Lambrequins in the hall photo: a living room with a beautiful design, own patterns, hard novelties on windows and pictures

Thanks to lambrequins you can give the room a cosiness and comfort Thanks swags can give the room comfort and convenience Living Room can rightly be called the main room in the apartment - there are going to visit, meet evenings the whole family. Therefore, the decoration of the hall must be approached with particular care and responsibility. Curtains are one of the main elements of the interior, and lambrequins are a special decorative design of curtains. Today, let's talk about the types of lambrequins in the hall, how to choose and use them better.

    • Varieties and photo swags into the hall
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Varieties and photo swags into the hall

The interior pelmets continue to be regarded as a classic eementom decorating the living room, so it is best curtains with them will look in a room decorated in a classic style.

How to look pelmets in various interiors can be seen in the specific examples:

  • soft pelmets - ideal for a country house, creating a refined and noble interior;
  • Two-color( most often black and white) lambrequins are suitable for a small and strict room, they look simple, but stylish;
  • Lambrequins of light fabric complement the setting of the room in the style of country and classics, look gentle and restrained;
  • The chameleon-colored lambricks are suitable for the classic interior of the living room, they look very unusual;
  • Single-color curtains with lambrequins of gray and black color will look good in modern directions of design - modern and minimalism.

Lambrequins should harmoniously fit into the overall style of the interior, maintaining a balance between all the decorative elements Lambruckles should harmonize with the overall interior style, maintaining a balance between all decorative elements

Choose lambrequins in the tone of furniture, combine bright curtains with matt tulle and do not overdo with ornaments, in modern styles add decorative elements onLambrequins do not need at all.

swags Benefits for hall

Pelmet - classic curtains decoration, popular and now. It decorates the upper part of the curtains and performs an exclusively decorative function. Sometimes used to hide the unevenness of the wall or window.

Lambruck is attached separately from curtains, but it is combined with tulle, curtains, decorates and complements the rest of the interior.

If there is not enough light in your room, then you can decorate the window only with lambrequins and do not hang curtains.

Among the advantages of lambrequins, it should be noted a wide variety of models, so that they can easily be selected for any style of interior Among the advantages of lambrequins, a wide variety of models should be noted, making them easy to choose for any interior style.

The following advantages of using lambrequins for the hall can be highlighted:

  • Lambruckles look exquisite, maybe even the simplest interiorMake interesting;
  • Allows you to visually smooth the unevenness of the ceiling and walls;
  • A huge number of invoices and color solutions makes it possible to create a unique interior in any living room.

However, lambrequins are quite expensive, not everyone can afford them. Therefore, think about whether you want them exactly, and whether the lambrequins will turn out exactly as you want them to be.

Pelmet in the hall: the fashion trends and Images

If you want to make or order pelmets, then you need to keep abreast of fashion trends.

Actual lines:

  1. In 2017 in the fashion curtains with a hard lambrequin. Pay attention to direct lambrequin without ornaments, fabric choose a plain or with a simple abstract pattern.
  2. Fashionable will be bright and juicy colors of fabrics, choose the orange, the color of the sea wave, green, yellow and red. Depending on the design of the room, choose the type of lambrequin.
  3. Also returned are chameleon fabrics. Curtains with lambrequins from such textiles will create a chic environment and will look different depending on the lighting.
  4. In the trend there is a green color and a vegetative pattern. Curtains made of cloth with a picture of plants, twigs, jungles create a calm interior and fit into any situation.
  5. Curtains with lambrequins made of striped fabrics are creative and unusual, especially if they have different textures. Matte and shiny stripes of textiles are suitable for both classical design of the hall and modern.

In the hall, made in classical style, a good solution is the use of golden-colored lambrequins In a classical room, a good solution is to use gold colored lambrequins

First of all, be guided in the choice of color and shape of lambrequins to your own taste. If you want to create a modern style, then look at fashion trends.

The use of different types of lambreken in the living room

Currently, designers distinguish three main types of lambrequins.


  • Rigid;
  • Soft;
  • Combined.

The most durable lambrequin is hard. They are produced from dense tissues, treated with sealants - dublerin or fleiselin. Due to their characteristics, they can have various shapes and decorative elements. Most often, hard lambrequins have a rectangular shape, sometimes they are also arched. In some cases, hard lambrequins even stretch on a wooden or plastic frame.

This kind of lambrequins is in good harmony with tulle and classic curtains, but also looks good with blinds.

The second variant of lambrequins is soft. These are light and simple models that form beautiful folds. The most common kind for living rooms, look especially solemn and harmonious with tulles and curtains, which have different draperies. The simplest kind of soft lambrequins is a strip of tissue collected with a ribbon.

Soft lambrequins create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility Soft lambrequins create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility

The novelties - combined lambrequins are gaining popularity. They combine the elements of hard and soft lambrequins, help create unusual design options for windows. Also they often represent two parts made of different materials, which makes it easier to care for them, the hard parts can be vacuumed, and the soft ones can simply be washed.

Lambruck can be made of veil, it is also soft and very light elements of the interior. Suitable for a gentle living room, made in bed colors. They are easiest to sew by hand from inexpensive fabrics, they will complement the interior, but they do not overload the situation. Suitable for both classical and modern hall design.

In turn, the types of lambrequins are divided into the following forms:

  • Openwork;
  • Bando;
  • Buffers;
  • Handbell;
  • Coquillia;
  • Jabot;
  • Tie.

Openwork is a curtain with various patterns, laces, often hard or combined. Bando - hard and dense lambrequin in the form of a cloth tape. The edges can be oblique, even, have a special pattern or be made in any shape. The buffers are a piece of cloth fastened with a cord. Ideal for rooms with insufficient lighting. Often sewed from bright fabrics.

The bell has special folds, similar to the petal's petals. The cocilla has two folds that overlap each other. Jabot - lambrequin, which hangs on the sides and collapses. Tie - the previous version of lambrequin, but is in the middle, is an integral part of the classic interior of the living room.

Decorations for lambreken in the hall

Despite the fact that the lambrequins themselves are very beautiful, they look exquisite and unusual, they can be decorated with additional decorative elements.

You can decorate lambrequins with rhinestones, carved figures of fabric or other decorative elements You can decorate lambrequins with rhinestones, carved figures of fabric or other decorative elements
  • Currently popular are beautiful lambrequins with rhinestones, they are appropriate in living rooms designed in Asian style, As well as in modern glamorous rooms;
  • Classic lambrequins with fringe and beads have not lost their popularity; they can be used in classical interiors and baroque;
  • In small rooms it is better not to use additional ornaments for lambrequins;
  • Watch for sufficient sagging of the lambrequin, the fold should be 1/6 of the distance from the floor to the eave;
  • Choose the color of the fabric depending on the design and color scheme of the living room, the lambrequins should harmoniously complement and complement the furniture and decoration.

You can decorate the lambrequins with your own hands. Choose a design, patterns, buy decorative materials and sew to lambrequin.

Beautiful lambrequins in the hall( video)

Despite the fact that lambrequins are most often seen in the classic interior, they are still popular. A huge number of varieties of this decoration curtains leaves room for imagination and gives the opportunity to create a unique interior in any living room. When decorating the hall, you can focus on both fashion trends and adhere to your own preferences.

Examples pelmets in the hall( photo interior)