How to install a wooden staircase: installation and repair, making and fastening a pillar on the second floor, video as your own hands

Wooden stairs can be built with their own hands, adhering to certain rules It is possible to build a wooden ladder with your own hands, adhering to certain rules. In a multi-storey and attic house, the staircase is a necessary attribute of architecture for connecting rooms located on adjacent floors. It is also useful in two-story townhouses or cottages. It is necessary that it provides comfort and safety, it is well-entered in the interior of the house. If you do not follow the necessary rules or neglect the mathematical calculations, the staircase will be built crookedly, and you will need to spend a large amount of money to remake everything. It is necessary to be guided by the required building codes.

    • Installation of wooden stairs in your house
    • Assembly: wooden stairs with your own hands
    • Hand-made manufacturing and installation of wooden stairs
    • Assembly of a wooden staircase to the second floor
    • How to fix the stair post and balusters
    • Fast repair of wooden stairs: conclusion
    • Assembly of wooden stairs( video)

Installation of wooden stairs in your home

Modular stairs not needare you from huge expenses. You only need to assemble the product from the finished parts, following all the necessary instructions of the supplier. There are kits that provide the manufacture of screw or flight stairs. Attached is a complete set of fasteners and necessary structures. If you are a beginner builder or the first time you build a wooden staircase, then no one will advise you to make a screw variant.

With limited space in the apartment, it's best to entrust the job to professional builders. Installers will do everything to you according to GOSTs and SNiPs.

A simpler version in the construction is the flight of stairs A more simple construction option is the flight ladder

Or you can choose a gentle look. Installation of a sloping vehicle to the second floor will require a lot of space. But climb and descend will be convenient. With a small space in your house you need to make a two-march staircase. The width of the staircase should be no less than 1 meter, so that you can bring in the house large furniture and large equipment.

It's not up to the newcomer to repair even the most simple ladder. However, if you have already made one or more stairs in accordance with the above instructions, you can try a more complicated task: creating a spiral staircase with your own hands.

Assembly: wooden stairs with their own hands

First of all, you need to design a ladder. Errors in the planning and preparation of construction materials are the cause of failure at subsequent stages. We propose to make ladders having risings to keep the structure firmly. It is best to do a ladder construction with the use of Kosovars.

Before the beginning of construction it is necessary to design a ladder Before starting the construction, it is necessary to design the ladder

The correct dimensions of these elements are:

  • Ladder:
  • Angle;
  • The width of the risers.

Determine the height of the ladder, for this we fix the horizontal board as the beginning of the construction. After adjusting the board, we measure the height of the ladder. To the level does not hang out in the air, it must be fixed with adhesive tape to the board. A suitable option would be if the angle of inclination is not more than 37 degrees. The steepness of 45 ° will be inconvenient for descent. And if the angle of inclination is less than 30 °, then it will be dangerous to walk along the stairs. The width of the step is taken along the average length of the human foot. And the height is chosen from the calculation of the height of a simple step. Approaches can be made from any coniferous tree.

Self-made manufacturing and installation of wooden stairs

For the manufacture of Kosourov we take pine boards with a width of 40 mm. Kosovra - the main part of the ladder, which when walking is the greater part of the entire load. Draw the template according to the designed steps. After that, the marking is applied to the boards and the teeth are cut with an electric jig saw. All elements must be symmetrical.

It should be ensured that all elements of the ladder are symmetrical Ensure that all elements of the ladder are symmetrical.

Therefore, by making one kosour, you use it as a template for making others. The more load-bearing structures, the better. Therefore, it is desirable to have four Kosoura.

When you cut them all out, processed by a plane, you must attach the strings.

If necessary, dismantle what might be an obstacle to attaching to a wall or floor. In the lowest part of the staircase there will be a bar. In it, make a few depressions for oblique, or in oblique yards, cut out the corners for attachment. On the ceiling, you also need to secure the oblique socks. The first kosoor is attached directly to the wall. The support bars on the floor and on the ceiling must be properly fixed. The stronger, the better. Kosovura must be parallel to each other. Then you can practice the steps.

Assembly of a wooden staircase to the second floor

You can buy ready-made steps( or treads, the same) and risers in a building supermarket. Take the price list, choose products from high-quality and inexpensive material. You can either cut it yourself or trust the installers.

The standard step must have certain standards and coincide with the width of the ladder being built between the two strings. That is, the width should be 30cm, the length in the range of 80-120cm, and the thickness 3-4cm.

At a qualitative wooden ladder of a step have certain standards With quality wooden stairs, the steps have certain standards

Now you can collect the ladder. It is necessary that the risers have good strength, be protected from moisture. The billets must be attached to the kosuroam screws and nails. They all need to be fixed. Then it is possible to attach treads with nails and screws so that the hats are in the depth of the wood and do not protrude.

How to fix the post of stairs and balusters

To ensure the strength of the stairs and fences of the structure, poles for support are put. Often, the tree does not give guarantees against the cracks in the column, sometimes it is subject to deformation. Therefore, if you make stair posts by yourself, you will need two straight boards that need to be glued together. Usually the standard part is used as a pole, which is made on the machine.

The base of the post should be of such size that the handrails are fixed to the so-called square. The pillar for the support must have such standards: the height is 1000 - 13000mm, and the size of the section is from 70 × 70mm to 120 × 120mm. It is advisable to buy poles and handrails in the store.

The last stage of the construction of a wooden staircase is painting or varnishing The last step in the construction of a wooden ladder is painting or varnishing

On the extreme parts of the steps markings are made, where balusters and posts for support will be installed. Then holes are drilled. After that, they insert dowels, which protrude approximately 15 mm. Further in the balusters are made holes drill. Pillars are installed at the beginning and end of the stairs. The bases of the balusters are greased with glue, and are placed on the dowels. Balusters are placed in a vertical position parallel to each other. We are waiting for the glue to dry.

After this, handrails are made. The edges must be cut at an angle. Railings are glued to the balusters, then it is necessary to fasten the bottom with a thin screw. The support post at the bottom is installed last. In the end, a varnish is applied to the tree. We can use paint to make the stairs dark brown.

Fast repair of wooden stairs: conclusion

Review the video again with the repair rules. You can always trust the work of the builders. You will be helped to repair, if suddenly what went wrong. Errors can not be allowed, because an improperly repaired ladder can cause injuries. And when making stairs with the help of builders, you can go to court in case of injury due to a collapse of the structure.

Repairing a wooden staircase sometimes requires a complete replacement of steps Repairing a wooden staircase sometimes requires a complete replacement of the steps

Even if you did everything right and the builders helped you, every thing needs repairs. Wooden staircase, including. The need to get rid of the old varnish will bring little trouble. But sometimes you need to completely update the steps. You can dismantle them and put new ones. If you decide to repair the ladder, then you should consider factors such as the degree of wear and tear.

Aluminum rims are useful to get rid of uneven steps.

All-in-one profiles are hard to use, which you yourself will not do. The detachable profile makes the installation easy.

Assembling a wooden ladder ( video)

If the steps begin to creak in you, most likely the joining parts move. This may be due to increased humidity in the house. There are also such phenomena as the flow of the roof of the house and not only. Between the two rubbing surfaces it is necessary to lay an elastic mass from the inside of the ladder. In any case, do you yourself or with outside help, contact the installers for help.

Successful repair!