The shoe in the hallway is narrow: with a photo seat, Ikea wall hangers, inexpensive on the Internet, plastic

The shoe helps to organize the space in the hallway Obuvnitsa helps to organize the space in the hallway The hallway stores all outerwear and footwear. Very often in the hallways there is not enough room for full cabinets. The unattractive appearance of the placed shoes in the corridor is not pleasing to the eye, and the design idea - a shoe in the hallway - comes to the rescue.

    • Convenient obuvnitsa in the hall: model
    • Cheap obuvnitsy the hall: how to choose the best option
    • Closed obuvnitsa with a seat in the hall: the depth and parameters
    • open narrow obuvnitsa with a seat in the hall
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Convenient obuvnitsa in the hall: model

Obuvnitsa in the hallway - it is an integral part of the interior. Carefully cleaned shoes do not interfere with the movement along the corridor, besides, interior design implies the use of various types of cabinets that successfully accommodate various functions other than storing shoes. The shoe allows keeping the shoes in order - it does not collect dust and maintains the order directly in the room.

The assortment of shoe models is great and varied range of models obuvnits large and diverse

Species obuvnits there is great variety:

  • Obuvnitsa Slim;
  • Closed;
  • Rack;
  • Open;
  • Shoe rack;
  • Shoe dryer with drying function - dryer.

addition, obuvnitsy have additional features: soft seat, various lockers trifles, small countertop, and some of them contain the mirror and coat hooks. Under any style of the interior you can choose the necessary furniture in the form of a shoe.

Cheap obuvnitsy the hall: how to choose the best option

price categories obuvnitsy quite different. Basically, their cost depends on the material of manufacture and design. If you want, you can buy a fairly budgetary version of excellent quality.

Plastic shoe has the lowest price Plastic shoe has the lowest price

Inexpensive shoes in the hall differ in the material from which they are made:

  1. Plastic footwear is notable for its low cost, rather small weight of the structure. The plastic is very easy to clean, does not absorb moisture, but it is brittle, and the scratches left on it during operation are quite noticeable.
  2. Shovel made from particleboard is quite practical, affordable and popular with customers. Products made of it are stylish and beautiful, you can choose any interior design.
  3. Metal shoe cabinet - an inexpensive, practical and durable version, easy to care for and very attractive in the interior.
  4. Products from natural veneer.

When choosing a shoe, the number of shoes to be put on it should be taken into account, so a large family needs a shoe with more roominess than for a family of two.

The bench-shoe has a seat for sitting, it can be either soft or hard. Shoe storage system is diverse, various shelves, slim, racks, cabinets. The color of the shoe is different and is chosen according to the interior design.

Closed shoe with seat in the hallway: depth and parameters

Closed shoe enclosures give the room a more organized look. The content is hidden behind swinging or sliding doors. Shoes can be stored on horizontal or vertical shelves, depending on the type of shoe. Some types provide for the combination of straight and inclined shelves, which allows you to place different shoes from summer models, to boots with a high bootleg.

Shoes placed in a closed shoe require preliminary drying Footwear placed in a closed shoe requires a preliminary drying

The shoe with a seat in the hall has subspecies:

  1. The shoe-boot has the appearance of a high cabinet with one or two doors, different shelves inclination. Can be installed next to the closet or the corridor seat.
  2. Slim shoe-makers - shallow with vertical storage of shoes, for small hallways such structures will be irreplaceable.
  3. Shoe-pedestal always has a place for sitting. The capacity of such shoes is small, places such a design takes more than the previous options. The model has additional drawers and shelves for various trifles.

The inadequate ventilation of shoes is the disadvantage of closed shoes, so it must be thoroughly dried before putting footwear in a closed shoe. Very often, shoes sold in the form of a headset, which includes a wall hanger. Among the popular models from manufacturers, you can often find shoe from Stolplit, from Ikea, from Megaelton, Auchan. Many furniture factories produce such a necessary piece of furniture for the hallway.

Open narrow shoe with a seat in the hall

Open narrow shoe in the hallway with an additional seat is a fairly popular type of furniture that occurs in the interior. Shoes in such footwear are constantly ventilated, quickly dries, which prevents the appearance of an unpleasant smell from it. However, from the fact that the shoes are stored on open shelves, dust settles on it more.

Shoes in open shoes are well tapped Shoes in open shoes are well dried

Material for the manufacture of open shoes is different:

  • Plastic;
  • Metal;
  • chipboard;
  • Tree;
  • Forged iron.

Of course, the seat is not provided for all types of shoes, some types of material are not so strong for this. With a soft seat usually there are wood shoe, chipboard, forged.

It should be noted that in the design of the seat is placed quite a small amount of shoes, and the place it takes is enough, albeit narrow. Of course, with enough free space, you can supplement the open shoe closed, which will store off-season shoes, and the open will serve to store shoes that are worn directly now. The product can be decorated with a mirror.

Plastic shoe cabinet in the hallway

Plastic shoe is very cheap, it is a very budget option for storing shoes. There are closed types of shoe made of plastic and open. Closed often have the function of a cabinet or curbstone.

Plastic shoe has a rather brittle structure Plastic shoe has a fairly brittle structure

Plastic shoe in the hallway has a number of features:

  • Ease of care;
  • Light;
  • Different colors.

However, do not forget that the plastic is not very strong material and can break even if it hits, even minor scratches will spoil the appearance of the product. Also the quality of plastic is important, products of poor quality can cause harm to health. In the plastic closet, the shoes will be completely isolated from the ventilation and be put there absolutely clean and dry.

Metal shoe in the hallway

Metallurgical footwear is no less popular. They perfectly decorate the interior and fit into the chosen style. Can be open and closed type. Different shapes fit perfectly into a corridor of any size.

Metal shoe looks beautiful and has a long service life Metal shoe looks beautiful and has a long service life

The metal shoe in the hallway can be:

  • Forged;
  • Combined with wood;
  • With soft seat;
  • Locker;
  • Floor standing;
  • Wall mounted.

Metal shoes are easy to care for, do not absorb moisture. Metal is durable and not harmful to health. The weight of a metal shoe is certainly more than plastic, forged items can be made to order, although they are not cheap. A set of forged shoes and hangers will look very impressive.

Narrow wooden forensics for the hallway: photo

Wood is a universal and environmentally friendly material. Solid wood products are solid and durable. They can be made with different threads and give any shape.

Wooden shoes are environmentally friendly and very popular Wooden shoes are environmentally friendly and very popular

Wood material is very diverse:

  • Softwood;
  • Hard;
  • Increased hardness.

Softwoods include wood of cedar, spruce, chestnut, linden, alder, willow. More solid hard is the wood of the iron birch, white acacia, yew, dogwood. The most common type of wood is solid. This wood of birch, maple, oak, larch, apple, ashberry, ash.

Products from walnut wood are distinguished by a variety of natural shades from red-brown to black. The most expensive option is black wood.

A common variant of solid wood products are birch shoes. This is a durable and inexpensive material, however, the birch is rotted and the shoe from its massif should only be used in dry rooms. Karelian birch is slightly better, but it is more expensive than ordinary birch.

Excellent characteristics of oak wood. The oak shoe can be gray, yellowish brown or even white, and it will be natural shades of wood. Oak products are very durable, they do not crumple, they do not deform, they are well painted and polished.

Larch and beech sheaths are very useful for health, as the material evaporates phytocides. Larch wood is absolutely not susceptible to decay, on the contrary, from moisture, larch only strengthens. Beech products are slightly inferior in strength to larch, but are cheaper, easily bent and bleached. The most popular color shades of wooden shoes are white oak. These are noble shades from pink to lilac tones.

Color dark oak is a rich color of cognac, incredibly beautiful and more appropriate in the English interior. The conservative color of milky oak does not allow for a variety of shades. To the shoe in such color it is necessary to select the appropriate shades in the whole interior. The color of the wenge has become especially popular, the decorative wavy structure is in good harmony with the light design solutions.

How to make a shoe with your own hands

Shoe can be done by yourself. There are no difficulties in such a useful piece of furniture. It is necessary to determine the type, shape and dimensions desired for the manufacture of the shoe by hand. The drawings of all necessary parts should be carefully executed. You can spy on the Internet.

A large family will need a capacious shoe store A large family will need a roomy shoe

The simplest models for self-manufacturing:

  • Drawer rack;
  • Chest of drawers;
  • Outdoor floor shoes.

Any dimensions during manufacture must be well calculated. Even the most simple shoe is able to tidy up the shoes and organize the space of the corridor. A large shoe-racks-shelves will accommodate all available shoes, however, for such a solution, a rather spacious entrance hall is needed. Small halls quite fit an outdoor open shoe. In a very small hallway a good option is a corner shoe.

Undoubtedly, a shoe in the hallway is a necessary thing. And it is inexpensive. Thanks to the various models presented in the furniture market, you can choose a ready-made version, suitable for the style and interior design. Compact models do not take up much space, and at the same time will maintain order in the corridor room. The original mountain design will not spoil the pair of shoes placed on the floor, and the mirror surface on the doors of some types of shoes will serve as an excuse to admire the full volume of newly bought shoes or boots. In wet weather, drying shoes-drying will dry the soaked shoes and, thanks to ultraviolet rays, will remove an unpleasant smell. Among the shoe-dryers there are not only floor types, in case of insufficient space in the hallway, a wall-mounted version can also be purchased.

Shoe cabinet with your own hands ( video)

It should be noted that the drying shoe-dryer works from the mains and its presence should be provided in the corridor in the form of sockets low from the floor. Well-groomed footwear will serve its owner for a long time.


obuvnitsy the hall( photo)