Forged railing for stairs: photos of forging and wooden stairs, artistic sketches and designs in the house and on the street

Forged stair railings look very elegant Forged stair look very elegant Forged products have a truly magnificent appearance and a special energy. In hand-forging products, the master's soul lives. They combine the subtlety and elegance of intricate patterns and the rudeness and strength of steel. Such designs are used not only to decorate the garden, but also to fill the house. For example, you can install in your apartment forged hangers or railings for stairs. About the latter, we will talk today.

    • Benefits forging handrails for stairs
    • Safety regulations for stairs with wrought iron railings
    • few recommendations for the design of forged railing on the stairs
    • Color wooden stairs with wrought iron railings
    • Beautiful wrought-iron railing for stairs( video)
    • Design forged handrails for stairs in the house( photo)

Benefits handrails for stairs forging

Forged railing perfectly with any type of interior. They will be appropriate to look both in modern and in classical interiors. In addition, such designs have a lot of advantages.

Advantages of forged handrails in the house:

  1. Handrails are a part that shades the design of the ladder. These elements can be made of different materials, but it is forging that gives the design a unique charm and makes the main highlight of the room. You can buy finished products, or give the master their sketches.
  2. Forged products can be used to decorate internal and external stairs. They easily tolerate the adverse effects of the environment and are able to stand for many years. Despite the fact that such designs are strong and heavy, the delicate lace pattern gives them airiness and weightlessness.
  3. Forged handrails can be decorated not only pompous classical interiors, but also minimalistic modern rooms. Such products are multifaceted, crumpled black, they are the embodiment of grace and modesty, but the gilt railing, trimmed with gilding, turns into a model of luxury and nobility.
  4. It is very easy to care for such handrails. They are enough to wipe from dust and periodically update the color.

Forged handrails are very easy to care for For forged handrail is easy to care

Wrought iron railings are ideal for home and for the street. They are made of durable and durable material, which is added by the grace of art forging. Unfortunately, making such products with your own hands is impossible without professional forging skills, but your projects will help the master to translate your dream into reality.

Safety regulations for stairs with wrought iron railings

Handrails for stairs should not only be stylish and beautiful, but also to meet all safety requirements. When making a sketch of this design, you should consider how comfortable it will be for children and the elderly to walk along such a ladder. Remember that in the first place there should always be practicality, and already on the second design.

Handrails for stairs should be absolutely safe for people Handrails for stairs must be absolutely safe for people

Safety requirements for wrought iron railings for the stairs:

  1. If the ladder on which you want to install the railing, has a width of less than 2 meters, theFor its registration there will be enough two handrails located on opposite sides. For structures wider than 2 meters, additional central rails are also used.
  2. If one side of the ladder lies along the wall, then for an aesthetically pleasing design, the railings are installed on both sides. In this case, the wall-mounted handrail can be fully placed on the stairs or partially mounted in the wall.
  3. If your house has small children, then the height of the handrail must be at least 1.5 meters. It is also necessary that between the forging elements there are not very large gaps. Otherwise, your child can put his head in the banister, which then will be very difficult to get.
  4. Metal for handrails should be very durable and fire resistant.

We have described to you the basic requirements for forged railing for stairs. Next, the shape and size of the structures will depend solely on your preferences.

Some recommendations for the design of wrought iron handrails on the

staircase Forged stairs can approach any material of the steps. Wooden structures are perfectly combined with forged elements. Such a tandem will take us to ancient castles towards adventure. The marble staircase, decorated with handmade elements, will acquire a pompous and majestic appearance. Similar constructions can be found only in mansions and cottages.

Forged rails will perfectly fit in any interior of the room Forged railings perfectly fit into any interior of the room

Design of the pattern of forged stairs for different interior styles:

  1. Classic interior styles, as well as grandiose baroque and rococo can be emphasized by forged structures. To do this, use a railing with a filling in the form of a floral and vegetable print. Also, such an airy ornament will perfectly fit into the modern French style of Provence.
  2. The brutal loft, modest minimalism, and modern high-tech prefer the right geometric lines and strict shapes. Such interiors will be accentuated by a staircase with rails having an abstract design. Peering into such content, each guest will see something of his own. Minimalistic modern interiors do not recognize the pretentiousness of lines and the smoothness of forms, they tend to be orderly and laconic.
  3. Art Nouveau and Art Deco like combinations of geometric shapes and rounded lines. For them, the railing will fit with the right rhombuses, and with spirals twirled. Such products usually have a major part, from which the other patterns diverge. The most interesting option is a handrail featuring people's faces or hands.

Stairs with forged handrails can be used to decorate the exterior and interior of the building. Intermediate twisted stairs will have simple unpretentious railing, and single-march designs will be decorated with pompous hand forging.

Stairs with hand-forged handrails can become a visiting card of the cafe in the French style.

Also the railing for stairs is good for decorating the entrance structures. Here they can be as touchy and short as possible.

Color of wooden stairs with forged handrails

Special attention in the design of staircases forged handrails should be given to the color of such elements. After all, the shade of the handrail connects all the parts of the ladder structure together.

The color of the handrail can merge with the stairs or contrast with all the shades used for finishing the house. Everything is decided by the customer!If desired, after the purchase of ready-made handrails, you can paint them in the right color.

Wooden staircases with black forged rails look very organic Wooden staircases with black forged rails look very organic

Black or white forged rails are best suited for wooden staircases. Such combinations look particularly noble, and are able to fit into any style of the interior.

The colors for the handrails are chosen according to the customer's desire. However, the most popular are black, white, gray and beige designs. Also many people choose a handrail with the effect of artificial aging. Such products are stained several times and rubbed with a stiff brush, after which they are covered with a thin layer of golden paint, which is also partially washed.

Aged railings perfectly combined with classic interior styles. They add pomposity and nobility to such premises.

Beautiful forged railing for stairs( video)

Forged railing is a sign of good taste and prosperity. They are suitable for installation on street and home stairs. Install such a design in your home, and it will play with completely new unique colors!

Design forged handrails for stairs in the house( photo)