Modular staircase: photo of the teams on the second floor, L-shaped for a private house, installation of the stairs with your own hands

Modular is a ladder consisting of a large number of identical elements Modular is a ladder consisting of a large number of identical elements The interstage ladder is one of the most important structures in the house. It is not only a bridge between two floors, but also greatly influences the appearance of the surrounding interior. Very beautiful and reliable look massive marching stairs, however for such designs there is not always a place in the house. This is why the equally attractive but more compact modular ladders are replaced by such majestic but cumbersome designs.

    • Advantages of the modular ladder to the second floor
    • Modular ladder components
    • Types of modular ladders in the house
    • L-shaped modular ladders
    • Modular staircase with a 180 degree turn
    • Installation of a modular ladder
    • Assembly of a modular ladder( video)
    • Examples of modular ladders( photo)

Advantages of a modular ladder to the second floor

Modular staircase inervye appeared in Italy in the 80s. Up to us, these stairs came relatively recently and immediately won the love of most consumers.

Modular stairs to the second floor allow you to create any line of descent Modular stairs to the second floor allow to create any descent line

Stairs of this type are included in the state register. They can be marching, screwing or turning. Successful examples of such designs you can see in the catalog "Stolyaris".

Modular ladders are assembled from separate elements. Due to what can have a variety of forms and configurations. Such designs are even more popular than their counterparts from concrete. All due to the fact that they have a fairly large list of benefits.

Advantages of modular ladders:

  1. The cost of stairs from modules is much lower than that of concrete structures. Therefore, modular products become available to the masses.
  2. The modular ladder is so easy to assemble that even a person who has no experience in construction will be able to install it by himself.
  3. Prefabricated modular stairs perfectly combined with all styles of interiors. However, in rooms with a modern design, these designs look like an integral part.
  4. From the same modules it is possible to assemble the structures leading to the second floor of a variety of shapes. This can be straight, and screw, and corner stairs.
  5. This staircase will perfectly fit into the room with any ceiling height. You can adjust the height of the structure yourself by adding or removing modules.
  6. Staircase constructions from modules occupy much less space than concrete marching structures. Free space under such interior elements can also be used.

Intermediate modular staircases perfectly fit into any room. They will not take up much space, and at the same time are very easy to use. Applying a little imagination and patience, you can easily create a high-quality and aesthetic design.

Accessories for modular prefabricated stairs

To understand if modular ladders suit you, you need to understand what they consist of. Hearing the name of such structures, it can be understood that the main element of such a design are the modules from which the frame is formed. They can be of all kinds.

The module is a segment of the ladder to which the step is set The module is a segment of the ladder to which the step is installed

Types of modules for the ladder framework:

  1. Modules "Glass in a glass" are collected from the bottom up. In this case, one element is inserted into the other, and the step size is not adjustable.
  2. Modules-clamps insert one into the other from top to bottom. At the same time, the elements are tightened, so that the step height can be adjusted.
  3. Molded modules are manufactured by pouring out the metal of the desired shape.
  4. Modular ladders on two crossover are usually manufactured in China.
  5. Modules made of wood can be made by hand. However, such work will take a very long time.
  6. Modules of the original form are more expensive, but they look much more interesting than conventional designs. They can have a florid or strict geometric form. Each of the options in its own way is good.

.To determine which of them will fit better into your home, you need to create a competent design project in advance.

In addition to the modules for the frame, these stairs include steps. They can be made of materials such as: marble, glass, plastic, metal and wood.

You can make the steps yourself or order in companies specializing in their manufacture. In any case, the shape and size of such structures are adjusted to the type of framework that you have assembled from the modules.

The steps for a ladder with a 180 degree turn can be narrowed on one side. However, in the central part, they will in any case have parameters convenient for climbing the ladder.

Thus, the width of the steps will always be greater than 80 cm, and the depth will vary within 28-30 cm. Such dimensions are considered to be the most convenient for operation.

Types of modular ladders in the house

Modular structures enjoy such popularity not only because of saving a lot of space, but also because they can have a variety of shapes. The shape of the modular ladders varies depending on the method of assembly. In total, there are three main options for configuring stairs of this type.

In how to choose a modular ladder, there is nothing complicated In how to choose a modular ladder, there is nothing complicated

The shape of the stairs is chosen depending on the style of the interior and the amount of free space in the room. It is also necessary to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of all types of structures.

The most popular forms of modular ladders:

  1. Marching ladder is the easiest in the assembly option. It is convenient to climb along it, however, because of the pillars, the free space under it turns into a "dead" zone. However, despite the awkwardness of such structures, the flight stairs are very popular. The fact is that they have wide steps and a minimum length, so the movement on them does not cause any special difficulties. Such designs are relevant, if the height from the floor of the first floor to the ceiling of the fourth is no more than 4 meters.
  2. Screw , they also arc, modular ladders take up a minimum of space and look very original. However, such wonderful designs have one significant drawback - they are inconvenient to move around. The fact is that the spiral staircases have a large number of narrow steps.
  3. The swivel ladder is the best option for any apartment. They have wide steps and an original appearance. At the same time, such constructions occupy a minimum of free space.

Types of modular ladders can be very different. Only a pre-compiled design0 project will help you find the ideal option for yourself.

L-shaped modular ladders

L-shaped ladders from modules occupy a minimum of space. Such constructions look compact and interesting.

The most popular and universal solution to any "staircase" issue is the L-shaped ladder( a design with a 90-degree turn) The most popular and versatile solution for any "staircase" issue is the L-shaped ladder( 90-degree design)

Excellent variants of modular ladders are provided by such companies as Kastorama and Stamet. Also pay attention to the Graz, Superprestige and Stairbox models.

Angular staircases can have a swivel platform or tread stairs. The first option is most popular, but the second one looks more unusual.

Advantages of L-shaped stairs:

  1. The corner staircase does not take up much space, so its installation is possible in any room. This design will fit in a two-level apartment and a private house. If you want, you can place under the stairs a sofa or a shelf for shoes.
  2. Relatively low price and simple installation make this design attractive for a wide range of people.
  3. The design of the corner staircase is combined with all the interior styles. By changing the finish of the steps, you can transform the classical design into a high-tech staircase.
  4. Angular staircases with a swivel pad are convenient in that in the case of carrying heavy objects, you can stop and relax in the middle of the climb.

Calculate the size of this building will help online calculator. You only need to enter the necessary data in, and artificial intelligence will do everything for you.

Modular staircase with a 180 degree turn

Turning stairs can have a wide variety of configurations. One of the most popular options is the U-shaped design with a 180 degree turn.

Rotation by 180º can be realized in various ways The 180º rotation can be implemented in various ways

Such constructions have the most positive feedback from the owners of private houses. Regardless of whether the wooden or metal steps are installed on them, such reliable structures will last you for many years.

Such constructions do not take up much space. You can buy ready-made sets or make calculations using special programs and files with the extension qsd.

The advantage of U-shaped modular ladders is that their assembly does not take much time. These designs have an excellent appearance, they are also very convenient and reliable.

Assembly of a modular ladder

You can assemble a modular ladder in a short period of time. The main thing is to understand what type of design elements you have, and how the manufacturer advises them to mount. The assembly instruction for each module type is completely different.

Modular stairs with their own hands - this is quite a feasible task for every domestic craftsman Modular ladder with one's own hands is a workable task for every household craftsman

General assembly sequence of modular ladders:

  • An access to the upper floor is calculated;
  • Support posts are leveled and anchored to the floor by anchor bolts;
  • A modular frame is built from top to bottom;
  • Further on the frame are mounted steps, which are fixed with bolts and metal intermediate elements;
  • Intermediate elements are connected to the racks under the railing;
  • The last rails and various decorative elements are mounted.

As you can see, the assembly of modular stairs is not very difficult. For all the work you will take only a couple of days, so you can easily mount such a design with your own hands.

Thanks to the popularity of modular stairs, their production occupies a significant niche in the construction sector. A lot of domestic and foreign companies are ready to provide you with the most unexpected variants of such designs.

Assembly of a modular ladder( video)

Modular ladders differ in their original appearance and ease of assembly. If you want to create an interesting climb to the second floor without taking up a lot of space, then such designs are the perfect option for you!Examples

modular stairs( photo)