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The hallway should look perfect, because it is the hallmark of the whole apartment Hallway should look perfect, because it is the hallmark of the entire apartment Corridor, the first thing guests see, his view must be representative and flawless. The task is not simple, besides, not every corridor can boast of sufficient area. However, and a few square meters you can organize an original room, which will be different in beauty, functionality, practicality. How to make a competent arrangement, it will be discussed in this article.

    • modern decoration hall: a small and narrow corridors
    • Making corridor corner hallway
    • How to make the hall of the house: photo designs in Khrushchev
    • modules for a small hallway: competent furnishings
    • Stylish design hallwayin the apartment( video)
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modern decoration hall: a small and narrow corridors

Roomy koridoP is far from every family. Old buildings can not boast of a large footage. In the old days this room was not given such attention.

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The footage in the old house is minimal. But in such a space it is quite realistic to create a creative design.

It is important to learn and apply some rules to maximize the use of the useful area of ​​the hallway, to place there everything you need.


  • Shelves.
  • Hanger.
  • Shelving for shoes.
  • Ottoman and others.

Small narrow corridors can be designed in such a way that they are roomy and comfortable small narrow corridors can be designed in such a way that they are roomy and comfortable

problem of long and narrow corridors in how to competently carry furnishings, so it is important not only to compactly arrangeInterior items, but also to solve the problem of eliminating the difference in the dimensions of vertical surfaces.

If the room design is too long, then it can be divided into zones. You can identify the zone of the hall, the placement of clothing.

Ceiling structures in several levels, combined coating of floor surface and walls, perfectly handle this task. Visually expand the space can mirror products placed on long walls. It's nice to clean the interior doors. An excellent solution is to arrange an arch construction.

You can make the rectangle more harmonious by using color in the finish. The use of light shades on long walls will move them apart, and dark colors on narrow walls will help approaching, making the hallway square and pleasing to the eye. Adjust the size can be by lighting, placing lights in the central part, leaving the end walls shaded.

Making corridor corner hallway

Dignity corner wardrobe have long appreciated the owners of small apartment buildings with a small corridor. This is an effective solution for the corridor. Not only clothes, shoes, umbrellas and hats are well placed in the corner wardrobe.

As well:

  • Vacuum cleaner.
  • Scooter.
  • Bicycle.
  • Stroller.

The corner hallway does not take a lot of space in the corridor, but it can accommodate all your things Corner entrance hall does not take much space in the hallway, but it can accommodate all your belongings

If the issue front cabinet mirror, the design will almost weightless and invisible even in a very small corridor. There are hallways with stairs. Designers-decorators recommend using the staircase in the corridor as efficiently as there are so many unoccupied spaces under it where the shelves for shoes, umbrellas and hats, as well as hangers and many other necessary trifles can successfully stand. If the corridor is combined with the hall, then under the staircase you can place magazines or equipment, and, having arranged an armchair with a floor lamp, rest in solitude with a book or a favorite piece of music.

How to design an entrance hall in the house: photos of designs in Khrushchevka

Interior design of small rooms in Khrushchev is complicated by an incorrect layout. Corridor in Khrushchev, usually a long narrow room with many doors to other rooms. Arrangement of an anteroom in a Khrushchev can take place in two ways, by means of redevelopment or by applying the correct color solution, visually expanding the walls, raising the ceiling and arranging the necessary amount of furniture. If the first way is not so simple, then decoration through decoration and decor will bring pleasure.

To make the corridor in Khrushchev look beautiful and functional and practical, you need:

  1. Choose the appropriate colors. Furniture and wall surfaces should not be dark, but also not white tones, because they will be noticeable dirt.
  2. When decorating an interior, it is necessary to use glossy, mirror, reflective surfaces.
  3. It's good to use small shelves and hooks for outer clothing instead of cabinets. If the corridor is long, you can arrange a closet.
  4. Excellent solution - to arrange a ceiling mezzanine on the entire perimeter of the hallway. So that they do not look heavy, you can build in them a dot light.
  5. As a good idea, you can place lighting in the walls.

In the hallway, you must place at least a clothes hanger, a shoe cabinet and a mirror In the hallway it is necessary to place at least a clothes hanger, a shoe cabinet and a mirror

The corridor needs a detailed arrangement no less than a hall or a kitchen area. After all, it should contain a lot of things that would not be appropriate in other rooms in the house.

Ideally, a set of furniture for the corridor looks like this:

  • Hanger and wardrobe for outer clothing.
  • Shelves and chest of drawers for shoes. A chair, an armchair or an ottoman.
  • Mirror with stand for small items.

Sometimes a small area of ​​the corridor does not allow you to install all these items, then the design project is based on combining several functions. The locker for shoes is used, like a chair, the doors of the wardrobe are mirrored. You can competently make a complete set using the minimal amount of interior items.

Modules for a small hallway: competent furnishing

Modular furniture today is very in demand. The fact is that the buyer can independently compose a furniture kit, ordering only what is needed for his hallway. Previously, there was no special choice, and it was necessary to purchase standard furniture, which often did not fit in style, size, form, or, conversely, had no one needed functionality.

Today, thanks to modular furniture, we can decorate our corridor to the maximum comfortably and beautifully, guided only by our requirements and taste preferences.

Modular furniture in the corridor is very popular today Modular furniture in the corridor is very popular today

In addition, modular division is advantageous in that it is possible, if necessary, to change or add modules, to change or supplement the ensemble when it is convenient without collecting money for monthsFor a complete set, saving on everything in a row.

In addition, the modules of such furniture:

  • Aesthetic;
  • Practical;
  • Functional.

Modules can be rearranged from place to place, selecting interesting options and creating a completely new interior. Owners of small corridors, to save money and not buy furniture that does not fit in the room or completely clutter it up, can acquire it gradually, arranging modules in turn and deciding whether something else will be needed or not.

Stylish design of the hallway in the apartment( video)

The minimum required for the corridor was specified in the article. Observing advice and recommendations, you can harmoniously arrange even a very small room. If you create a design project yourself, then the only true solution is to seek support from an experienced designer-decorator. The professional organizes everything in a high-quality and tailored to the requirements of the customer.

Design and design of the hallway in the apartment( interior photo)