Forged fences of the staircase: a photo of the elements, with zaubezhnymi steps, their own hands

Handrails with forged elements have excellent operational and aesthetic properties Handrail with forged elements have excellent operational and aesthetic properties All people enjoy when they look at a true work of art. Do you want visitors coming to your house to stare at your stairs?Then know that the forged railing coming out from under the hammer of the master-smith is the most real masterpieces. In addition to individual orders from blacksmiths, you can buy ready-made forged items on the market, which will cost significantly less.

    • Forged staircase elements: variants
    • Forged fences for stairs with treads: overview
    • How to make forged fences for stairs with your own hands
    • How to make an artistic decoration of a forged fence
    • How to mount forged by hand
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Forged staircase guard elements: variants

LikeThe railing on the staircase repeats the shape of the staircase itself. Therefore fences are divided into the same species as the stairs.

What are the stair rails:

  1. For the flight ladder;
  2. Steering( screw);
  3. For stairs with turning.

Forged stair guards can vary in size, shape, thickness of metal Forged fences for stairs may differ in size, shape, thickness of metal

The first option for a flight ladder is the most common on the market of stairs. Such handrails are rectangular fences, without any turns and spirals.

Sealing fences are used only for the design of spiral staircases. Repeating the shape of the staircase, the fences are spiral rails.

In a separate category are railings for stairs with a turn. From the marching ones differ only in that in a certain place they wrap at an angle, as a rule, 90 or 180 degrees.

In addition to the fact that forging always looks beautiful and aesthetic, it's also a hot metal treatment. Thus, the metal acquires additional physical properties.

Useful properties that the metal acquires after forging:

  1. The metal becomes more durable and wear-resistant. This is due to the fact that during the process of plastic deformation, the grain of the metal is crushed, and then - hardened.
  2. The mechanical properties of the metal are also leveled after forging. This means that forged metal will be equally strong throughout its area, it does not have "weak" places, which is often found in non-manufactured items.
  3. And as we already noted above, the metal after forging becomes an artwork. Experienced masters are able to give the metal any shape, and from individual elements of the fence to make a complete composition.

Forged fences for ladders with staggered steps: a review

Separately it is worth mentioning fencing for spiral( screw) stairs.

The spiral staircase itself looks original and usually more beautiful than the standard march. But it can be decorated even more, having addressed for the help to the good smith. He will decorate the staircase with a suitable fence ornament.

Forged railings look great on any staircase, including a swivel with a staggered steps Forged railings look great on any staircase, including swivel with gently staggered steps.

The very first stage of creating a ladder enclosure in modern blacksmithing is its design in the 3D modeling program. If you are familiar with this kind of design, then you yourself can develop a draft of the future ladder, and then show the blacksmith, and already with him to solve the details.

And the last step in the manufacture of staircases is the cooling of the handrails in the air so that the internal tension of the steel is removed.

And one more advantage of the forged rails in front of the wooden ones is the greater variety of possible styles.

Artistic forging can be made in several interior styles:

  • East;
  • Baroque;
  • Rococo;
  • Classic;
  • Gothic;
  • Empire;
  • Modern;
  • Vanguard.

How to make a forged staircase guard yourself

Nowadays, few know the skill of blacksmithing. And of those who mastered it, only a few can create a real masterpiece from a piece of metal. But how do fences for stairs are created?

Before you begin to make a forged staircase, it is worthwhile to execute her drawing on paper and watch the training video Before starting to make a forged ladder, it is worthwhile to draw its drawing on paper and watch the training video

First of all, prepare all the necessary tools:

  • Welding;
  • Mask for welding machine;
  • Electrodes;
  • Saw-Bulgarian;
  • Levels;
  • Roulette, ruler and protractor.

After you need to create a sketch model of future rails. You can use 3D modeling programs to do everything in detail and faster, or simply draw a model on a sheet of paper.

The classic ladder guard in height is 950 millimeters.

Keep in mind that in this case accuracy is extremely important - an error of several millimeters on the scheme will cost several degrees of slope in the future of the product, which is why you will have to start everything from the beginning.

The very process of making fences is very interesting: every metal element needs to be shaped with a hammer. After all, most likely, you do not have a forge at home?Therefore, you will have to suffer and handle with a hammer a cold metal.

The frame is created with the help of a welding machine, ready-made elements are attached to it after the creation. Collect the fence, carefully following the planned drawing. After that, you just finish the final finish and you can install the railing on the stairs.

How to make an artistic decoration of a forged fence

After the frame is attached to the rest of the fence, it's time to take up the artwork. To make the artistic decoration of the forged fence, you need to have a serious experience, so this task is best entrusted to professionals To make the artistic decoration of the forged fence, you need to have a serious experience, so this task is best entrusted to professionals

  1. The first thing to do is to thoroughly polish the finished product using the Bulgarian;
  2. Apply a primer coat to the entire surface of the product. The soil will protect the railing from moisture, thereby saving your ladder from corrosion.
  3. After you can paint the fence in any color you like. The most popular options are black, white and silver color.

The product can be painted not completely in one color, but with different inserts. For example, stitches can be painted with platinum color, while the main color of the fence is black.

How to mount forged stair railing( video)

Experiment with colors, patterns and shapes!And most importantly, carefully think through the project at the drawing stage. And then you definitely will not be disappointed in the final result.

Chic forged railings and stairs( photo options)