Stairs made of stone: natural and artificial, stone steps, internal lining and finishing of metal

Make the interior luxurious and elegant with a beautiful staircase made of stone Make the interior luxurious and elegant with the help of a beautiful stone staircase Stone stairs make the interior more natural. This variant of finishing the steps came to us from the Middle Ages, when all parts of the locks tried to make the most durable and wear-resistant. Now, these designs are more decorative than practical function, but their excellent characteristics can not be noted. If you are thinking about decorating a stair in the garden or in the house with such material, then you need to know some nuances.

    • Advantages of facing stairs with stone
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    • Stone stairs for stairs in the garden
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Advantages of facing the stairs with a stone

Stone staircases differ in their expensive appearance. They are often used in cottages and luxurious mansions, after all such finishing -

is a sign of prosperity.

However, many people are faced with the question: "Is the stone staircase finish so practical?"It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously, since such steps have their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of the stone ladder is that it is strong and very reliable

One of the main drawbacks of such stairs is the fact that the stone draws heat from the room while remaining cold. What can be done to correct this negative nuance?Cover the center of the stairs with a carpet. Another solution to this problem will be walking on the steps in the shoes.

Many are not satisfied with the high price of stairs made of stone. If you want to make your interior luxurious, but can not afford expensive natural material, then you can completely replace it with a cheaper artificial stone.

Many are confused by the heavy weight of stone structures. To reduce the weight of the stairs, partial cladding can be used. For example, stone steps can be placed on wooden steps.

The main advantages of stone stairs:

  1. Stone products are very durable and reliable. Of course, a stone can crack with a strong mechanical impact, but the chances of such damage are minimal.
  2. The refinement of stone stairs makes them an excellent option for decorating classical interiors. Such steps can be equipped with a backlight for additional effect.
  3. A huge number of colors of natural and artificial stone allows you to create a variety of designs.
  4. Also stone stairs have high practicality. They are not afraid of moisture and they are easy to wash.

The stone covering is elegant and durable, but it does have drawbacks. Depending on what qualities you have in priority, you can choose for yourself a suitable design.

Expensive stairs made of natural stone

Stairs made of natural stone are majestic and expensive constructions. They are a sign of status and high prosperity, so they need an appropriate arrangement. If you decide to trim internal stairs with this stone, then you need to know which stones are considered particularly suitable.

Suitable stones for finishing staircases:

  1. Granite is a rock that resulted from volcanic activity. This stone is considered incredibly solid and reliable, so it is very popular. Also, granite is not afraid of moisture and it does not appear chipped, if you choose this material for your ladder, then it will last a century. Another feature for which granite is so often chosen to create stairs is its incredibly beautiful natural pattern.
  2. Marble is also often used to create stairs. This stone is less durable than granite, but it looks more airy. Marble can have different colors and patterns, so the products from it always turn out to be unique and unrepeatable. In addition, this material is submissive and easy to process, so the masters cut out of it intricate balusters and pillars.

When choosing a natural stone for the manufacture of stairs, you should pay attention to its quality and strength When choosing a natural stone for the manufacture of stairs, you should pay attention to its quality and strength.

Artificial stone steps can be of two types: one-piece and overhead. They differ in weight, in price and in the manner of installation.

Solid stone steps are very heavy. They are ready-to-install blocks with a thickness of 10 to 20 cm. The price of such stairs is high, but the construction of solid stone is not afraid of moisture, it is resistant to abrasion and very durable.

Overhead stages are installed on a finished base, which can be made of concrete or metal. Such steps are thin patches made of stone, the installation of which is done on top of the finished steps and risers.

Marble stairs will always be smooth and glossy. While granite can be ground or unpolished. In the first case, the stairs will have a glossy gloss, unrefined granite does not shine, but this does not affect its beauty, besides it does not glide at all.

Also in the production of stairs is used jasper, onyx and andesite. However, these rocks can not be called particularly strong, so they can only trim some elements of ladder structures.

Stairs made of artificial stone

Price for stairs made of natural stone is very high. If you can not afford such a luxury, do not rush to grieve, because there is an artificial analogue, which in appearance hardly differs from the natural stone.

Decorate the interior can be ladder made of artificial stone Decorate the interior with a ladder made of artificial stone

Artificial stone steps can also be integral or overhead. The one-piece ones have a thickness of 10-20 cm, and the overheads are only 2 cm.

A metal ladder is very interesting, decorated with such material as a decorative stone. The handrail should be made forged at the same time.

Stairs made of acrylic stone look no worse than the construction of natural material. In addition, they have a lot of positive sides.

Advantages of artificial stone stairs:

  • The price of artificial stone is lower than the cost of marble and granite;
  • Strength of artificial material, although lower than that of granite, but still quite high;
  • Artificial stone is a durable material;
  • Decorative stone can be easily cleaned;
  • Thanks to the variety of shades and ductility of the artificial stone, with its help you can realize the most daring ideas regarding stair design.

Internal stairs made of artificial stone - this is an excellent alternative to expensive structures made of natural material. Having made your ladder in this way, you will get a stylish and luxurious design.

Stone steps for stairs in the garden

Stairs made of stone can be used not only for decorating a house, they are incredibly beautiful in the garden. Such stone paths will add spaces and sensations of a fairy tale even to the smallest suburban site.

Beautiful stone steps will look in the garden Beautiful stone steps will look in the garden

Garden staircases made of natural stone look more wildly. It does not use noble marble or granite. It is best for such designs to choose solid stone blocks, but their cost is high enough.

Sidewalks made of uneven flat stones laid one after another on a slope are easier to install than regular block constructions. To make the right ladder of stone blocks in the garden, you must first strengthen the base with concrete and a solid filler.

To reduce the cost of the garden ladder, you can use not solid stone slabs, but flat and wide rocks of different shapes. To ensure that they are firmly in place, you can use cement mortar.

Practical stone stairs( video)

Stairs made of stone look expensive and reliable. Use such designs to decorate your house and garden, and the royal interior will delight your eyes forever.

Design of stairs: decorative stone( interior photo)