Stairs-transformer Alumet 4x4: aluminum 4x6, T444 and 433 4x3, reviews about 455 4x5 articulated

Using the universal ladder-transformer Aluminum, you can significantly speed up the performance of repair work Using the universal ladder-transformer Alumet, you can significantly speed up the repair work The Alumet ladder is made of an aluminum alloy. It includes 4 sections. Each section has 4 steps. Due to its modification, the hinged ladder design can take the form of a ladder, scaffold, and a ladder.

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Modern staircase-transformer Alumet

Aluminum ladders Aluminum 4x4 is practical to take with you outside the city, applyAt repair and finishing works.

The product can be used for special work, as well:

  • Household needs;
  • Construction;
  • Working in the country;
  • Work in the car garage.

Most often the Alumet staircase is used for both household purposes and for construction Most often, the Alumet ladder is used for household purposes and for the construction of

Since all sections are joined by high-quality, tested joints, the ladder design can be folded and compacted at any time in a car or on a loggia, Where it will not take up much space. Feedback about the product is extremely positive.

Those who have used the following advantages:

  • Versatility;
  • Light weight;
  • Compact;
  • Mobility.

Staircase constructions are manufactured at the Alumet plant. The plant is one of the leaders in creating ladders of aluminum, ladders, stairs-transformers and other products.

Any product from the Alumet plant is created from an aluminum profile of the highest quality, so the consumer highly appreciates the finished product.

The control is carried out at each stage of creating ladder structures. Novelties pass all necessary tests and only after that are released on the market. In addition, the stairs 4x4, 4x6, 444, 433, 4x3, 455, 4x5, t455, t433, 4x3 are realized with an annual guarantee.

Aluminum staircase-transformer 4x6

It is impossible to list all the works that can not be done without a 4x6 staircase or another modification - at home and on the cottage without it you will not be able to do anything. The fact is that for each type of work it is necessary to buy structures of the appropriate size - small to wash the window frames, and high for repair. However, you can go another way and instead of 2-3 stairs buy Alumet.

Before buying a ladder Alumet, you need to check its quality and functionality Before buying the Alumet ladder, you need to check its quality and functionality

The 4x6 ladder design alone can cope with various tasks. Why is the staircase called a transformer?The reason for the name is the ability of the design to change its shape. Staircase structure Alumet 4x6 consists of 4 equal sections, which are connected by hinges. Each section of the stairs has 6 steps. The shape of the ladder is changed by fixing the joints in the required position.

The ladder configurations can be:

  • All sections are aligned in the same plane;
  • L-shaped;
  • Scaffold;
  • Support on the outer sections.

Do not think that the Alumet ladder has the same parameters in terms of the size or load that it can hold. Depending on the modification, the parameters of the ladder design can be selected for different work. For example, the ladder Alumet 4x6 "Eifel" if you compare it with the ladder of the same series, but with 5 steps has a gain in height - 7.56 against 6.7 meters. That is, you should choose after the fact, for a specific purpose.

Advantages of aluminum staircases-transformers

Stair-transformers have decent performance.

Many people prefer to choose a ladder-transformer, because it is characterized by cheap cost, safety and practicality Many prefer to choose a ladder-transformer, because it is characterized by cheap cost, safety and practicality.


  1. Versatility .The staircase-transformer excellently suits any work activity and makes the purchase of other types of stair constructions unnecessary, which can solve the storage problem. To store and carry, transport the ladder-transformer is very convenient, the construction in the folded form has compact dimensions. It is easy to carry from place to place, since its weight it, depending on the modification, is not more than 20 kg.
  2. The cost of .Prices of stairs-transformers are quite affordable, especially if you consider that it replaces 4 types of stairs, the purchase of which, probably, would not be cheap.
  3. Security .When the shape of the ladder changes, fixing each section in the correct, selected position is reliable, which guarantees safety during operation. In different positions, the ladder-transformer holds a mass of up to 150 kg, that is, not one person can stand on it, which makes the work fast. The support is not slippery, which makes it possible to work in rooms with flooring from tiles. The relief stairs of the Alumet staircase are also not slippery.
  4. Various forms .Alumet stairs always have 4 sections. However, the number of steps may not be the same. There are stairs in which the sections have not the same number of steps in the outer sections and in the center.
  5. Anodized Aluminum .Material makes the stairs-transformer resistant to rust even at high humidity.

The disadvantages of the ladder-transformer can be attributed to its instability in the direct attachment position.

Professional ladder-transformer Alumet T 444 4х4

Aluminum staircase from the manufacturer Alumet differs from other products in that it can take a variety of forms. The staircase transformer can easily be transformed from the dais to the stepladder or into the attached structure in a few seconds. Such a ladder design is a super helper.

The Alumet ladder is able to replace several models of ladder designs. Aluminum high-quality hinged staircase with 4 sections can hold up to 150 kg.

The main advantage of professional Alamet stairs is their high quality The main advantage of professional Aluminum ladder is its high quality

Alumet aluminum ladder has the following features:

  • Made of aluminum alloy;
  • Sections for 4 steps;
  • Withstands a mass of 150 kg;
  • It is possible to use both a ladder and a free-standing ladder, and also as a working platform;
  • Adjustable with steel hinges;
  • The wide traverse, located across, ensures the highest stability of the Alumet ladder.

The Alumet ladder is an excellent solution for people who often work in the suburban area, repair or want to quickly implement the tasks in the home.

Characteristics of the ladder-transformer Alumet t 433 4x3

The Alumet ladder is professional, can be combined, have a design for the chosen height and type of working arrangements. The staircase transformer can be converted into an ordinary 2-sided ladder, a ladder design that is attached in a standard way, scaffolding, as well as a L-shaped ladder for a specific shape relief.

The Alumet Staircase is a practical design that can easily be transformed and moved The Alumet ladder is a practical design that can easily be transformed and moved

The Alumet t 433 4x3 ladder design has the following characteristics:

  1. Construction length - 3.48 meters;
  2. The height of the structure is 1.78 meters;
  3. Number of sections - 4 pieces;
  4. Number of steps in the section - 3 pcs;
  5. Load to the maximum - 150 kg;
  6. Transport dimensions - 0,94 on 0,7 on 0,26 m;
  7. Weight of the construction - 12,9 kg.

Overview of the ladder-transformer Alumet 4x4( video)

When choosing a ladder-transformer, experts recommend listening to some tips. The right ladder must have a strong and reliable fastening system and high-quality connecting elements, and also have a grooved surface on the steps. Also a good ladder should be stable and not have sliding attachments.