The layout of the dressing room: organization and redevelopment online, photo convenient, options for 3 sq. M, how to remake yourself

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A separate room for the dressing room is a great opportunity to store all your things in one place separate room for dressing room - it's a great opportunity to keep all your stuff in one place Dressing room - the dream of many, because it is such a room allows you to pack up each family member in the same place, and place them according to individual needsEveryone. Neutral cabinet is unlikely to do: things in the closet quickly becomes crowded in the closet sometimes settle unpleasant odors and shared wardrobe will inevitably lead to disputes and troubles in a relationship. All these problems will allow to solve even a small dressing room, if its layout will be done taking into account all family needs.

    • Organization dressing rooms: the main components of
    • Remodeling of dressing: the legal side of the issue
    • How to Plan dressing
    • Make dressing: how to plan the space
    • use the scheduler dressing room online
    • Pro Tips:planning dressing room( video)
    • Proper planning dressing room( photo examples)

Organization DressingSecond room: the main components of

developing plan dressing room, many people forget about the important things, without which it is difficult to do later in the course of operation. To do this you need to think in advance which components of the dressing room you will need, taking into account your individual needs. Women, men, children, adolescents - each has their own nuances about how to equip the dressing room.

As part of the dressing room are the following:

  • Rods. Such a completely traditional part of the dressing room should be matched with the mind to be comfortable for you. Consider your height, height of children, and the length of those garments that you wish to place. Often, several bars are installed: for long clothes, such as dresses and coats, and also for short ones.
  • Pantographs. Are gaining popularity in small wardrobe pantographs, which have a mechanism that lowers the bar to the desired level. This device will save space, making it as useful as possible.
  • Special hangers for jeans and trousers. Very handy thing if you have a job where you need to have an "arrow" on your trousers.
  • Drawers. You can create a functional organization inside the laundry boxes yourself. Numerous organizers and dividers will help to increase the efficiency of the box, make its use convenient and simple.
  • Shelves. The racks have long and firmly become part of the wardrobe, as well as cabinets. An open storage system obliges to keep things in order and consistency, but efforts pay off with beauty and convenience.
  • Boxes and baskets. In order not to spend money on the purchase of separate modules for storing belts, gloves, bags and other small things, you can get baskets and boxes made in accordance with the overall style of the dressing room. Shallow baskets are suitable for accessories, and deep ones are massive garments, like scarves. Boxes are often used for out-of-season clothing, as well as for some types of shoes.
  • Special tools for footwear. Shoes require special care so that during the storage period it is not subjected to mechanical effects of cargo and other deformations. Otherwise, its wear rate will increase dramatically. To keep your favorite shoes in good condition for a long time, use special modules for different types of shoes. For high boots you can buy hangers or high pads, and for shoes - modules that implement fastening for the heels of shoes. Keds and boots can be stored in a box or on a conventional rack.
  • For accessories. If in the Soviet era the standard cabinet was equipped with a mini bar for ties and belts, today there are a lot of options for organizing storage for small accessories!Ask what the convenience of these or other trading companies can offer.
  • Mirrors. Make sure that in your dressing room you have the opportunity to carefully consider yourself in full growth and from all sides. Dressing table.
  • Dressing table. If there is a woman in the house, then it would be blasphemy to think about creating a dressing room without a dressing table. Place it directly in the dressing room, so that the creation of the image takes place in the same atmosphere and with one mood.
  • Household accessories. If in your house there is no place for a pantry, then household accessories can be kept in the dressing room, giving them a special compartment for the foam type.

In each wardrobe there are basic components, and which of them you choose - decide on your own Each wardrobe has the main components, and which ones you choose - decide for yourself

The components of the dressing room vary depending on what things need to be placed in this space.

Re-planning of the dressing room: the legal side of the issue

If you have decided to approach the matter of equipping the dressing room seriously, you should face some difficulty: the construction of a new wall imposes some responsibility on the owner of the apartment. You will need to apply to a special service that deals with re-planning, coordinates them and legitimizes your innovations.

The following is considered re-planning:

  1. Construction of walls from any material, including gypsum board.
  2. Installation of the built-in cabinet. Even simple sliding doors are considered an act of redevelopment and need legal confirmation for the BTI.

If you decide to re-plan the dressing room, it is best to contact a special service that will give you permission to carry out the process If you decide to re-plan a dressing room, it's best to contact a special service that will give you permission to process the

In the event that an unauthorized alteration is found in your apartment, you face an administrative fine, and you will have to enforce the initiative in a compulsory manner. Therefore, it is much easier to call a service that is engaged in redevelopment, right away. If you think that no one will know about your wardrobe, then think about the fact that one day, you may have to sell an apartment or even rent out.

If you do not want to mess with paperwork, then throw the idea of ​​dramatically altering the room and install a curtain separating the wardrobe.

How to plan a wardrobe

To plan a dressing room, you need to carefully inspect the size and shape of the room, from which you plan to carve a dressing room. There are times when there is something to ponder over, but it happens that the layout is quite unambiguous. But in this case it is necessary to imagine other possible options, so as not to remain without the best option.

The layouts are of the following types:

  • Angle. Having arranged a dressing room in the corner of the room, you will win at once in several respects. First, you will make the room unusual and creative. Secondly, the internal space of the dressing room will look much larger than outside. Third, the room will visually round off from the corner of the wardrobe corner.
  • In the shape of the letter P. If in a narrow room you can take one of the ends of the room under the wardrobe, then this practical layout will suit you.
  • According to the "line". If in a long room you can select a whole long wall for the wardrobe compartment, then all the shelves and bars can be marked on 1 line. This is a hilarious, unusual option that will create an additional mood in the room.
  • В зависимости от помещения, гардеробная может быть угловой, в форме буквы П или по "линейке" Depending on the room, the dressing room can be angular, in the form of a letter P or in the "ruler"

    Competently evaluate your room and tastes to choose the right layout for the dressing room.

    Doing cloakrooms: how to plan space

    If you do not plan the space of the dressing room in advance, it is very easy to spoil the room with irrational use. To prevent such a mistake, calculate in advance how many and what devices you will need to place all your things.

    Here are some tips to help you decide how much space your wardrobe should hold:

  1. Do not neglect boxes: enough of them will allow you to place your underwear and things "to your body."
  2. To save space allow the bar, located one above the other.
  3. Do not approach the shelves closer than 35 cm to each other. Otherwise, storing things will be extremely inconvenient.
  4. Make separate storage space for accessories, otherwise they will clutter the entire dressing room.
  5. To properly store shoes, think about the storage system for it.
  6. Even if you do not know why you need an extra rack, do it!Bags, shoes and other small things always find their place on neat shelves in the dressing room.

To save space in the dressing room, use drawers and barbells, and you can also allocate space for storing accessories To save space in the dressing room, use drawers and rods, and you can also allocate storage space for accessories.

Plan space, do not be fooled about the quantity of your things.

We use the wardrobe room planner online

Modern technology allows you to design the desired designs without getting up because of the working chair!When planning a dressing room, try to realize your dream in 3D format.

Modern technologies make it possible to plan your wardrobe room online Modern technologies make it possible to plan your wardrobe room online

How to design a dressing room online:

  • You can visually examine the design of the future dressing room.
  • On the project, you can specify the existing parameters of the rooms, which will allow you not to make mistakes in the calculations.
  • The design process is similar to a computer game that will entertain you and will easily help create a dream apartment in virtual reality.

You can design a wardrobe room online, using only your PC and the Internet.

Advice from professionals: layout of the dressing room( video)

There are many ways to properly organize the wardrobe yourself. However, for a small room is not always suitable wardrobe. Remember that its dimensions should not be less than 2 m2.Planning a dressing room should begin with this measurement: is there 2 free meters in the room. Examples of small dressing rooms are easy to find on the net, so you can arrange a dressing room and a small size.

Proper planning dressing room( photo examples)

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