Dining tables for the living room photo: kitchen-hall with large chairs, interior and design of a small dining room

Dining table - an indispensable component of every living room or kitchen Dining table is an indispensable part of every living room or kitchen The dining table is an important element of any interior. It is not only a beautiful detail, it also has a very important functional role. It is at the dinner table that the whole family gathers, shares their thoughts and experiences. Joint food intake unites, because it is very important to equip the place in which it will occur, as comfortable as possible. The choice of a dining table should be treated with due care. Place for eating, no matter how cool, should be. There are two options for the location of the dining area: a living room or a kitchen.

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Dining area in the living room

The dining area in the living room is an excellent solution for owners of housing with kitchens, too small area and lack ofm able to allocate an entire room as a dining room. Do not get upset. The dining area is easily integrated into the interior of the living room, besides, there are many advantages to this solution. How can stylish and tastefully decorate the "dining room" area of ​​the living room?How to choose the right furniture and accessories?How competently to divide the two zones visually?

To begin with, you need to decide how much space will be allocated for the dining room set. It's no secret that the size of the table depends on the number of people behind it and, as a consequence, the number of chairs.

It should also be noted that behind each chair there should be some space for moving. A person should be able to freely leave the table. Due to lack of space, many have chairs at one end of the table near the wall, and do not place the table in the middle of the room. Also often a sofa is placed near the wall. But the rules remain the same - there must be a passage at the outer part of the table. It should never be too crowded. Often, the dining area is separated by designers from the common space with the help of some visual techniques.

If space allows in the living room, there is a dining area in it If the space in the living room allows, it is possible to distinguish the dining area

Such as:

  • Screen or partition.
  • Floor covering in a different color;
  • Carpet.

As you know, the best way to partition space is a partition. But it should be noted that this method is more suitable for large living rooms. Rooms with a small area from this will seem even smaller. A universal option is the use of interior items - large vases, screens, shelves and so on.

Often in the living rooms there are only two zones - a dining area and a corner with soft furniture. Sometimes it is enough to put furniture so that a right angle is formed and a carpet is placed within it. Thus, everything that is behind it will be perceived as a separate independent part.

Large dining tables for living room

Very much depends on the size and shape of the table. Of course, it is important to choose such a table, so that there is a place for everyone, if the family is large. The table should match the dimensions of the room: be not too small, but not bulky. But just as important is the material from which the table is made, and its shape and size.

There is a huge variety of dining table options. All of them are attractive in their own way.

But, you see, it's important to combine it with the interior in general. Nobody will argue that a table in the classical style of an expensive tree with figured legs in the living room, decorated in a modern style, will look, at least, silly. Also, it is unlikely that a round shape will fit if the table is to be placed near the wall.

Obviously, the larger the area of ​​the room, the larger the size of the dining table placed in it. But not always enough space for a huge table. Also for everyday life more suitable for a small table, it is much more convenient.

In the spacious living room is very luxurious will look great dining table In a spacious living room, it will be very luxurious to look like a large dining table

It will not accumulate a lot of things, it will help in maintaining cleanliness. But a small table is often not enough, for example, if a large number of guests come for holidays. Excellent such a problem will become a table-transformer.

For maximum comfort and space saving, you can choose a folding or sliding structure that allows you to change the width and length of the countertop. At the tables-transformers even the height changes.

Features of the location of the dining table in the hall

A stylish and well-chosen dining table not only will not break out of the general interior of the hall, but also help create comfort and correctly emphasize the design of this room.

The location of the dining table in the room also has its own requirements:

  • The dining table must not be near the exit;
  • The place for food intake should be logically separated from the rest of the space;
  • Kitchen tables can not be placed in a corner.

Place a dining table in the hall in several ways, but do not place it in a corner You can place the dining table in the hall in several ways, but do not place it in the corner.

The table layout options vary. But the most convenient is the island. A table that does not adhere to walls or furniture objects allows you to use the whole plane of the tabletop more rationally.

In which part of the room the dining table would not be located, it is worth considering the separate lighting.

This will also help visually separate the dining area from the common space. You can use decorative lighting in the form of a lamp with diffused soft light. This creates a candle effect, making this zone as cozy and refined as possible.

How to choose a dining table for the kitchen

The second option for placing a dining table in a house or apartment without the possibility of allocating a separate room for a dining room is the creation of a dining area in the kitchen. Do not choose a too small table if the kitchen is large. Also in a small kitchen table for 8 people will occupy the entire free area. The size of the table should be approached with the mind.

It's no secret that the more the kitchen, the more exquisite the table can be placed there. A table with additional accessories will not look right in a small kitchen.

For a small kitchen the option of a round dining table is perfect. Behind it, not only can you seat more people at the expense of its shape, but it will also look much easier. But if you plan to place a table near the wall and push it to the middle of the room only occasionally, it is worth paying attention to rectangular long models.

The dining table for the kitchen is chosen first of all, leaving the dimensions of the room The dining table for the kitchen is selected first of all, leaving room dimensions

The dining table must complement the kitchen set according to the color scheme. But to separate the dining and working areas, you can use contrasting colors: the working area is decorated with inexpressive shades of brown, white or gray colors, in contrast to which stands a bright table and chairs. The dining area should serve as the main element of the kitchen, so it is appropriate to divide not only the visual, but also with the help of various stylistic techniques. This option is suitable only for a kitchen with a large area - in a small space it is very difficult to decorate two different styles.

It is not always necessary to choose chairs from the same collection as the table you like. Modern fashion trends recommend mixing different styles, materials.

Beautiful dining table for the living room( video)

Dining tables in the dining room interior, in the first place, must fulfill their direct purpose, and not become an exclusive element of the decor. Therefore it is important to choose models from quality resistant materials, convenient form and suitable for your family size. When choosing a dining table, always remember that the main advantage of such furniture is convenience. All other qualities go to the background.

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