The staircase in the wooden house: photo of the entrance, what is the size, the designs of the metal

For a wooden house it is necessary to choose the right model of a ladder for wooden houses is necessary to choose the right model ladder Today the market is full of different models of ladders from a variety of materials: metal, concrete, wood and other. But the market is always focused on the majority, and therefore - on the houses of blocks, bricks and concrete. But the owners of wooden houses have to spend a lot of time before they find a suitable model of the stairs. Of course, you can agree with the designer and the master, together you can come up with something original. But for individual orders, the price is usually very high. Following our rules, you will be able to choose the right ladder from the market offers, and also know what to look for in case of individual orders.

    • What are the stairs to the wooden house: types of materials and models
    • Entrance staircase in a wooden house: appropriate design
    • metal staircase in a wooden house: so it will be safer
    • Proportional staircase in a wooden house:sizes and measurements
    • WC under the staircase in a wooden house
    • As mounted staircase in a wooden house with his own( video)
    • Practical staircases in wooden houses( photo options)

What are the stairs to the wooden house: types of materials and models

Relatively speaking, in a wooden house can go up any stairs, it all depends on its interior.

You should also pay attention to the materials from which the ladder is made and think that it is better to fit into the overall design of your house.

Materials from which stairs can be made:

  1. Metal;
  2. Stone;
  3. Plastic;
  4. Tree.

These are the four main materials that can be found on the market, and with which private craftsmen work. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses.

For stairs in a wooden house you can use different types of materials for stairs in a wooden house, you can use different kinds of materials

But the most cheap plastic material is considered, and the most expensive - stone. However, keep in mind that plastic ladders are much inferior in quality to stone, metal and wood products.

In addition to the material, the second important parameter when choosing a staircase in the house is its appearance.

There are several types of ladders:

  1. Marching;
  2. Screw;
  3. Hanging ladders.

The most common type of stairs are the flight models. They are divided into direct and rotary structures, depending on the features of the room or the preferences of the customer.

Screw staircases look more unusual, and to meet them in houses is a rarity. They are made of a spiral shape and can be installed anywhere in the room.

Hanging staircases, also called staircases on the bolts, are a structure located on special beams that are mounted on a wall.

Remember that in addition to the original look, the spiral staircases also take up less space than the marching and hanging ones.

In advance, discuss all details of the future ladder:

  1. Dimensions;
  2. Number of stages;
  3. Design of handrails;
  4. General appearance of the staircase;
  5. Additional finishing( burning, threading, etc.).

Keep in mind that the more complex your order is, the more you will have to pay for the work of the master.

Entrance staircase in a wooden house: design suitable

Wooden porch - perhaps the best option for a wooden house. A tree with a tree will always look organically, and you can only make the appropriate measurements, which will be discussed below, and find an intelligent master.

Advantages of the wooden ladder:

  1. Best of all will emphasize the interior of a wooden house;
  2. Relatively low production cost;
  3. It is possible to find many projects of wooden staircases in a free access;
  4. Possibility to paint the ladder in any desired color;
  5. With proper skill, a wooden ladder can be made by yourself.

In addition to the obvious advantages of wooden stairs, there are also disadvantages.

For a wooden house, a porch made of the same material is the best option For a wooden house porch of the same material - the best option

Disadvantages of wooden stairs:

  1. Need to impregnate the ladder every year with special substances to prevent decay process;
  2. Less service life than metal and stone products;

Do not forget that wood is a natural and environmentally friendly material. Therefore, if you aspire to place in the house as few as possible artificial products, a wooden staircase is your choice.

Metal staircase in a wooden house: it will be safer

The second option in a wooden house is a metal staircase. With proper approach, it can both merge into the interior of the room, and create a contrast with the wooden decoration of the house.

If you have chosen a metal ladder, you should first of all get acquainted with the photos and projects of such stairs on the Internet in order to choose the most pleasant option. And then make the appropriate measurements and contact the master or the plumbing company.

Metal staircase in a wooden house is a guarantee of construction reliability metal staircase in a wooden house - a pledge of reliability design

Remember that an appeal to the private master, most likely, will be cheaper than the intermediary agency.

Proportional staircase in a wooden house: dimensions and dimensions

The correct measurements are a guarantee that you will not be disappointed in the final result and get a ladder of the right size.

What measurements need to be taken:

  1. Height of the ladder( from the floor to the opening);Direction( turn) of the ladder;
  2. The opening itself.

Before you start tinkering the ladder, you need to measure Before you start tinkering a ladder, you must take measurements

All measurements are best mark on a paper sheet in the form of a drawing, and then send it to the master.

A bathroom under a staircase in a wooden house

If you have chosen a flight of stairs, to save space you can place a storage room, a fitting room or a bathroom.

The bathroom under the stairs is not going to be very wide, but there is enough space for an additional or even basic toilet.

Please note that it is possible to place the toilet under the stairs only if there is space from the floor to allow the person to stand upright.

A bathroom in a wooden house can be placed under the staircase WC in a wooden house can be placed under the stairway

If you choose a model stairs and rails, then formed beneath the place can be filled with kitchen unit and shelves for clothes. But with a spiral staircase, unfortunately, nothing can come up with anything: it itself takes up a minimum of space. As

mounted a staircase in a wooden house with his own( video)

Also do not forget that the first step in the construction of the staircase is opening in the ceiling size. Services from the beginning of the project and to the end result you can order from many construction companies, and if you have experience with wood, you yourself can create a favorite staircase.

Practical staircases in wooden houses( photo options)