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Arrange the order in the hallway, where there are always a lot of clothes and shoes, you will be helped by properly selected furniture Arranging the order in the hallway, where there are always a lot of clothes and shoes, you will be helped by properly selected furniture. As a rule, in any family there is a huge amount of shoes that need to be stored somewhere. It is placed in the closet, which is installed in the hallway, but more often as a result - there is a continuous disorder there. In order to overcome the shoe chaos, the furniture industry offers special curbstones. They are most often installed in the hallway. The curbstones for shoes vary in style, design, size and method of use. Pick up the cabinet, based on the size of the hallway and the overall styling of the interior. Before you buy this piece of furniture, you need to carefully study this issue.

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    • Narrow pedestal for shoes in the hallway: parameters
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    • Corner cabinet for shoes in the hall
    • Materials from whichMade cabinet for shoes in the hallway
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What shoe can be likeMBA in the hallway

There are two main groups, which can be divided shoe cabinets, it is open and closed. They can be made in the form of shelves, cabinets or shops. They can also be quite bulky and to the maximum compact.

A roomy, compact, stylish and comfortable shoe cabinet is the best solution for you and your hallway A spacious, compact, stylish and comfortable shoe cabinet is the best solution for you and your hallway.

Manufacturers distinguish several common types:

  1. Footwalls .This is a simple design in the form of small shelves. At desire and imagination the design of this curbstone can be the most original. The huge advantage is that it is possible to place shoes of different sizes on the shelves. Also, thanks to the special surface of the shelves, shoes can be put wet. Due to the function of ventilation, the footwear dries quickly and does not deteriorate. The only drawback of this pedestal is an open view, where all the shoes are in sight.
  2. The cabinet has a considerable volume. Inside this pedestal is a large number of shelves, which can be tilted or located in a horizontal position. Due to the fact that the supplied footwear is located on the entire sole, there is no problem of deformation and distortion of the shape of the shoe. The doors of this cabinet can be made of different materials, such as glass or wood. By design, the doors are chosen according to preference. They can be swinging, in the form of an accordion or moving apart. It is also possible to place a cabinet in the closet when there is no need to install doors. The drawback of this pedestal is its large dimensions, which do not fit into small hallways.
  3. The benches are something in between the thumbs and the galoshes. They have an open view, several shelves and a small seat. The design of this piece of furniture can be anything, everything depends on imagination and preferences.

Narrow pedestal for shoes in the hallway: parameters

Shoe fits in a room with a small footage. They occupy very little space, are compact, have a small depth. Most often they have a folding design of the shelves, which allows you to store your shoes in an upright position.

A narrow pedestal does not take up much space in the hallway, but it will free the room from unnecessary things A narrow pedestal does not take up much space in the hallway, but it will free the room from unnecessary things

Not only shelves, but also doors or separate compartments can recline. Due to the compact size, narrow shoes can be placed even behind the door, thus saving space considerably.

The only drawback of this pedestal is the impossibility of storing voluminous shoes. But designers have solved this problem. An excellent solution was the construction of compartments for pedestals of different sizes. In order to correctly calculate the necessary dimensions of the cabinet, you should think in advance what will be in it and how.

Calculate follows:

  • Depth;
  • Height;
  • Width.

If the family consists of several people, then a narrow shoe can not be approached, then it is necessary to connect the fantasy and design a cabinet with several compartments of different heights. To do this, it is enough to apply to furniture designers who will help to make a drawing of the curbstone according to all wishes.

Comfortable pedestal for shoes with a seat in the hall

Cabinet with a seat can be included in the furniture set or selected separately. By design can be placed on the floor or wall, and also be angular or straight. At first glance, the bedside table looks just like a low cabinet. It is used not only for storage. You can sit down on it, put a bag or buy.

A banquet - a shelf with a small seat, will add to your entryway comfort and comfort A small banquet with a small seat, adds to your hallway of comfort and comfort

Manufacturers produce quite strong structures with sufficient depth. Shelves in this form of shoes are horizontally, the height of which is adjustable.

There are also small compartments for storing shoe care products. The seat can be soft or stiff, it all depends on the wishes of future owners.

In the style of the pedestals are distinguished:

  • Baroque;
  • Classics;
  • Minimalism;
  • Modern;
  • Art Deco;
  • High-tech;
  • Kitsch.

There are styles of geographical names that have elements of the decor of the peoples of the world.

Corner cabinet for shoes in the hallway

Quite often the corridor has an elongated shape and it is quite difficult to place furniture in it to be compact and convenient. In such cases, a corner table for storing shoes may come up. Most often, the depth of such shoes does not exceed 30 cm, which is enough for the location of all footwear.

If you do not have a large enough hallway - a corner cabinet for storing shoes will come to the rescue If you do not have a sufficiently large entrance hall, the corner cabinet for the storage of shoes will come to the rescue.

The corner tables have the following advantages:

  • Compact size;
  • Significant functionality;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Good storage capacity.

Angular pedestals for shoes are narrow and with a mounted soft seat. They look neat, save space, fills the so-called dead zones of corners. Vertical corner pedestals allow you to store high shoes. It is necessary to pay special attention to the doors. They may be different, but most often consumers choose sliding models. This design allows you to save space. Among the buyers became popular curbstones-slim. Their feature is in the shelves, which open at a certain angle. They are convenient in terms of placing a large number of shoes.

Materials from which a bedside table for shoes is made in the hallway

It is very important that the furniture is made of high-quality material. Furniture manufacturers make their products from materials for every taste and budget.

Whichever material is used to make furniture - it is not superfluous to check its quality certificate Whatever material is used for furniture production, it is not superfluous to check its quality certificate

For the manufacture of pedestals for shoes, the following materials are mainly used:

  1. The tree is considered the most common material. Products made from it are beautiful and natural. Furniture made of wood looks quite massive, so it fits in spacious rooms. Wooden furniture to preserve its original appearance requires certain maintenance conditions. First of all, it is necessary to regularly apply protective impregnation to the surface of the product. Put dirty and wet shoes in a wooden shoe is not recommended.
  2. plastic is a fairly easy and practical material. Plastic shoe has low cost, practicality and durability. The appearance of such pedestals is quite simple and does not differ in originality. Some plastic models may be too brittle and easily susceptible to mechanical damage. Easy to clean and do not require special maintenance.
  3. Metal is one of the most durable materials. Metal shoe are distinguished by their practicality and resistance to any kind of damage. To protect against corrosion processes, metal products are coated with special paint, which makes it possible to purchase a cabinet of any color.
  4. Glass , used in pedestals for storing shoes, differs in thickness and weight. Such products are quite heavy. The glass cabinet for shoes looks almost imponderable. But glass products require careful and regular care, because any fingerprints are visible on the glass.
  5. is the most popular and lightest material. Shoe made of this material have a narrow cost, easy to care for, have a low weight. This material allows you to create compact and original products, even with your own hands. Due to the ease of operation, the most original and unique models of pieces of furniture can be created from chipboard.

Original pedestal for shoes in the hallway

Every home owner wants the furniture design to be original. To this end, each furniture manufacturer allows its customers to design furniture according to their drawing. Designers can offer their original ideas.

Do not forget that furniture made by yourself will always be unique and a special aura Do not forget that furniture made by yourself will always be unique and a special aura.

For example, create a shoe with such elements:

  • Hanger;
  • Rear panel with mirror;
  • Numerous built-in drawers and sections.

Shoe can be of the most non-standard shape with practicality and functionality. With your own hands, you can create a shoe from old buckets, boxes, wickerwork. To create an original idea, it is fashionable to use different materials. Also, you can mount the shoe shops, if possible, in the walls or under the stairs of two-story houses. To create an original shoe, you must show courage and imagination. Do not be afraid to experiment with color and material.

Choosing a pedestal in the hallway for shoes( video)

The best furniture manufacturers are Ukraine and Belarus. For example, the furniture factory - Zaporozhye, has been popular with consumers for many years. If you do not want to bother too long with the acquisition of a shoe, you can visit the Ikea store and purchase the simplest option, which will be no less practical. Regardless of the decision, where to buy furniture for shoes, it is worth remembering practicality, convenience and aesthetic appearance. Furniture in the hallway is the first thing that meets the guests on the way, and it should be neat and harmonious looking.

Examples pedestals for shoes in the hall( photo)