Sliding wardrobes in the corridor: photo and design, how to make yourself, entrance hall with pantry, niche long 3 meters, common

The corridor is an excellent place for the layout of the wardrobe with a mirror, thanks to which you can check your appearance before leaving the house Corridor is a great place to locate wardrobe with mirror, through which you can check your appearance before leaving the house Corridor - part of the apartment, meet the hosts and guests. Of course, I want it to be cozy, beautiful, stylish and not too small. Unfortunately, the storeroom is a rare room in typical apartments, and the hall takes these functions on itself. Of great importance is the furniture, if you choose the right wardrobe, it will be roomy and beautiful, and will save space even in a narrow and long corridor.

    • wardrobe in the corridor: main features
    • Functionality and cabinet design in the corridor
    • Headsets-halls in the corridor with wardrobe
    • How do yourself a wardrobe in the corridor
    • own hands:closets in the hall( video)
    • wardrobe design in the corridor( photo in the interior)

wardrobe in the corridor: main features

course, such cabinets must meet certain requirements. The first and most important feature of the cabinet is its design and flexibility, which means it is possible to occupy the space in the apartment. The second feature is the high functionality of the cabinet, access to things should be convenient and fast.

The sliding-door wardrobe has good performance, resulting in a long service life Wardrobe has a good performance, resulting in long life

third requirement - the overall appearance. If not exclusive, then stylish, beautiful, elegant, that's how a closet in the corridor should be. It should have the right depth, there should be a division for clothing and footwear, storage of things, perhaps a niche for household appliances.

You may have clothes in the corridor only on open hangers, seasonal and the most relevant, and in the corridor you plan to arrange lockers for other household needs. For example, for storage of conservation( sunset).You decide for yourself what exactly to place on the area of ​​this room, there may be non-standard options, but if it's convenient for you, then fine. It happens that in the hallway there are bookcases, and this is also an interesting and frequent solution.

Functionality and design of the cabinet in the corridor

There are several universal rules that are recommended when choosing a cabinet in the corridor. Of course, you can see the pictures in the gallery, and be determined solely by an external solution. But nevertheless it is necessary to take into account certain nuances.

In the wardrobe you can store not only clothes and shoes, but also various household items The sliding-door wardrobes can store not only clothes and shoes, but also a variety of household items

When choosing wardrobe, consider:

  • Capacity furniture. It should have several sections, shelves, shelves and compartments for hanging clothes. The choice depends on the number of family members and your needs.
  • A good mechanism for opening doors. Its use does not require additional space, and due to its compactness, it can be placed in any angle. But if the door opening system is uncomfortable, you can not do it. Sliding mechanism saves space well.
  • Material and components of good quality. It would be nice to learn about the reputation of the manufacturer, read the reviews. You should not doubt that the first design defects will appear very soon.

It's rare to save on such an acquisition. The thing should serve more than five years( or better 10-15), if there is a cheap, poorly executed product, then the doors will quickly "fly out", and the accessories will be unscrewed, and the cabinet will quickly lose its appearance of the new thing.

Headsets-lobby to the corridor with wardrobe

Well, if it is not a small space, and you do not buy a hallway in the Khrushchev, the corridor of the situation you have more options. You can afford a whole suite-hall, in which there will be a closet. For example, fashionable now, radial( rounded shape).What then will be in the kit?

Very popular is the chest of drawers with mirrors made in the old days, or in the style of Art Nouveau, Empire. If you like bold decisions, then order in the living room hallway of bright colors - red will be very active, but it's not bad. The room will turn out to be dynamic, cheerful, will set the mood at home.

If the apartment is made in the style of high-tech or modern, then it perfectly fits the wardrobe with abstract drawings If the apartment is designed in the style of high-tech or modern, then it perfectly fit into the wardrobe with abstract drawings

In addition to the cabinet-coupe in this suite can include a cabinet-pencil case with roller shutters, Or a full-length mirror with shelves. Bancettes and padded stools are also usually included, but you can always buy them separately.

If you are a fan of Ikea furniture concept, then you can make your corridor in Scandinavian style. A small white wardrobe( you can lock it), a mirror and some nice, self-sufficient thing - a tall umbrella, an armchair instead of a banquet, or a retro-style pedestal. The main thing is that after arranging the furniture in the hallway there are not two uncomfortable meters left, to save maximum space - the primary task.

How to make the very closet in the corridor

And this option is not that rare. In fact, it's not that difficult. The process of mounting a built-in cabinet requires several steps.

Assembly process:

  • It is necessary to remove the dimensions of the niche;
  • Draw a project, choose the type of construction, determine the number of sections and shelves;
  • Prepare parts - buy material, make cutting and trimming;
  • Assembling and installation;
  • Organize lighting and exterior design.

Before you start collecting the closet you should carefully study the drawings and prepare the necessary tools Before assembling the cabinet, carefully study the drawings and prepare the necessary tools.

. Before taking measurements, make sure that the ceiling and floor in the place where the doors will be are strictly horizontal and the walls are strictly vertical. The opening must be strictly rectangular in shape. If the niche does not meet such requirements, it will have to be leveled. Otherwise, there will be problems with distortions.

The design in the hallway should not overlap a convenient passage, should not interfere with the normal turn. Measurements inside the niche should be made by an electronic or optical device, flexible roulette will not give accurate data.

With your hands: wardrobes in the corridor( video)

The closet in the corridor is a multifunctional, self-contained furniture, the quality of which should not be doubted. Read reviews, talk with manufacturers, use discount systems.

Successful acquisitions!

wardrobe design in the corridor( photo in the interior)