Modular walls in the living room modern: photo, stylish from the manufacturer, corner for the hall, Figaro with a closet

Today, there is a huge variety of modular walls that are conquered by perfect design and functionality Today there are a huge variety of modular walls that captivate the perfect design and functionality Many people remember the walls that take up much space, and looked far from being attractive due to ill-conceived design. Previously, such interior items were produced for several thousand copies and almost every house had the same products. The walls of the Soviet plan were bought once and for many decades, since they could not be moved, rearranged, or refreshed. Naturally, with the passage of time, technologies began to improve, and large-scale designs went to the distant past.

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Corner living room wall for a modular

Manufacturers offer aA great choice of models, differing from external data.

As well as:

  • Decor;
  • Internal filling;
  • Number of sections;The cost and not only the
  • .

Each part of the modular living room is interchangeable and all the details can be exchanged between each other, as well as clean and outweigh. Even with such manipulations, the design will remain unchanged. Among the elements of such structures are suspended cabinets, floor stands, shelves for TV and showcases.

Modern walls differ not only in decor, but also in internal filling Modern walls are not only decoration, but also internal content

Each manufacturer has its own modules are manufactured according to customer and design developments.

Modular inexpensive wall for the hall are the ideal solution, as they do not take up much space, and also help to make the room spacious, comfortable and cozy. If earlier it was possible to think that the wall is an absurd and ridiculous design, now such representations will be destroyed.

Features of modular walls

Modern modular furniture is an excellent development that can be supplemented and modified during operation.

For example, it is possible to decorate the wall:

  • breakfast bar;
  • Mini-bar;
  • Built-in lights;
  • The table is in the same style as the cabinets.

The real find is a corner modular wall, since it can be placed in only one of the four corners of the room. To do this, you do not need to move furniture and make serious changes in the interior. If the spaciousness of the room does not allow the installation of large-scale interior items, it is the corner modular wall - this is what you need, even if it is supplemented with a wardrobe.

It is important to note that corner cabinets are considered very profitable in terms of functionality and capacity.

Modular wall can include a mini-bar, built-in lights, and even have a table with identical style modular wall may include a minibar, built-in lights, and even have a complete table of identical style

If competently to consider a model with its order, in a place you can store not only the items, documents and toysBut even folded sleds or skis in the summer. If the room will be installed not only a wall of modular and angular type, but also a sofa, then the interior will be completed and quite pleasant to look at. Far from rare modern designers use corner walls to zonate space. To avoid mistakes in the formation of the situation in the room, it is worthwhile to contact designers who are able to provide quality assistance and full consultation. The acquisition of a corner wall finished in two shades will be an excellent way to divide the room into a recreation area and work. Basically, such furniture is equipped with a special compartment for storing documentation.

Modular wall in the living room in a modern style

Modern hinged and floor modular walls in modern style, both hinged and floor, can be an excellent decoration of the living room, and completely different subjects. Such products are very easy to transport, disassemble and assemble, and if desired, you can split a single composition into several parts and arrange them around the apartment. Modular living room elegantly fit into small rooms, and under the order can be purchased fairly inexpensively in the company IKEA or the furniture factory CITY.It is not impossible to purchase a structure that will be located on one of the walls of the room, but in its set there will be an angular element.

Such detail may be:

  • Cupboard;
  • Table;
  • Wardrobe;
  • Showcase.

The corner element of a modern wall can be a cabinet, cabinet or table corner element modern wall can act cupboard, cabinet or table

modular wall considered practical, multifunctional and versatile design. It is this piece of interior that will help hide a lot of things, leave them at hand, as well as place precious accessories for the soul, figurines and souvenirs. If you order high modular cabinets, they are suitable for storing skis, tents and fishing rods. Due to the fact that the choice of modular cabinets by the number of elements can be unlimited, it is possible even for a very spacious room to collect the necessary details and set it at the highest level.

Important!Proper interior design in the living room requires a lot of effort, time and cost, and the slightest oversight can cost additional costs.

Specialists advise to choose the services of designers in order to get an excellent thought out project thoroughly, which can please the customer for years.

Modules for living

modular furniture can be green and burgundy, white modules can be combined with black, and often found in interiors gloss on the surface of the cabinets. Do not think that the modular wall - it's extremely hinged lockers, since there are lots of options.

You can choose:

  • Shelves;
  • Bar;
  • Mezzanines;
  • Bar counter and the like.

The color scale of the modular wall can be different, because the choice and color you choose to your taste color scheme modular walls can be different, because the packaging and the color you choose for your taste

Depending on the style in which the selected furniture, it will be different on external data. For example, if it is furnished in the style of hi-tech, then the product will be decorated with chrome fittings, and if the style of Provence, preference will be given to pastel tones and floral prints. If desired, the modules can be assembled in a single design, but in general this is not required, since it is much easier to service individual elements, for example, in the event of breakage, replacement of parts and even cleaning.

mounted modules for living

As mentioned earlier, the modular design consists of floor and hinged parts. The feature of hanging lockers is that they can be used to create a wide variety of shapes, in the form of a wave, a ladder or even geometric patterns. In premises with a large area it is possible to use an unbelievably large number of such hanging shelves and boxes, creating the most unusual interior solutions.

The main feature of hinged modules is that they can be added to interesting shapes main feature of mounted modules is that they can be folded into interesting shapes

looks very stylish ornament in the form of slides, if the upper tiers of the shelves are connected to the bottom by means of chrome bars.

Small modular wall in the living room modern

modular wall Figaro from the company Stolplit can brighten any room, it is necessary only to determine the color and the fact why we need this furniture. Modern buyers began to acquire such designs because they are more spacious and roomy. They are very compact in appearance and can only bring pleasure from exploitation. Modules allow you to leave a huge amount of free space in the room, because placing the modules on the walls, it is not required.

Small walls are not only compact, but also incredibly functional Small walls are not only compact, but also incredibly functional

advantages of mini-modules

walls of this type have many advantages, thanks to which they have become the most popular in the world:

  1. Not considering that outside they are very small and seem to be quite uncomfortable, in fact they allow to place and utensils, and books and things, And toys and even documents and jewelry. Designers do not recommend using such a stylish piece of interior to create a dump in it, since in that case it will quickly get bored.
  2. Compact modular wall looks very aesthetically pleasing and elegant, and that you need to create a cozy interior room.
  3. small wall may consist not only of the shelves open type, but also of drawers, drawers, both closed and retractable. If desired, you can order closed shelves, but that the door was made of plastic or glass.
  4. The modular wall does not make the room ridiculous, as well as cluttered and untidy. The peculiarity of products is in compactness and elegance. Will never seem the room was filled with junk, but only if the presence of hints of minimalism, or to be more precise minimum number of accessories in the room.
  5. The small walls can have niches under the TV, which help to place the equipment without problems and without damage to the appearance.

Color solution

Buyers of new generation provides a lot of opportunities for the purchase of modular furniture as possible to order products on an individual project.


  • The size of the room;
  • According to style;
  • By color.

The project of a modern wall you can think up independently, considering the size of a room and its interior You can design a modern wall by yourself, given the size of the room and its interior.

The new generation designers offer original ideas for combining several tones. For example, dark and light, which is very fashionable. Among the most popular colors is bleached oak, as well as wenge. The design options are not small, because you can use moldings, metal, glass, plastic and chrome handles.

Modern modular furniture for living room( video)

Summarizing this information, it can be concluded that the color options, the choice of wood, the number of elements and their finishes can be purchased a variety of options. The most important thing is not to be afraid of novelty in your home, because the new does not mean wrong or not suitable.

Beautiful and functional modular wall( photo)