Corner cabinet in the hall: catalog and photo, 600x600 in a small corridor, filling a narrow cabinet, ideas for design

The corner cabinet is a multi-functional piece of furniture that performs several functions simultaneously Corner cabinet is a multi-functional piece of furniture that performs several functions simultaneously Corner cabinet in the corridor?Why not, if in the corridor there is just such a "dead" corner, which can be made a cabinet and thus free the space originally intended for the cabinet. A small corner cabinet - does not mean not roomy. Usually, such furniture impresses with a thoughtful inner filling and certainly does not disappoint the owners.

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Benefits: cornercloset in the hallway, photo

Hallway rarely room with enough space for at least a typical Soviet-era apartments can not boast. Corner cabinet so convenient that it can be put in a long hallway, both square and rectangular.

It is worth choosing a wardrobe of a color that would be different from the shade of the walls worth choosing a wardrobe of a color that would be different from the color of the walls

Among other advantages such cabinets:

  • Good capacity - filling can think through for yourself, any manufacturer can implement ideas;
  • By themselves are a decorative element of the hallway - the design of such cabinets is not limited to three ideas;
  • The cabinet can be both with right angles, and radial, the dimensions will depend on the capabilities of your hallway.

But the most important thing is that the zone that is empty is captured. There can, of course, put a small locker or a case-pencil case, this decision will not be so practical. Not 40x40( which is generally very small), not 50x50, and not 60x60 - it will be a full-fledged cabinet with three divisions, if you want - with one open part.

How to choose a narrow corner cupboard in the corridor

If for some reason you can afford only a narrow hallway closet, it does not mean that it will contain a quite a bit. There are tricks here. For example, it can have end bars, which allow you to hang the same clothes in front, not sideways. This will give you the necessary space savings.

Let the cabinet and narrow, but its capacity can be realized due to the large number of drawers. It is convenient in the hallway, where all sorts of little things are stored, and it would be good to sort them. And in some parts of the cabinet you can put special baskets for storing things, you can do them yourself.

It is necessary to choose in the hallway cabinet, which will not interfere with comfortable passage along the corridor should be chosen in the hall closet, which will not interfere with a comfortable passage down the hall

short, narrow cabinet can also be equipped with everything you need to use it to the maximum. And so that he does not look lonely in the corner, you can put an umbrella next to you. Such a high wicker vase-basket, where it is convenient to store umbrellas.

What complement corner cabinet into a small hallway

Compared angular sets in the hall, then they line the hallways, of course, win. The spatial design of these cabinets provides the maximum capacity, without loading space and so small a corridor.

Often mistakenly the owners of small hallways consider - so, since the corner cabinet so remarkably stood in a corner, it would be necessary to put more furniture to the vacant walls. And there are still some lockers, shelves, cabinets and chests of drawers. But by doing this you will destroy the idea of ​​liberated space.

The corner cabinet is not only practical, but also has good aesthetic qualities, so it can improve the appearance of the hallway interior The corner cabinet differs not only in its practicality but also in its good aesthetic qualities, therefore it can improve the appearance of the hallway interior

It's much wiser to hang beautiful pictures or photos in the same frames on free walls. And it is better not a lot of little ones, but two big ones. Maximum, benches or ottomans along the walls, as well as a full-length mirror with a small shelf. Decorative high vase with an interesting artificial plant - and everything, no furniture here is not necessary.

Standard corner cabinet in the hallway 600x600

This model is deservedly in high demand. You can choose either a versatile cabinet that will become in any corner of the hallway, either to the left or to the right. The parameters of such a cabinet are usually: length - 600/360, width - 600/360, height - 1950.

Why are such compact cabinets popular?They certainly will not look cumbersome. These cabinets are very slim, if I may say so. But if you prefer them rectangular cabinets, or cabinets, pencil cases, you will lose a lot. The shape of such a corner cabinet is self-sufficient, it does not require additions, decor, any side parts. The color of the cabinet can be matched either - beech, wenge, walnut, apple tree, etc.

How to choose the filling of a corner cabinet in the hall

The most important thing is that in the case of custom cabinets, you can draw the desired content yourself. And it's very convenient, because you already plan everything in advance - where and what will lie. You can start from the standard scheme of filling the corner cabinet.

It is worth choosing such a corner cabinet in the hallway, which will accommodate the things of all family members It is worth choosing such a corner cabinet in the hallway in which the things of all the family members will fit

What can be in the filling of the cabinet:

  • The pantograph is a bar with a handle and also a mechanism for lowering, So that the upper space is used;
  • Shelves for clothes and net baskets - in the hallway may not be useful;
  • Hanging face or usual - for shoulders;
  • Retractable trouser holders are also an infrequent thing for a wardrobe in the hallway;
  • Clothes hangers with hooks, so as not to crumple;
  • Multilevel baskets( retractable) - but this is a good idea for the hallway;
  • Shelves for storing shoes( can be not only shelves, but also fasteners);
  • Drawers with handles;
  • Boxes without pens and stuff.

In the corner cabinet, there are often wire shelves for shoes, fixed at an angle. But they are not spacious enough, therefore it is necessary to store additional footwear in boxes. Very popular steel models, which consist of several sections, supplemented with hangers, hats, seats and corner shelves.

Recommendations for the layout of sliding-door wardrobes

Usually the layout of the cabinet is the same as the number of doors. That is, if you make two sections, then there must be two doors. But the corner cabinet, most often, these are three sections.

An excellent solution is to purchase a wardrobe equipped with built-in lights An excellent solution is to purchase a sliding door wardrobe equipped with built-in luminaires

The upper space is often used to store large items. Therefore, the regiment must be high enough. If you use a lot of clothes on the shoulders, you will have to increase the cabinet depth to 70 cm, and minus the depth of the doors, your used space is 60 cm.

Drawers in such cabinets need to be fastened so that the door frame does not interfere with their movement. Handles on such boxes should be recessed inside. The best drawers are equipped with the mechanism of the door closer, this is the most convenient option.

Selection rules: Corner cabinet in the hallway( video)

Corner cabinets are often used in the bedroom, and today they are also preferred furniture in the non-standard small hallway. And it's very convenient - see for yourself.

Good choice!

Examples corner cabinets in hallway: catalog( photo)