Wall lamps in the corridor: wall sconces, photo

Correctly located wall lamps in the corridor or in the hallway make it possible to visually enlarge the room correctly positioned wall lights in the corridor or in the entrance hall allow visually enlarge the room Correctly chosen artificial lighting can transform any room. Therefore, the choice of light bulbs should be taken with all seriousness. Especially if it is a corridor or hallway, in which there are no natural light sources. Small but functional rooms without windows require a special approach to this issue. The best result can be achieved by installing wall lamps in the corridor or hallway in addition to the basic lighting on the ceiling.

    • What kinds of wall fixtures are suitable for the corridor or hallway
    • selects the appropriate design wall lamps and sconces for the hallway
    • use the wall lamp to illuminate the mirror
    • How to arrange wall lights in the hallway or corridor
    • Choose a lamp for anteroom( video)
    • design with wall lights in the entrance hall( photo examples)

What types of wall lightsSuitable for a corridor or hallway

Do not underestimate the importance of the hallway: it is from this room that the acquaintance with the whole apartment and its inhabitants begins. Therefore, the design of this space( including light) should be given special attention, trying to combine different elements.

When planning the main lighting in an apartment, preference is given to ceiling chandeliers or point elements. Wall lamps are installed as local sources, aimed at highlighting a certain area of ​​space with soft light. To fully illuminate the room, this type of lighting is not suitable.

For the hallway, whether the hallway is perfect for lighting fixtures or sconces whether hallway for corridor lamps, ceiling lamps or lamps are ideal

Suitable hallway wall lamp and corridor are divided into three types:

  • lamps as pressed against the ceiling surface;
  • Wall lamp or lamp with lampshade;
  • Models with hanging lights.

Lamps installed on the wall, with the right selection, will be a perfect addition to the interior of the room.

selects the appropriate design wall lamps and sconces for the hallway lights

To complement the interior hallway or corridor, the choice is to do, based on the overall design of the room. Due to the variety of lamps offered by shops, you can choose a design for any style of room. If the right model is not found - the original wall light is easy to make by yourself.

Universal models are lamps with pressed or hanging lights. The various shapes, material and colors of these types of lamps allow you to choose the right option for placing any style: from classics to high-tech.

Fixtures for the hallway or corridor should be matched in the same style as the general interior of the room Fixtures hallway or corridor must be selected in the same style as the interior space

bra also is a tremendous diversity of design solutions. Fans of retro will love lamps in the form of candlesticks. Those wishing to decorate the hallway in the classical style will be picked up by gorgeous models with gilding. Colored glass - an ideal option for modernity, and aluminum inserts - for high-tech.

We use wall lamps for mirror lighting

Wall lamps are used together with basic lighting in almost every room. Especially if the room is closed and without window openings, like a hallway or a corridor.

Wall lamps are made in two basic functions:

  • Complement the interior of the room;
  • Create additional lighting in selected areas of the room.

Most often in the hallway there is a dressing area and a space near the mirror. It is in these places that there is a need for additional scattered light.

Wall lamps to illuminate the mirror will help create additional lighting in some sections of the hallway or corridor Wall-mounted lamps to illuminate the mirror will help create additional lighting in some areas of the hallway or corridor

Ideal option for lighting the mirror is a model, which is a few plafonds, which are located on one tripod. Such a luminaire is fixed above the upper edge of the mirror, which allows obtaining a high level of illumination of the surface.

Some models of sconces also have a similar design, which consists of two lamps on a common base. Such lamps are located on the sides of the mirror, thus creating sufficient lighting and attractive interior composition.

How to properly place wall lights in the hallway or corridor

The placement of lamps depends both on the degree of illumination of the room and the perception of it by a person. Therefore, the decoration of space with wall lights should be approached wisely.

The standard height for which wall lights are recommended is two meters from the floor level. The maximum brightness of lighting is achieved by mounting the sconce under the ceiling, the minimum - closer to the floor. In the second case, a warm and romantic atmosphere is created in the room.

When installing luminaires, several important points should be considered:

  • Wall finishing should be ideal, The design, pressed to the surface, will reveal all the existing flaws;
  • The lighting levels in the hallway( corridor) and in adjacent rooms should be the same;
  • The design of crystal or corrugated glass increases the brightness of light;To obtain a soft radiation should be used lampshades from textiles, plastic or wood.

Wall lamps in the hallway or in the corridor are recommended to be installed at a height of two meters from the floor level Wall lights in the hallway or in the hallway is recommended to install at the height of two meters from the floor level

unusual solution is to install lights so that the emitted light beams are directed to the upper and lower part of the room at the same time. At the same time, the lights should be located at a distance of more than 1 meter from the ceiling. This type of installation allows you to visually expand a small hallway.

The original method of lighting and decorating the corridor will be the installation of paintings or photos with illumination. In some types of premises, there will be some sort of "portholes" that are built-in wall lights. Thanks to the installation of this type of light bulbs, the hallway or corridor will receive enough light, along with an indescribable effect of mystery.

Choosing a luminaire for the hallway( video)

Wall lightings play an important role in the design of the hallway or corridor. They gently illuminate certain areas of the room, while being a stylish element of the decor. The variety of designs and color solutions allows you to choose the perfect option for any style of room. Due to observance of simple rules when choosing and installing lamps, it is possible to hide the shortcomings of the room, giving it a completely different appearance.

design with wall lights in the entrance hall( photo examples)