The design of the hall in the apartment: two-room interior room

The design of the hall in the apartment (photo 39): ceiling decoration and lighting


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  • 2 ceiling design and lighting
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So the design of the hall in the apartment can be carried out by yourself or with the help of experts who can advise on the correct option. In conventional houses the hall serves as a common room, a place where there is a meeting with friends and holidays.

Thus, your room must meet all the demands of functionality and aesthetics. Naturally, all the furniture and other objects in the room will depend on the needs of your family.

Design room in the apartment

Despite the fact that the room is considered a zone for receiving guests, the immediate repair of the room should be equipped strictly to your taste, because the room is yours.

Design room in the two-room apartment

Example design of the hall (seating area)

It does not matter whether you are hosting or gathered for an evening chat with other members of the family, you should be comfortable and cozy stay in the room. The situation here should have a relaxed and easy communication.

Mandatory attributes of family comfort

  • The presence of a large table, which has to communicate.
  • Stylish interior design of the hall in the apartment includes the element of fire. This can be a fireplace or a lot of trouble.
  • Few can imagine a meeting with your friends without the joint TV viewing. Therefore, the position in the hall wall-mounted TV or computer.
  • A soft, comfortable furniture has not been canceled. It is desirable that such furniture was folding and does not take up too much space, if the guest is not much or not at all.
Interior room in the apartment design

Design Example room with warm colors

When planning the design room, consider where and how the various furniture and equipment will be located. For example, the TV must be located at a safe distance from all sorts of places to view it.

Well, if you purchased a home theater, which will bring you maximum enjoyment from watching certain movies.

Note! Very often in the hall on the shelf in a niche or open cabinets put heirlooms, photos, or something made with your hands. Also, it can be imported from abroad, souvenirs and original crafts. Such details will give your room a special atmosphere.

If you perform the design of the hall in the two-room apartment, then the place would be no problems and you can not save on furniture elements and other decorative techniques.

ceiling design and lighting

elegant painted ceiling in the living room

Elegant painted ceiling in the living room

Quality design of the ceiling and the organization of good lighting can be called one of the most important and at the same time problematic moments in the performance of apartment design. Given that, what will be the ceiling, the entire interior of the apartment is further defined.

Designers recommend the repair of the hall to use light ceiling. Do not choose a bright, flashy colors, as the color should not apply pressure to the eye.

If you are a creative person or simply love to non-standard creative ideas, then try to paint the ceiling with special paints.

If you want room decorated in shades of blue, keep in mind that the room will be cool to look at. Some heat will give a beige, yellow or light orange ceilings.

With regard to lighting, it is best to arrange it in the ceiling, if you stretch it.

If you have a standard ceiling, then select adequate lighting, depending on the color of the walls. If they are dark, the more powerful white light, if yellow, the more subdued light.

Very nice look fixtures placed in the corners of the room. This color and lighting solution perfectly complements the two-story ceiling. The simplest idea of ​​finishing the ceiling design - gypsum board.

This material is fairly cheap and will help you make the best design of the hall in the apartment: hide all the irregularities of your ceiling surface and its other defects.

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