A banquet in the hallway with a box for shoes: a regiment and a shoe

A banquet in the hallway is a great way to quickly and compactly hide shoes A banquet in the hallway is a great way to quickly and compactly hide shoes. As you know, the theater starts with a hanger, and the hallway of any house starts with a banquet, an object that will free your hands and conveniently placed your shoes. Today, the furniture market presents a wide variety of banquettes that will allow you to not only settle yourself, but also carefully remove your shoes.

          • Adaptive banquet in the hallway: possible variants
          • Ideal combination of cost and functionality: a banquet with a shoe rack in the hallway
          • Puffs: comfortable and practical shoe kiosks in the hallway
          • Sofa-banquet: A luxurious interior detail of the front
          • Stylish banquet in the hallway with a shoe box( video)
          • Examples of a banquet in the hallway with a shoe box( photo in the interior)

A banquet in a hallway:rip options

Bench-obuvnitsa - an important element of the furniture of the room decoration. It combines style and functionality. This piece of furniture can be wooden, metal, forged or plastic. In more complex designs, several types of materials are combined.

Many prefer to choose a shoe-shoe because it is functional and practical.

The banquet in the front can be represented by the following options:

  • A small bench with open shelves for placing shoes;
  • Small pouf, with a special place under the seat for shoes;
  • Sofa-banquet with drawers for shoes.

Please note!If there is a desire to emphasize the banquet, you need to choose a model with a bright and unusual design.

Options with soft upholstery and a large number of storage compartments are more expensive than models with open shelves.

Ideal combination of cost and functionality: a banquet with a shoe rack in the hallway

Banks with open shelves are relatively inexpensive, but they allow you to place several pairs of shoes. Thanks to budget options there is a great opportunity to keep everything you need in a clean and orderly manner. Given that the design is open, you can easily find the necessary pair.

Such benches can be either with a soft or hard seat. Among the variety of banquets, presented in the furniture market, you can choose a model with or without backrest.

To date, there is a huge number of different banquettes, which should be chosen taking into account the interior of the hallway To date, there are a lot of different jars, which should be chosen according to the interior of the hallway

The design in the form of a bench is perfect for the front in the form of a rectangle.

For the storage of shoes in these benches, several types of shelves are made:

  1. Shelf, made in the form of a grid. Most often they are used in products made of metal( forged).The net structure contributes to better ventilation, whereby soaked shoes on such shelves dry much faster. However, with such a design, water and dirt from the shoes will be collected on the floor under the shelf.
  2. Shelf made of several axial parts. These elements can be made of wood or metal. This design also provides good ventilation, but it is less attractive than the mesh shelf. The floor under the shelf will also have to be constantly wiped.
  3. Shelf with a blind design - these shelves are more convenient for placing shoes on heels. But they accumulate water and dirt. It is necessary to constantly carry out a wet cleaning on the shelf.

Forged model will fit organically into any style of interior, which will allow it to acquire originality, and it will become its "highlight".

Poufs: comfortable and practical shoe kits for shoes in the hallway

Poof is a round or square bouquet with soft upholstery.

Pouffes are represented by the following models:

  • Puffs with drawers;
  • Puffs with shelves.

The model of the pouffe providing for the presence of drawers is suitable for front small sizes, when there are difficulties for opening doors. It perfectly fits in the hallway of a square shape.

Decorate the corridor can be stylish and compact pouf You can decorate the corridor with a stylish and compact paddle

Such a piece of furniture will not only be useful in the interior, but will also create a complete unrepeatable front view. Installed near the mirror, the pouf will allow you to conveniently try on fitting clothes or create makeup.

When deciding to buy a stylish banquet, pay attention to the manufacturers, which with ease and quality combine in the manufacture of various materials.

When choosing a model, one should take into account the fact of frequent use of a banquet, so it is more practical to choose a model with a durable dark color material. In this case, it is not recommended to choose models with a leatherette upholstery, as it quickly cracks and slices.

Now quite popular ottomans for the front with storage boxes for shoes, decorated with chrome parts.

Sofa-banquet: a luxurious interior detail of the front

If you can size the hallway and budget you can buy a sofa-banquet. In such models, the seats rise, there are more roomy compartments for accommodating things. And also these benches have soft upholstery. In such boxes, you can easily store boots. To place such a sofa is better near the entrance or next to the closet in which the outer clothing is stored.

These banquets are originally combined with interior items in the Art Nouveau style, Provence or in English style. Especially luxurious looks a sofa-banquet, made in the style of "retro".It can be painted with gold or decorated with carvings.

Make the interior of the corridor more refined with a beautiful couch-light-colored banquet table To make the interior of the corridor more exquisite possible with the help of a beautiful light sofa

When choosing the location and design of the sofa-banquet, it is important not to forget about the color so that this detail of the interior blends seamlessly into the apartment.

An important subject in the hallway is a banquet-shoe. This piece of furniture combines style, comfort and functionality. The presence in the design of the room of this piece of furniture ennobles the interior.

Bancettes in the hallway are made of various materials: wood, metal, plastic. Wrought iron models are quite popular. Bancettes can be made in the form of a bench with a shelf, a soft pouf with drawers and a small sofa with sections for storing shoes.

Stylish banquet in the hallway with a shoe box( video)

Today in the furniture stores a huge selection of a wide variety of models is presented. Everyone can choose their ideal banquet, which will match the preferences in color, design and will suit at a cost.

Examples of stools in the hallway with compartment for shoes( photo interior)