Lighting stairs in a private house photo: control and views, automatic motion sensor, built-in cottage

Lighting makes the staircase more functional and practical Lighting makes the ladder more functional and practical The design of your home is a responsible but extremely interesting activity. If you decide not to trust his specialists, and think through yourself, then you need to pay attention to every nuance. One of these optional, but giving the interior a special charm, the moment is the lighting of the staircase. Today you will learn how to choose the best of all existing options of such a device, and also understand whether you need lighting stairs.

      • When ladder lighting is necessary
      • Kinds of staircase lighting
      • Street lighting in a private house
      • Lighting control of a staircase
      • Intelligent lighting of a staircase in a private house( video)
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When lighting a staircase is necessary

Lighting a staircase in a private house is by no means the most important part of the interior, however the presence of such a device on the stupaIt will make even the simplest design the center of the room. This element can not only be of a decorative nature, in some cases its installation is really necessary.

Lighting stairs are needed in large houses, but it is often used in small Lighting of stairs is necessary in large houses, however it is often used in small

When it is really necessary to install stairway lighting in a cottage:

  1. If the staircase is in a dark corner that is unable to illuminate the main fixtures.
  2. In the event that the light switched on at night in the room will interfere with sleeping by the household. Stairway lighting works regardless of the main lighting, in addition, its light is not bright, so you can climb to the second floor without disturbing the holidaymakers on the first.
  3. If the lift to the second floor is on the street. In the dark, when returning from work, it will be very difficult to climb the stairs if it is not lit.

As you can see, the lighting of the staircase is not only decorative. It significantly increases the safety of climbing the steps at night.

Types of lighting stairs

Stairs in two-story houses can have a variety of views. This can be a single-ladder ladder, and a long screw structure. Depending on the length of the staircase and the style of the interior, the types of lighting of this part of the house are selected.

You can illuminate the staircase either with a chandelier or with spotlights You can illuminate the stairs with chandelier or with spotlights

Types of staircase lighting:

  1. Fixtures installed on the walls near the stairs. They can have a very different design. For wide lifting structures, luxury sconces are suitable, and narrow slopes can be equipped with spotlights located right next to the steps.
  2. Long chandeliers for stairwells are especially often used to decorate luxurious mansions. Such designs are suitable for stairs with more than three flights, they will also ideally look in the center of the screw structures. The design of long chandeliers can be classic or modern. In the first case, the lamp will be equipped with crystal pendants or round shades. Modern designs have the most unexpected appearance, for example, the base of a lamp, can be made in the form of a shower, from which crystal droplets "pour" on long lines.
  3. LED lamps are used for lighting stairs. They are economical and can be used for both spot lighting and wall sconces. The intensity of the glow of the LED lamp can be adjusted by changing the muted bluish color to warm white. They consume so little electricity that they can be left on 24 hours a day.
  4. LED backlight ladders are the most functional. It has an amazing decorative effect, and a lot of opportunities. This is partly due to the flexibility of the material from which it is made. Such tapes can be installed on walls and railings along the stairs, or directly on the steps. LED backlighting has a lot of lighting options, from natural yellowish to blue. LED strip can be used at least the whole day, since it has a fairly low power consumption.

When choosing the type of lighting, first of all, it is worth paying attention to the cost of each of them. Also consider the ease of installation of such structures. If you can use expensive and expensive long chandeliers for your home, then this element will be superfluous at the dacha.

Street lighting in a private house

Lighting stairs in the street, although it has its own nuances, but can still be used. Such an element should be installed if long steps are taken to the entrance to your cottage, and you should not neglect the lighting of the staircase if the entrance to the second floor is on the street.

Lighting of stairs in the street is better to use complete with sconce, especially if your site does not have lights.

Staircase lighting can be general or accented. Which option to choose depends on the type of lifting structure, on the material of which it is made, and on its length.

An excellent solution is to illuminate the staircase in the street with spotlights that are mounted on a stage An excellent solution is to illuminate the staircase in the street with spotlights that are mounted on the

step. As you can imagine, the wooden staircases are more fire hazardous than the metal ones, so in street conditions they are used less often. Very interesting is the point lighting located on opposite sides of each step.

Street lamps should have a metal base, then they will be strong enough to withstand unfavorable environmental factors.

You should also take care of frost and wiring safety. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to make it hidden. This type of wiring is not afraid of precipitation, and also excludes the possibility of stumbling on the wires lying on the ground.

Lighting control for stairs

When you decide on the type of luminaire for a ladder, you have to choose how to control such a device. All the existing options in their own way are good and convenient for a specific case.

Separate staircase control is necessary for more economical use of electricity. With its help, you can make sure that the light bulbs on the steps do not burn all the time, but only in the right hours.

The method of control must be chosen, guided only by one's own desire. However, if you want to make the installation of lamps yourself, then pay attention to the simpler options.

Lighting on the stairs can be switched on when the steps become feet Lighting on the staircase can be switched on when steps become feet

Lighting control options:

  1. Passing switches allow you to control the lighting of the stairs by pressing a button. Such a device is installed at the beginning or at the end of the ladder. Thus, to turn on the lighting will be able to descend from the second floor of the person, and climbing it.
  2. The timer is a more sophisticated and modern version of light control. With this device, you can program the lighting to turn on and off at a specific time.
  3. Sensor movement is the most modern, and most convenient option for controlling light in a flight of stairs. Lighting equipped with such a device will turn on when approaching the ladder of a person. You can install a special detector on the ceiling and connect it to the network and lights or use the lamp's built-in automatic lighting.

We presented you with options for controlling staircase lighting in the order "from simple to complex".Thus, you can install the built-in switches without the help of a professional, and with a motion sensor device, it will be hard to cope on your own. Excellent option for installation will be "smart lamps" with a built-in motion sensor.

Competent lighting of stairs in a private house( video)

Lighting of stairs of a private house allows to make a rise in the stairs safer. If you decide to equip your home with such a device, then with responsibility approach the choice of lighting equipment, then your ladder will be not only safe, but also beautiful.

Examples staircase lighting in a private house( photo ideas)