Wardrobe with own hands drawings and diagrams of the photo: the size of the room

The dressing room is quite practical, since it can hide almost all clothes and shoes The dressing room is quite practical, since almost all clothes and shoes can be hidden in it. If there are a lot of things accumulated in the apartment, and attempts to systematize them do not lead to anything, then you just need a dressing room. The advantages of the dressing room are that it is hidden from the eye and invisible, which means that an atmosphere of accuracy in the apartment is created. The storage room will make it possible to remove even a bulky cabinet and put in place, for example, a large aquarium or build a nice corner for relaxation.

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Make your wardrobe yourHands: drawings and schemes

Designing a wardrobe room is not difficult. And the market for building materials and other accessories is just full of offers for every taste and imagination.

Do not think that the dressing room should be a large room, it's not. The advantage of a large room is that you can put a dressing table there, hang up mirrors and even install an ironing board with a clothes dryer.

Before making a dressing room, you should first think over its design and prepare the appropriate scheme Before making a dressing room, you should first think over its design and prepare the appropriate scheme.

In a small dressing room, the organization of things will not be difficult, and even find something in such a space when everything is at hand, very easy. Plus, cleaning the room, performing only one function, is facilitated. The conclusion from all the above is simple, you dream of a dressing room, so make it yourself. Perhaps you can easily cope with this task. You need to start with the drawings, analyze all the calculations received, stock up the necessary tools and start working.

Attention when drawing up the drawing and the scheme, it is worth paying attention to the size of the proposed premises:

  1. The design of the dressing room will proceed from the extent to which the space is large. The comfortable and standard size of the dressing room is 4 m2, it is with such a meter that the dressing room will perform a direct function of storing things, and access to things will be at the optimal distance.
  2. The size of the dressing room is less than 4 meters - can not be considered a dressing room in full. The allocation of an area is less than reasonable.
  3. If the apartment has a storage room, it is possible to make repairs and to convert it. If there is no separate room, it can be partitioned in the living room or bedroom.

You can choose a dressing room in any form, the shape of the triangle will perfectly fit into a small apartment and will save space if necessary.

Corner dressing room: drawings, schemes and photos

The first step in creating a dressing room is planning. Angular format wardrobe allows you to get away from the ideal of 4 m2 and use an area less. Even the size of one and a half to one and a half will look perfect in this arrangement. The peculiarity of such a dressing room is that the partition is installed in such a way that the corner of the room is cut off. The result is compact. With a minimal space, a full-sized corner dressing room with the most useful functionality is organized.

The wardrobe layout will help to plan the room correctly and think through every detail Scheme of the dressing room will help to correctly plan the room and think through all the smallest details.

As a partitioning material, use plasterboard:

  1. It is easy to use at home even for a professional.
  2. After installation there will be no debris, and ease of contraction allows you to dismantle it at any time if necessary.
  3. This overlap minimally loads all surfaces.
  4. Drywall is easy to decorate.

You can arrange boxes and shelves in different ways, but it will be more preferable to distribute them on both walls of the dressing room. Using only one wall does not provide the most rational room. Apply special elements of angular design during repair.

An unusual look will make it possible to use a small space as useful as possible.

The connecting element between the shelves in the form of a spiral smooths the corners, and therefore visually expands the space. And it will not be a bad highlight of design. It is better to give preference to open shelves, not to closed lockers. This design will not only facilitate access to things, but also free up some space. The entrance door should be chosen taking into account the limited space. Give preference to the door-accordion. Since this saves space on opening. It is possible to open such a door in one movement, the door leaf will not prevent you from picking up things and trying them on.

Wardrobe layouts: linear

This layout of the dressing room is convenient to use near the wall. It is very easy to equip such a wardrobe, at the same time there will be no oblique corners, which will facilitate the arrangement of furniture in the room. It is easy to distribute boxes and shelves in this type of room. For example, install retractable clothes hangers. With one movement of the hand, all your clothes seem to you.

To equip the dressing room is necessary taking into account the size and features of the room It is necessary to equip the dressing room with the dimensions and features of the room

In the wardrobe type, it is easy to distribute all the clothes, but this arrangement is unlikely to allow you to comfortably install a ironing board or a clothes dryer in a small area.

Design nuances:

  1. The optimum depth is one and a half meters, but narrow it is not necessary to narrow the partitions.
  2. If the yardage of the apartment allows, then the narrow room will not be comfortable to use, and there will not be much free space in such a room.

If the size of the room allows, install in the dressing room the usual cabinets with doors, but open racks and shelves will allow space to save.

G-shaped and U-shaped design: Drawings of wardrobe rooms with dimensions

According to the L-shaped layout, it can be seen that the dressing room is obtained as a part of the room. The specificity is that there is no need for partitions. As a rule, it is recommended to install only open racks, since the issue of space ergonomics is acute. Under the scheme, there is a complete absence of partitions. And it turns out that such planning is most economical, because in order to build a partition, material costs for materials are necessary. Another option is the U-shaped layout. The opinion that the dressing room of this form is relevant only for a large room. Wrong.

Many prefer to choose the L-shaped design, because it is convenient and practical Many people prefer to choose the L-shaped design because it is convenient and practical

It's easy to see from the drawings and diagrams:

  1. This layout is highly practical and very interesting.
  2. Unusuality of such a layout, it is possible to emphasize interesting details of the interior.
  3. Equip your wardrobe with a furniture complex. You get the most necessary set of furniture for a variety of forms of storage.
  4. Here there are closing boxes, for example for small items, gloves and other accessories.
  5. Unscrew the shelves, for storing shoe boxes and of course hangers, for convenient placement of daily necessities.

The color solution of the room in light colors and its shape, together create a very simple, comfortable and attractive wardrobe. Use this layout in long and narrow rooms. Such a room turns out to be independent and separate from the rest of the space. Increasing the size of the upper shelves, will increase the size of the useful area. Extending the upper shelves will allow you to place more things.

Drawing wardrobe with dimensions: parallel type

It is not difficult to create a parallel-planning wardrobe yourself. The project of this form is very popular, because for its implementation only partitions and a divided furniture set are needed.

It is not difficult to create a dressing room, the main thing is to plan the interior of the room in advance and prepare a detailed work plan Create a wardrobe yourself is not difficult, the main thing is to plan the interior in advance and prepare a detailed work plan.


  1. Apply this layout in the passage room.
  2. When you equip a wardrobe in a remote room, it is better to plan it in a different form.
  3. In order not to experience problems with moving from one wall to another, the width should be at least one and a half meters. Thus, it turns out that the distance between the shelves should be at least 80 cm. Such a distance will allow not to feel discomfort when using the dressing room.

The most ergonomic option will be end hangers. This option will be the most practical and compact. Also in such a cloakroom with a fit fit a set with drawers.

We make a dressing room with our own hands: drawings and diagrams( video)

The wardrobe will save you time in the mornings. You do not have to experience any more discomfort during the gatherings, because you and your family members will know exactly where everything lies and is stored. Also, the dressing room is preferable for storage, as things are not exposed to the environmental factors, which means they will last for a long time.

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