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The dressing room, which is assembled by our own hands, is much more convenient and practical to use wardrobe, which collected his own hands, to use more convenient and practical Run dressing properly, it will become the salvation for those who like to store their belongings clean and tidy. The dressing room, unlike the closet, allows things to breathe. Also, the advantage of the dressing room is that you can choose from a wide range of accessories the "stuffing" that you need. Learn in detail which options for filling the dressing room exist, and collect the wardrobe of your dreams with your own hands!

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How to make a dressing of

storage at the place of old furniture and other cloth can come expired items of daily use, if the turnPantry in the dressing room. This is not difficult to do, since the closet is already separated by a door, equipped with ventilation and electricity.

What are the undeniable advantages of manufacturing a dressing room from the pantry:

  • will not have problems with you in order to legitimize the new premises. Storage rooms are most often already provided for in the flat plan.
  • The area of ​​the standard storage room often approaches 2 m2.This is what you need for a modest, but roomy dressing room.
  • The storage room is located in a "cul-de-sac", that is, it contains only 1 entrance, which allows you to arrange the accessories of the pantry on 3 walls.

Based on all the advantages of storage room for a dressing room, everyone who has a pantry, should think about the fact that it was put under the arrangement of a dressing room with his hands.

The dressing room, converted from a pantry, should be as functional as possible Dressing Room, reworked from the pantry, should be as functional

from the pantry to make a good dressing room, it is necessary not only to establish the components. You also need to take care of the quality of the source room:

  1. Clean the pantry of dust and debris accumulated during years of stagnant lodging.
  2. Thoroughly level the walls so that a profile or cabinet furniture can be installed for the dressing room. Uneven walls create a feeling of untidy and neglected premises.
  3. The ceiling also needs special care. In order for the ceiling to perform its functions well, equip it with high-quality lighting. For spot lighting, which can illuminate every corner of the dressing room, use a suspended or stretched ceiling. A small dressing room is able to light and 1 sufficiently powerful chandelier.

Wardrobe from the pantry is a beautiful transformation that will change not only the apartment, but your life!

We make a wardrobe with our own hands

The wardrobe, made by our own hands, will be many times more convenient than what the trading companies can offer as ready variants of the dressing room. To make your own hand-made wardrobe was quality, you should remember some rules that are common for any wardrobe.

In the dressing room are placed open shelves, which expand it visually In the dressing room open shelves are placed that extend it visually

Rules for the layout and operation of the dressing room:

  • The minimum size of the dressing room is 2m2.Remember this figure, so as not to lose with the calculations. A smaller wardrobe will be more convenient to replace the traditional closet.
  • Unlike the usual closet, in the dressing room there should be places for dressing and changing clothes. Therefore, provide at least a small space where you can spin in front of the mirror in full growth.
  • If you separate a part of the room under the wardrobe, then think about ventilation in the room, since without it your things will have a characteristic unpleasant smell.
  • Do not part with shelves. Make better small, but comfortable shelves than a palisade of small, with which it will be difficult to work.
  • Under the bar it is necessary to allocate one and a half meters of height and half a meter of depth. This is considered to be the minimum at which the barbell will be convenient to use.
  • Before starting to search for the necessary components, create a project that will reflect the position of each part of the dressing room to the last shelf. This will help you online designers or professional designers.
  • Consider the method of wardrobe fencing. Coupe doors, plasterboard and even more so a real brick wall require legalization, if they are erected where there was nothing before. Perhaps you are satisfied with the option with a soft curtain or fringe.
  • Use the maximum possible number of tools for positioning things. Sometimes even a small organizer for accessories can save you from clutter in the dressing room.
  • Lighting. Do not forget that every detail of the dressing room should be illuminated. Perfectly suitable for point lighting or a small chandelier, if your wardrobe is not large.
  • Never pull in order to update the assortment of the dressing room on time. This will keep the changing room fresh.

It's very easy to create a wardrobe by yourself, if you carefully plan a project taking into account all the rules and useful tips. From what material is better to make a wardrobe

There are various ways to create a dressing room. Materials and tools you can choose yourself, and below you will find out what tools and materials are traditionally used to create a dressing room with their own hands.

To make a cloakroom, the following materials will fit:

  1. plasterboard;
  2. wood;
  3. laminate;
  4. mesh system made of aluminum parts.

Laminated chipboard - the best material for creating a dressing room, which has a high load capacity and an acceptable price The laminated chipboard is the best material for creating a dressing room with a high load capacity and an acceptable price

The correct tooling is also important in order for the dressing room to turn out as planned.

Traditionally, the following materials are used for self-assembly:

  • metal profile;
  • screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • accessories.

All materials necessary for creating a wardrobe are available in a wide range of shelves in construction stores.

Arrangement of a dressing room in the living room

There are several options for placing a dressing room. Most often, a changing room is combined with a bedroom or converted from a pantry. However, in the case where there is not much room in the bedroom, and there is simply no storage room, then the living room is in the course.

The dressing room in the corner of the living room will look unusual and very stylish The dressing room in the corner of the living room will look unusual and very stylish.

In order to equip the dressing room in the living room, it is important to consider its shape. There are the following types of dressing room layout depending on the shape of the living room:

  1. The dressing room in the corner will look perfect in a square or slightly extended living room. In this wardrobe it is easy to fit the radial door, which makes the design of the living room futuristic or in the style of high-tech.
  2. If you have an extended living room with a dead-end short wall, then boldly cut off the end of the room under the wardrobe. Interior decoration of such a dressing room will be very convenient, since the "filling" of the wardrobe will be located on 3 walls, and in the middle it will be possible to arrange an island chest or simply an ottoman for changing clothes.
  3. If the living room does not have a free dead end, then make a wardrobe along the long wall. This option will not take much space, and the convenience is that you can separate such a wardrobe with a soft curtain.
  4. In the living room irregular shape under the wardrobe you can use the form that is allocated in form.

Almost every living room can accommodate a dressing room.

How to make a dressing room with your own hands( video)

To assemble a comfortable dressing room yourself, you can try to get ideas from different videos. Master class for the manufacture of dressing room you can easily find on the net. If you manage to build a wardrobe so that its device completely satisfies you and your family, the homemade dressing room will become your favorite place in the apartment and your personal pride!

Interior dressing room with his hands( photo room)