Coupe doors in the dressing room: hands, photo Leroy Merlin, mirror and semicircular from the manufacturer, into the room

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The dressing room is a comfortable enough and practical room, therefore, its arrangement should be approached carefully and competently The dressing room is a comfortable enough and practical room, therefore, its arrangement should be approached carefully and competently There are many tips for arranging the dressing room. It's very popular to install a sliding door into the dressing room, because it sets the original tone for the room: something between the closet and the room!Use the sliding doors for your wardrobe, and in order to correctly pick up the door, read on.

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arderobnuyu: the pros and cons

Like everything else in this world, the sliding doors have their advantages and disadvantages and are chosen someone just based on personal preferences. Therefore, carefully study the minuses and pros of the "compartment" doors, trying on their life practice.

Advantages of sliding doors:

  • The door of the coupe takes up little space due to the fact that it does not swing open, but occupies a clear, vertically oriented position.
  • The compartment door is decorative. You can decorate it at will, it will always look technically and beautifully.
  • If there are children in the house, the safety of the doors will be important. Ordinary doors have an opening between the door and the fork, which often causes minor injuries and other unpleasant adventures.
  • Ease of installation allows you to make a coupe yourself without having special technical skills.
Advantages of sliding doors in the dressing room are practicality and ease of installation Advantages of sliding doors in the dressing room are practical and easy to install

Judging by the pluses, the compartment door is good for a small room, as well as for a family with young children.

Cons of compartment constructions:

  1. Leakage of sliding doors is often put to them in rebuke. Things have a risk of smelling of household fragrances or soaking up moisture, being in close proximity to the kitchen or bathroom.
  2. Noisiness of some compartment designs also hinders many, especially if the dressing room is installed in the bedroom of people who do not always start and end the day synchronously.
  3. Coupe doors often leave the rail or have other problems in operation. If you decide to save a little on the compartment for the dressing room, then wait for the woes: inexpensive materials are extremely fragile and unreliable.

Given the cons and pluses of the compartment doors for the dressing room, it can be confidently asserted that the choice of expensive silent designs will save you from the risk of getting unpleasant impressions from the operation of the door-coupe.

We are assembling the doors of the compartment in the dressing room with our own hands

It is not so difficult to assemble the door-compartment yourself. It is enough just to buy all the materials on the available sizes and to prepare the instrument. In general, the installation of the sliding door fits into a simple scheme.

Install sliding doors in the dressing room is easy, the main thing is to get acquainted with the technique of work and purchase all the necessary materials Install sliding doors in the dressing room is easy, the main thing is to familiarize yourself with the work technique and purchase all the necessary materials

How to assemble the door-compartment with your own hands:

  • Learn the technology of the door-compartment. This will allow you to schematically imagine which door should end up as a result.
  • Make precise measurements of your door opening.
  • With the help of a pencil and paper or an online designer, create a model of the future door taking into account all the dimensions of the room.
  • After determining the size of the components, you can go to the store for shopping. Provide the consultant with his scheme and ask to choose the most convenient option for self-assembly.
  • Use a paper chart or video tutorial to assemble the resulting "designer" in your doorway.

Be sure to consult with a specialist regarding the installation of a sliding door. Perhaps some nuances can escape you without the help of an experienced person.

How to use mirror doors for a wardrobe

The mirror on the doors of the compartment is very often. The reason is simple: the door of the coupe occupies almost the entire vertical from floor to ceiling, being at the same time perfectly even and quite wide. Use the mirrored doors for the dressing room, given some of the features of this room.

Mirrored doors for the dressing room - it Mirror doors for the dressing room are a great option to visually expand the space in the room

When designing the wardrobe with mirrored doors, pay attention to the following:

  1. If your wardrobe is combined with the bedroom, then take the trouble to exclude the possibilitySleep in front of a mirror. Both psychologists and superstitious fighters for truth argue that sleep and the condition of the dead should not go under the sights of self-criticism.
  2. If you are uncomfortable to have a mirror on the outside of the dressing room, you can transfer the mirror accent to the inside of the dressing room. This will be a great option, which will allow you to quickly assess the outfits and not to mix this process with sleep, food and other unsightly activities.
  3. If the mirror should not carry a functional role, then you can leave the door normal, allocating a mirror surface only a drawing or a small part.

The mirror doors of the coupe will look great, visually expanding the space.

Original semicircular doors of the compartment for the wardrobe

If you decided to organize a dressing room in the corner of the room, you probably thought about which door to make: straight or semicircular. The second option gives a few undeniable advantages, which make it bend to the semi-circular doors. Advantages of semicircular or radial doors:

  • This door looks very stylish and creative, it helps to emphasize the originality of the layout and the owner.
  • Rounded lines soothe and harmonize, if you believe the practice of feng shui.
  • Radius doors visually increase the room, give it texture and volume.

Choosing the semi-circular doors for the dressing room, you find not only the convenience for the dressing room, but also the perfect design solution for the whole house or apartment.

Doors compartment for cloakroom leurua merlen and other manufacturers

Unlike the independent purchase and installation of sliding doors for the dressing room, the purchase of doors on request is a very easy and even pleasant task. Companies such as Leroy Merlin and other well-known brands can be deservedly proud of their comprehensive service, high-quality and reliable. If you do not set out to save on the arrangement of the dressing room, then contact the professionals who themselves will do all the "black" work and you will have a beautiful door in the house or office in the shortest time.

Make the cloakroom comfortable and functional will help well-known and proven manufacturers of door coupe Make the dressing room comfortable and functional help well-known and proven door manufacturers

What are the advantages of contacting the company:

  1. speed;
  2. quality of work;
  3. quality of materials;
  4. warranty;
  5. flawless result;
  6. match in size and style.

If you contact a company that has already earned the respect of many customers, then you have every reason to expect that you have not wasted your money investing in this business.

How to choose and install the doors of the compartment in the dressing room( video)

The room in which the layout of the dressing room is planned, should not suffer from what is now adjacent to the room for changing clothes. On the contrary, it should win at the expense of beautiful sliding doors, technical and attractive.

Design sliding doors in the dressing room( photo examples)

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