Built-in wardrobe in the hallway: photo in the corridor, door design for, small ideas, drawing and furniture options in the niche

Make the entrance hall practical and comfortable with the help of a beautiful wardrobe Make hallway practical and comfortable can use the beautiful wardrobe It used when no such thing as a closet almost never was, had time to think, as if this so-arrange the furniture so as not to make a small hallway closePantry. Built-in furniture was a rarity, mostly purchased headset( wall), not always meet the requirements of the owner of the apartment. But the built-in wardrobes became just a revolution in the arrangement of the hallways.

    • What is the built-in hallway
    • make repairs: built-in wardrobe in the corridor
    • Modern doors for cupboard in the hallway
    • Interesting design built-in wardrobe in the hall
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    • Make a built-in wardrobe in the hall( video)
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What is the built-in hallway

in an apartment or in a private home can be pror similar complex corridors with a niche or something like that - these projects is not uncommon for local planning. In some apartments, in a long narrow hallway, a cabinet with a specific internal filling is immediately built in. And the owners are not always satisfied with the specifics of this planning.

Selecting the built-in closet, you should consider the interior of the hallway Selecting built-in wardrobe, you should consider an interior hallway

Simply make a new wardrobe, and thus to alter the image of the hallway. The options are not limited only to the closet, but better than this idea today, perhaps, did not come up. Built-in can be a cabinet and with swinging doors, but in the same Khrushchev it is not very convenient.

Therefore, it's more logical to make your own drawing, viewing different schemes, and inexpensively order the closet you need. This will be a built-in closet, which is difficult to dismantle later. If you plan to move the next few years, think about the fact that the closet will most likely remain in this apartment.

We make repairs: built-in wardrobe in the corridor

The advantages of such furniture are definitely greater. The most important thing is that custom furniture is perfectly integrated into the layout of your corridor. It's no secret that there are hallways and corridors, which are some continuation of the kitchen. With a free entrance hall and a small kitchen, the same refrigerator can stand in the hallway. And then there is not much room for basic furniture.

The advantage of the closet is that it allows you to store a large number of things in the hallway advantage wardrobe is that it allows you to store a lot of things in the hallway

advantages of embedded cabinets:

  • Since they are made to order, then closed it any niche and any angle, In which it is difficult to find shop furniture.
  • closet concept conceived specifically for your needs - what will be the mezzanine, how many shelves the same species, as - other. In fact, in your hallway will be a convenient and compact storage room, hidden behind a beautiful facade.
  • If you correctly locate such a cabinet, then some defects of the room, possibly, communication systems, will be closed.

Rationally used every meter space, how many "door" will be the closet, you also decide for yourself. Determined by you and the length and depth of the cabinet, and the facade. The design of the cabinet can be anything - sometimes it is entirely a mirror. You can see the samples, or create something of your own.

Modern doors for cupboard in the hallway

considered most practical sliding doors. The mechanism of their movement is such that they do not steal space of useful space. Doors in the style of "rasposh" are also not bad, but if the hallway is narrow, it can be extremely inconvenient to open / close them several times a day.

Visually enlarge the small entrance hall in the apartment is possible using a stylish closet with mirrored doors visually enlarge a small hallway in the apartment can use the stylish wardrobe with mirrored doors

Most popular are mirrored doors. This is not necessarily a continuous smooth mirror surfaces can be textured with a variety of decorative inserts. Why mirror doors are popular?It's simple - the hallways are usually not the most spacious, and to visually enlarge them, we need a mirror.

There are doors combining several textures and materials at once, thereby achieving a sense of visual changes in the room.

Popular and vinyl doors, the main advantage of which is light weight. This ensures easy sliding of the panels during the opening. To make the design look stylish, you need to choose a beautiful frame from aluminum tracks and frames.

Interesting design of the built-in closet in the hall

And here a huge number of options in which you can simply get lost. These can be cabinets with facades with photo printing, or a combination of wooden textures, or a radiant cabinet with interesting mirror inserts. Today there is no clear requirement - for example, a wardrobe only in pastel colors. Green, red, lemon - all this can be seen in the hallway.

Make the entrance hall interesting and original will help a beautiful wardrobe with creative prints on the doors Make hallway interesting and original to help a beautiful wardrobe with creative prints on the doors

Types of built-in cabinets:

  • Square;
  • Radius;
  • Corner.

First of all, be determined with the cabinet model, and only then decide which materials it will be made of. If there are two or more types of wood in one cabinet, contrast combinations should be chosen. For example, a light-golden variety is combined with a dark-red one. And bleached varieties are combined with dark varieties.

Cozy built halls: photo, design

Doing cabinet to order, you consider its content "under him."Somewhere, hangers and hooks for outer clothing should not hide behind the door, and then it's just the back, the open part of the cabinet. Or the shoe in your closet should be multi-storey, you draw it yourself, and the master executes it.

In order for the closet in the hallway to be functional and practical, you should think in advance not only its design, but also the filling To closet in the hallway was functional and practical, are kindly requested to consider not only its design, but also filling

There are cabinets with drawers and drawers equipped with a special sensor for easy opening. Inside the cabinet can be an LED lamp. Finally, the most interesting options can be associated with the front of the cabinet.

most popular, combined facades are divided into several groups:

  • Classic;
  • Diagonal;
  • Geometric;
  • Wave;
  • Sectoral.

Geometric facades order space, wave - make some ease and smoothness in the environment of the hallway. Sometimes the owners prefer the cabinets, where the photo is printed on the door. It can be images of flowers, ornaments, urbanistic drawings. Sometimes there is depicted something related to the way of life of the traveler. Order at least Australia, even London on the facade, modern masters will do everything.

Make a built-in wardrobe in the hall( video)

own hands to make a quality built-in wardrobe is very difficult, and why do it when there are so many interesting, modern, budget options cabinets. The choice is huge, and you can always make your own adjustments.

Good choice!

Design built-in wardrobe in the hall( the photo in the interior)