Stairs in the house: photo without stairs, how to make yourself, kinds of good, right with their own hands in the corner of the apartment

The staircase in the house, first of all, should be a safe construction The ladder in the house, first of all, must be safe construction The ladder can be the connecting element in the house and also serve as a decor not only indoors, but also in the garden area. In recent years, more people are moving out of town, and building private homes not only on one floor, but also in several, and to move between the two floors, you need a ladder.

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s for houses located outside the city

field of activity lies in manufacturing a wide range, it can be ordered to make any company, which has its production and installation services on an individual basis, according to the overall design and interior space. Such a company exists in almost every city.

You can save on design development, services LLC, and make the very ladder in the house.

For this you should see what options are available for stairs, can see in a dream, choose what you like, purchase the necessary materials, and start making it yourself.

For houses outside the city, a staircase made of wood For houses outside the city, a stair made of wood

is perfect. Assembly sequence:

  1. The easiest way is to make a ladder that consists of modules, such a structure is a ready-made module, Which connect with each other, as a designer.
  2. You can make a ladder made of wood, as this is the most convenient material for processing, and from it you can make a ladder of any shape that is installed, both in the house for passage from floor to floor, and to the attic. And also to make a ladder, which will be decorative, even for a doll house, and will be able to decorate any territory.
  3. You can make a ladder from other materials, iron, stone, concrete, etc., mainly such stairs are installed outside the house. In order to not suffer during the winter with cleaning the ladder of snow, it is possible to build in it a heating system.

Not only can a ladder be made from a specific material, it is possible to combine different materials, for example, metal and glass( only it should be hardened), metal and concrete, wood with metal, etc. Thanks to a combination of different materials, you can get interesting designs that will take up little space and create a certain style in the room.

House without stairs inside

In some cases, private houses are built without a ladder inside, this is done in order to save space. In this case, you can attach a staircase outside the house, which will lead to the second and, if necessary, to the third floor with the entrance to the hall, and it can be closed, that is, with a canopy and side walls, so as not to precipitate.

Stairs outside the house will save space inside the room The staircase outside the house will save space in the premises

It is best to make such a ladder of metal, it can be of different types:

  1. Spiral staircase - this design is a vertical circular structure in the middle of whichA metal pillar is installed, to which the steps are attached in a spiral. Although such a ladder takes up little space, but it is uncomfortable because of the design features it is difficult for older people to move.
  2. Another type of staircase that can be built outside the house is a ladder with a turntable between the marches. Turning platforms are located horizontally and serve to enter the house and the stairs. Such staircases are even used as an extension in a block of flats, as an emergency exit.

But it is necessary to entrust such ladders to build professionals, as in their construction it is required to observe certain parameters, including the norms of SNiP and other standards, so as not to disrupt the integrity of the structure, including a multi-storey residential building when constructing such stairs.

How to make the staircase in the house with a garden

When building a garden and a garden house, many people build two-storey houses so that they can be comfortable in the warm season. And in order to comfortably enter the second floor, you must build a ladder, in which case you can build it yourself. You should start from the drawing of the staircase with a link to the house in order to understand how the staircase will be located, how much space it will take, etc. Also, you need to measure the opening to calculate its height, slope, number of steps, the amount of material, D.

The easiest option for a home is a flight of stairs, made by own hands The simplest version for the house is the ladder ladder made by the hands

Construction principle:

  1. The simplest staircase in the two-story house is the ladder of the staircase, which consists of two bearing beams at an angle23-36ᵒ, which are fixed with the lower part on the floor of the first floor of the room, and the upper part is fixed in the opening leading to the second floor.
  2. In the beams, the grooves are cut at right angles so that the step height is 180-200 mm, and the width of the steps is 250-300 mm.
  3. In the prepared grooves are inserted planks sized in size, first laid horizontal, then fixed vertical, they can be fastened to nails, screws, joiner glue.
  4. After that, the ladder is treated with a grinder, painted and varnished. If necessary, you can attach balusters and handrails.

Afterwards, you can make any design of the staircase, apply a pattern( before coating with varnish), hang as a decorative curtains, along the railing, they can also close the space under the stairs, in general, improve their taste and capabilities.

The right staircase in the house for Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of harmonizing space and the environment and so that harmony is in the house, it should be arranged in accordance with this art. According to Feng Shui, the ladder is the conductor of Qi energy, and therefore the ladder can not be turned into a warehouse, especially old things. Also, according to this teaching, the ladder should be located away from the entrance, if it is so, then it's better to do everything if there is such an opportunity. If the ladder is black, it should be combined with a golden or silver color. If white, it is also worth adding to other colors.

According to Feng Shui, the ladder should not be located in the center of the room.

Some nuances:

  1. It can not be built in the center of the house, nor can it be built so that it starts immediately from the entranceOr ended right before entering the second floor. Do not place a spiral staircase in the middle of the house.
  2. If the staircase faces the door that is located to the south-west or northeast, an air bell should be suspended between it and the staircase. If the staircase is facing the door facing northwest or west, it is worthwhile to put two vases of water.
  3. If the staircase is facing the door facing north, it is worthwhile to put a large flower. And if it goes to the southeast or east, then you need to put a bright lamp. If the location of the ladder to the south, between it and the door should hang a faceted crystal ball.

The best, in terms of feng shui, is the right ladder, which is wide, smoothly rising upwards with integral steps, the lower part of the staircase should be well lit.

A simple example of a staircase in the house with your own hands

You can make a staircase to a house almost everyone, you just have to have minimal building skills, and different versions of stair models and ideas and an assembly example are not complicated. For those who try their hand for the first time in the construction of a staircase, it is advisable to start building a ladder with the simplest design.

It consists of three main elements:

  1. Kosovy - this is the main bearing part of the ladder, they have the main load, and also the stages are fixed on them. They are made from timber saw logs, which can easily withstand the weight of one or two people. In them, at certain distances, cuts are made along the vertical and horizontal lines, on which steps are subsequently attached.
  2. Directly the steps themselves, which are fixed on the Kosovar, are made from thick boards, sized in size. After all the details are ready, put the Kosovra on their intended place. Fasten and then attach the steps to them.

If you first want to make a ladder with your own hands, start with a simple design If you first want to make a ladder with your own hands, start with a simple

design. But before you start building a ladder, you need to perform a series of calculations to determine the length of the Kosovars and, based on this, the number of steps.

Adhere to the basic rule - the height of the steps should be equal to 150-180 mm, the width of about 250 mm, the optimal angle of the ladder is about 35-37ᵒ, especially leading children. You can make an angle of inclination more, but in this case it will be inconvenient to move to the elderly.

We choose ladders in an apartment in an ordinary house

In an ordinary brick house, you can not do without stairs, in the houses of the staircase are represented entirely made in factories for the production of concrete products with staircases. Each entrance of the house is equipped with stairs, with the help of which people enter their apartment. Most of the stairs and entrances in such houses are not decorated in any way, and to raise their spirits, proactive tenants with the help of management companies make repairs first, then apply different drawings to them or simply paint them colorfully. Such porches are pleased not only by the inhabitants of the house, but also by the guests.

The staircase in the entrance can be arranged in such a way that it will please all the residents of the house The staircase in the entrance can be arranged in such a way that it will please all the residents of the house

There are also ways to decorate your staircase and stairs:

  1. Make any drawings on the front of the porch, place in the entranceFlowers, for example, in the corner of staircases, the story of curtains on the windows, not necessarily good, you can and simple( if it is not an elite house).Cleaning and maintenance of the entrance in order can be carried out by responsible people.
  2. The ladder marches can be painted in different colors, but do not be too zealous, so that the entrance does not turn into a nasty abstraction.

Thus, it is possible to easily steal an entrance and a staircase by yourself, which will be pleasant to pass at the entrance or at the exit. The main thing is not to start the initiative, maintain order, correct periodically all that was done.

Special features of the staircase in the corner of the house

The staircase in your own chopped house can be located almost anywhere, but if the area of ​​the house is small, for example, 6x6, then it's best to place the staircase in the corner of the house. If there is no possibility to place a ladder in this place, it is worthwhile to consider other possibilities.

An additional construction near the wall of the house in which the staircase will pass can be used as a transition from the garage to the house.

This extension allows you to save space in the house, and besides it can be used as a small storage for things.

The staircase in the corner of the house must be very reliable and sturdy The staircase in the corner of the house must be very reliable and sturdy

Usage options:

  1. You can make combined constructions, for example, make an extension on the bay window which specify a different tone of decor. It is necessary to think over the lighting of such a construction, if it is dark, then it will be dangerous to move along the stairs.
  2. The structure should have a reliable design, meet all safety standards, withstand not only own weight, but also the weight of the ladder and people moving around it.

It is not necessary to use such structures in a multi-storey building, since it is difficult to make such a construction taking into account the necessary standards, it is better to manage a two-level construction.

The ladder in the house with your own hands( video)

The best option, this installation of such a structure in a low-rise building, also it is necessary to take care of safety. This implies a certain width and height of the steps, a slope of the staircase, equipment railing, etc. And for this you should carefully remove all sizes, and only then proceed to construction.

Examples ladder in homes( photo interiors)