The better to paint a wooden staircase in the house: as from a pine, inside, what color to the second floor, how correctly with their own hands at home

Almost every owner who has private housing at his disposal, strives to ensure that Painting the ladder, you can significantly extend the life of it Painting the ladder, you can significantly extend the service life of the to make it as cozy, comfortable and beautiful as possible. No part of the house or dacha should be knocked out of order, so that the interior decoration looked stylish and harmonious. And if the room has an unpainted wooden staircase, then it must necessarily be put in order. After all, wood, although it is one of the best building materials, needs additional coating to preserve its aesthetic and operational properties.

    • Painting wooden stairs: tips for choosing a coloring material
    • Paint for wooden stairs and its varieties
    • What is the paint for wooden stairs inside the house
    • How to paint a wooden staircase to the second floor: small tricks
    • Options: how to paint a ladder made of pine in the house
    • How to paint a ladder in a wooden house correctly
    • Variations in what color to paint a ladder in a wooden house
    • Painting an edgervyannoy stairs with his hands( video)
    • Painting wooden stairs( photo process)

Painting wooden stairs: tips on choosing the coloring matter

Before you begin to paint a ladder, you must decide exactly what kind of results you need to get. This will help not to be mistaken with the choice of coloring matter and the technology of its application.

So, what you need to keep in mind when you start painting:

  • If the natural pattern of the tree is so beautiful that you want to leave it - it is better to choose a glossy or matte varnish instead of paint;
  • To preserve the texture, it is necessary to abandon the use of soil formulations, and the paint should be "light", allowing the tree to "breathe";
  • In the case of painting inside the house, care must be taken to ensure that the formulation used has quick-drying properties and does not leave an unpleasant, long-winding odor.

When buying a paint, ask the seller for a certificate confirming its quality When buying a paint, ask the seller for a certificate confirming its quality.

As for the steps, it is necessary to select paint for their processing, which is distinguished by its strength and resistance to abrasion. Otherwise, after a short time, the ladder will have to "survive" a new cosmetic repair.

Paint should have protective properties to protect wood from rot, dust, fungi and prevent it from losing its appearance.

Paint for wooden stairs and its varieties

In any market or building store, you can find a lot of different compositions for painting wood stairs. But in order to choose exactly what you need, you need to know all the varieties of coloring matter.

Paints suitable for the subsequent processing of wooden stairs are divided into:

  • Alkyd - their main advantage is that they quickly dry and contain antiseptics, non-toxic. In addition, they cover the ladder with a protective layer, protecting it from various mechanical damages. Such colors are available at a price and varied in color.
  • Acrylic - do not have a sharp odor, they also dry fast, have a long service life( up to 20 years).Do not fade and do not burn out over time, do not contain harmful volatile substances. Allows the wood to "breathe".They have a very wide color palette.
  • Oily - the advantages of such a paint can be attributed to the low price and rather economical expense of the product. But the surface covered with such a composition is completely "not breathing" and is defenseless before wear and damage. Contain some substances harmful to the body, dry for a long time. The maximum service life of this paint is 5 years.

Among all types the best are acrylic paints Among all types, the best are acrylic paints

Optimal variant for painting wooden stairs - alkyd paints. They provide a consistently good result, and with their help, the ladder will serve for a long time, and also look beautiful and well.

As for specific brands and manufacturers, we can advise: Tikkurila Empire, Betolux, Dufa, Viva Color, Pesto, Dulux.

What is the paint for wooden stairs inside the house?

The ladder can be both inside the house and outside it. There are differences between what exactly it is necessary to process the wooden interior details.

In order to paint the wooden stairs indoors, you can use:

  • Paints;
  • Varnishes;
  • Special impregnations or stains.

And it's not necessary to choose one thing. You can "play" with them and try to combine different colorants. For example, additionally treat the paint with a clear varnish.

For stairs inside the room, you can also use special enamel paints. They are distinguished by high drying speed, absence of toxins in their composition and excellent protective properties.

But at the same time it should be remembered that the use of enamel is only necessary in a dry, well protected from precipitation room. Otherwise, the staircase will be defenseless against moisture.

For the treatment of wooden stairs, you can use enamels made by the Swedish company Synteko or the Italian manufacturer Sirca. They cost, of course, quite expensive, but the quality in this case justifies the price.

There is a wide variety of colors that differ in color, type and price There is a wide variety of colors that differ in color, type and price.

As for varnishes, their task is mainly to emphasize the natural texture, pattern and color of the wood. They are easy to apply and dry up pretty quickly. For stairs in the house, it is better to choose a product on an alcohol basis. For external, located on the outside of the steps, it is not frost-resistant enough.

Important!Do not use "yacht" varnish for painting stairs inside the premises. It is very toxic and remains so even after drying.

Impregnating stains also refer to the means by which wood can be processed. They not only tint it, but they can have bio - and fireproof properties. For stairs, as a rule, funds are used on wax or oil basis.

At the end of the work related to the painting of the wooden staircase in the house, it is desirable to use a polish that provides wear resistance to the surface and adds extra shine.

How to paint a wooden staircase on the second floor: small tricks

A ladder "inviting" to the second floor is one of the important elements of the interior decoration of the home. From its appearance and style depends the harmony and consistency of the taste of the whole house.

If the ladder is not yet assembled, then it should be painted before starting the assembly If the ladder is not yet assembled, it should be painted before the assembly

To do everything correctly and not repeat the painting in a short time, you can use some tricks:

  • If the operation of the ladder during itsPainting can not be avoided, it is possible to process it through one step, and after drying dostochek, dye the rest. This will almost not feel the inconvenience associated with visits to the second floor and not to spoil the drying coating. True, this option is convenient for monochrome painting, without patterns.
  • If the house is built and the staircase is not yet installed, it is more convenient to paint it in disassembled condition.
  • First, the upper step is painted. However, in the case of having another exit from the second floor, you can first process the bottom one.

The last strokes need to be carried out clearly along the tree structure. And for a ladder to dry better, it's worth to increase by about 5 hours the time to dry.

Options: how to paint a ladder made of pine in the house

The difference between a ladder made of pine and other wooden covers is that the resin does not form any moves and impregnates the material unevenly. In this regard, the same tinting will be very difficult.

In this case, it is best to use enamel. With its help( in a diluted form), you can perfectly repeat the drawing of the tree itself, and if you want to paint the stairs completely. In the second case, it is not necessary to dilute the substance.

Before painting the stairs, it must be thoroughly cleaned of debris and grease Before painting the ladder, it must be thoroughly cleaned of debris and grease

As for the paint for pine surfaces, it is possible to use such varieties:

  • Alkyd - will not deliver any troubles with application;
  • Pigmented - hide small defects and chips;
  • Urethane alkyd - can be used for surfaces that have already been painted before.

To add additional gloss, you can choose the right polish to match the wood. The pine staircase will shine and change.

How to paint a ladder in a wooden house correctly

To paint a ladder that is made of different types of wood, you can use the services of special companies. But at the same time you need to be prepared for a very decent billed account. To avoid this, you can do this work with your own hands and save a lot of money. Moreover, it is not so difficult.

The entire process of painting stairs can be divided into the following stages:

  • Preparation for painting. From the surface, all dirt is removed, and the cracks are filled with putty. If the tree is too dense or old, then it must also be primed, otherwise the paint will not stay on it.
  • After the solution has dried, the putty is sandpapered to obtain a smooth surface. In order to achieve the best result you need to wait a couple of days, and then repeat it all again.
  • The surface is further cleaned and dust-free, so that even the tiniest particles are not visible under the paint layer.
  • The staircase is then primed twice with a break of 24 hours.
  • After drying the second coat of primer, you can start painting. Before starting work, the coloring agent must be shaken or diluted( more on the package).

During painting, the air in the room should not be very wet or dry During painting, the air in the room should not be very wet or dry.

If a varnish is used instead of a paint - a primer is not needed!

In order to apply paint, you can use rollers, brushes, spray guns, spray guns.

During dyeing, care must be taken to ensure that the paint does not stiffen with droplets and leave no residue.

For the creation of a high-quality coating it is desirable to apply from 3 to 5 layers. Each layer should be applied after the previous one has dried completely.

The paint must dry at home in a room with normal humidity. Otherwise, cold or heat can lead to the appearance of small cracks on its surface, which will affect the lifetime of the ladder. At the end of the work, the finish coat is applied.

Variations in what color to paint a ladder in a wooden house

When thinking about the color of a wooden staircase, you need to consider not only your tastes and wishes, but also the general style of the room in which it is located.

The ladder must match the color scheme of the house, and not contradict it.

The staircase is better to paint in a color that will differ from the shade of the walls It is better to stair the staircase in a color that will differ from the shade of the walls.

The shades can be very different - both completely repeating the tone of the tree and bright, radiant colors. The most common variant is a uniform coloring, but it is possible to make an original and paint a ladder, having combined 3-4, and even 5 different shades. Or, for example, to embellish the steps with one color, and the railing - the other, the contrast. Look will be original and interesting.

There are several recommendations for those who want to experiment with color:

  • If the painting is done in several colors, it is better to work when the ladder is dismantled, that is, before the installation;
  • If you want to make the design more dark, you can apply impregnation with the finishing varnish, as they are absorbed more quickly into the surface, and the staircase retains its shade longer;
  • For clarification of the wooden surface, it is recommended to use translucent coating substances that contain light colored pigments.

Painting a wooden staircase with your own hands( video)

A staircase is a piece of a house that can easily become a highlight of the interior if you approach the issue of its design correctly. Do not be afraid to experiment with shades or think that painting this design is a difficult and impossible task. Everything is completely feasible!It is necessary only to want, to choose the right colorants and to fantasize a little. Good luck!

Paint wooden ladders( photo process)