladder with platform: dimensions and requirements
    • Tools and stages of project installation two-ladder ladder with
    • platform Two-ladder ladder made of metal profile:
    • solution example

Two-ladder ladders on the second floor: advantages and maTheories

Each ladder design has its own advantageous differences. To the spiral spiral staircase save the most save space. But they are very cool and people in the age of uncomfortable use them. Some designs, like a two-march ladder, have obvious advantages.

What gives a two-ladder ladder:

  • simple design, low labor input for manufacturing;
  • possibility of finishing with the help of any materials for every taste;
  • low costs for building materials;
  • high degree of comfort and operational safety;
  • is a delightfully presentable view that will attract all guests at home.

As for the negative sides of the design, they do not show up. The use of an intermediate platform saves space and serves as a resting place.

Before proceeding with construction, you should consider what material to use. Each of them has its own advantages, but also the difficulties in installation.

Modern marching stairs are created from the following building materials:

  • metal;
  • stone;
  • concrete;
  • bricks;
  • wood.

The cost and simplicity of working with material are the main factors of material selection.

Two-ladder ladders are distinguished by a high level of convenience and safety The two-ladder ladders feature a high level of convenience and safety

The choice of material depends on:
  • construction life:
  • aesthetics;
  • ergonomics.

Iron staircases are used outside the house, because even an aesthetically forged design will be gloomy. From the metal it is desirable to create a frame, as this will increase the strength of the ladder, and decorate with other materials.

The stone allows creating grandiose and massive structures. Therefore, for stone two-march stairs, space is required, which is not always there. Effective option - use a stone for the cladding of the frame of metal or concrete.

The concrete characteristics of the ultimate load are similar to stone. But the aesthetics of concrete do not suffice. It is advisable to place a ladder out of concrete outside the house, but with a monolithic construction, an internal layout is possible, combined with a balcony.

As an additional material, it is appropriate to use a brick to form the structure of the steps. It is possible to produce formwork for a site made of bricks or other building blocks.

The second most common material is wood. In terms of aesthetics - this is the most successful solution for home. However, rare varieties of wood that provide a beautiful appearance can be costly, and a two-march staircase made of pine will not give high indicators of durability, safety and beauty.

Proceeding from this, it is preferable to combine materials when constructing two-ladder ladders, thereby optimizing the cost and creating successful stylistic solutions. For example, brick steps can be faced with stone, add metal. Or make a metal frame and decorate it with a tree.

Two-ladder ladder with platform: dimensions and requirements

The intermediate platform divides the ladder into 2 parts. In a private house, it is appropriate to put either a wooden staircase or a structure from a metal profile. The choice depends on the taste of the owner, but both options are easy to make by themselves.

But, in order to successfully implement the idea, some rules will be required. The work contains the following steps:

  1. Carrying out measurements and design calculations. Display information in the drawings.
  2. Sawing according to the drawings.
  3. Installation of materials.

Any design must meet certain requirements, so that there is no doubt about its safety in use. In addition, the requirements determine the minimum level of comfort in use, and also serve as a guarantee of reliability.

For convenience of use, a two-mast ladder must meet certain requirements for height, width and size of the site For convenience of use, a two-ladder ladder must meet certain requirements for height, width and pad dimensions

Acceptable dimensions:

  1. Minimum width of the ladder is not less than 80 cm.
  2. The height of the handrail is 90 cm. They must withstand not less than 100 kg.
  3. The stage must withstand a mass of 200 kg.

The most common rectangular platforms and they are distinguished by the fact that the marches are deployed 180 degrees relative to each other. L-shaped not so saves space, but it is advantageous when the entrance to the second floor is located at an angle or with a small turn.

In addition, special requirements are applied to the stages themselves:

  1. The steps are about 25 cm in size.
  2. The height of the riser is 20 cm.

One march must not contain more than 15-18 steps. This is a security requirement.

As for the transition platform, there are 2 options:

  • rectangular;
  • L-shaped.

Tools and installation stages of the project two-ladder ladder with platform

Installation of two-ladder ladders is easy. But first of all you need to acquire the required tool. Its choice depends on the material of the frame. The main difference is what to cut the material: the wood with a hacksaw, and the metal with a bulgarian and weld it together.

Other tools:

  • measuring tape;
  • level;
  • files;
  • sandpaper;
  • pencil;
  • self-tapping screws.

Often people in the beginning put the frame of the ladder, and then decorate it. But the most important thing is to make the correct calculations of the load indicators. For this, you can use a special calculator, which is full on the network.

The platform between the flights of stairs is mounted first The area between the stairs is mounted first

The installation process is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Installation of the platform. Often for its installation in the wall mount several beams. Then the platform will be suspended. You can install it on the supports, but in the future there will be a free space under the stairs. Unless it is possible to equip under a platform on a beam pantry.
  2. The lower flight of the ladder is installed. It is important to pay attention to the bottom and how it will lean on the ground or floor. The mount must be dead to prevent vibration.
  3. Mount the upper span. There are no differences from the bottom mounting. Only the fastening now to the transition platform and the second floor must be dead. But the site itself should be well secured. If there are backlashes, then the fastening needs to be strengthened.

During assembly, it is necessary to check all parts for looseness, since even a slight backlash of one part will go to the other. This will shorten the operating time of the two-march ladder.

Two-ladder ladders from metal profile: example of

solution If it is required to create a durable and strong construction, it is appropriate to use metal as the main building material.

The metal profile is considered an ideal solution because it allows:

  • to create an easy design;
  • experiment with the form;
  • save money.

When designing a ladder made of metal, it should be taken into account that, with a large thickness of the structure, its weight is too large. Especially it concerns forged constructions.

Advantages of two-ladder ladder from metal:

  • possibility to combine various finishing materials on a metal frame;
  • the possibility of constructing stairs only from the profile;
  • possibility of painting the structure in any color;
  • robust and reliable design;
  • low cost;
  • the possibility of mounting only with the use of welding.

Advice on the rational use of metal profiles in the construction of stairs:

  1. Do not add a large number of profiles - it will weight the design. It is desirable to make the project as easy as possible, for example, to install wooden steps.
  2. Be sure to carry out anti-corrosion treatment of iron, even if it will be installed indoors. Then follows the painting. Paint on the stairs, which is installed on the street, should be updated with a greater frequency than the one that is in the room.
  3. For self-assembly, you need to have the skills of using a welding machine. Otherwise, use the help of a professional, or use bolted profile connections.
  4. It is necessary to carefully calculate the maximum load on the structure. The design should be as strong as possible.

The use of bolts as joints is not recommended for staircases intended for daily use or subject to increased stresses.

It is necessary to avoid unnecessary heavier construction and use lightweight materials, in particular wood, where possible It is necessary to avoid unnecessary weighting of the structure and to use light materials, in particular wood, where possible.

Preparation begins with an outline on the drawing sheet of the ladder design. This will allow you to calculate the design parameters and determine the amount of construction material, as well as the time for construction.

Then prepare the tools:

  • welding machine with electrodes;
  • a bulgarian with circles;
  • drill with drills;
  • hammer.

On the walls it is preliminary to apply the markings according to the drawing, then not to pretend to be on the eye or reconcile with the material in hand. The profile must be pre-cut and numbered.

In the process of assembly it is desirable to resort to the help of a second person. He will perform auxiliary, draft work. Before starting the work, you should take another look at the drawing and check with it the markings on the wall.

Drawings should not be removed far:

  1. Contour wrapping to get a rectangle on which the steps will be placed.
  2. The base is formed from a 10-inch channel or 10-by-10-pipe profile. The pipe will give less vibration during operation. When using the channel, it should be fixed to the floor, which will reduce the vibration.
  3. The pipes that make up the structure are cut in such a way as to fit snugly against the support. On the lower and upper edges are welded platforms, which play the role of fixatives.
  4. Once the guides are made, the support frames that are installed between the supports should be welded. The step between them must be observed.
  5. The railing with the decoration is installed last, after the profile structure has been painted. The places for decor installation are prepared in advance.

How to install a two-ladder ladder( video)

Now it is clear how the two-ladder ladder is made with their own hands using a metal profile or other building materials. With independent work, you can save money, time and your own strength. The structure of the profile will be distinguished by its durability and practicality. Maintenance and care for her will be minimal. If there is no desire to work with metal, then you can create a wooden two-march ladder. The main thing is to properly calculate and draw up a good project.

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