Hanger in the hallway with their own hands: photo how to make, original for clothes, how to hang and at what height

To make a hanger in the hallway with your own hands is easiest from boards or metal rods Make a hanger in the hallway with his hands the easiest way of boards or metal rods We come home and take off garments. So she does not lie, we hang it on the hanger. So clothes do not bother us, do not create confusion in the apartment. You can always find a jacket or coat quickly by looking to where all the clothes hang. If you have a small hallway room and nowhere to put a wardrobe, then the hanger will solve all the problems. This attribute can be of different sizes. Therefore, you can pick up a hanger, despite the dimensions of the hallway. Their design is diverse, but you have the opportunity to make a hanger on your own sketch.

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clothes hanger in the hallway with his hands

hanger necessary thing, if to you often ComGuests. Her guests can hang their things on it, going into your corridor. Hangers are usually located near the front door, so as not to walk in the shoes all over the hallway. Now their diversity is great. Find a suitable hanger that fits into the interior easily. You can make it yourself with an individual design.

To hanger fulfill its function, it must be:

  • convenient;
  • Light;
  • Reliable.

You decided to make your own coat hanger. Then you need to know in advance what it should be. You need to remember what the walls of the hall are made of.

If the walls are made of plasterboard, it is worth considering the floor hanger. Then it will not have to be mounted on the walls. Mount the hanger on the walls of plasterboard is difficult.

Installation on such walls implies the use of special equipment, tools and dowels. Such a wall can not withstand the load from a lot of things, then the hanger will fall.

The hanger needs to be equipped with so many hooks, which would be enough to accommodate things of all family members Hanger need to equip as many hooks, which would be enough to accommodate all the members of the family of things

Floor models have several hooks. If you evenly hang things on it, it will not fall. This attribute is lightweight and can be moved to a new location if necessary.

You can make a hanger yourself using simple materials: wood, fiberboard or chipboard. Then beautifully arrange it - paint or apply a suitable pattern / ornament.

The most common material for making hangers is wood. From it it is easy to make a certain shape.

Birch is not the best material for making hangers. Wood has a fragile structure, so screwing fasteners, there is a great chance to damage the finished product.

Materials that you will need, there are almost everyone in the house. A set of tools and materials for: jig saw, hacksaw, sandpaper, hook, screwdriver, plank.

Take the boards of the correct size. Processing wood: grind it. Then go over the entire surface of the sandpaper to make it perfectly smooth.

Decorating to your taste. You can cover the board with varnish or paint. Fasten the hooks on the board with a screwdriver.

There are two types of mounting for fastening the finished product to the wall:

First: You can attach the hanger to the wall by drilling through it.

Second: from the back side of the hangers make loops, and then hang on the nails.

The hanger is ready and can be used for its intended purpose.

We make original hangers in the hall with our own hands

The hallway is the first room in the apartment. Therefore, the guests pay special attention to it. You can add an original hanger to the corridor interior and make it yourself. This will attract the attention of people who decided to come to visit you. And you will place all their things on the original hanger: clothes, umbrellas, bags and various accessories. Transform your anteroom and make it beautiful - easily, quickly and inexpensively.

To make a hanger in the hallway, you can use old metal tubes, but before that they need to be painted You can use old metal tubes to make a hanger in the hallway, but before that you need to paint them

Any person in the house will have unnecessary things that can be used to make a hanger. Boards, skis, boxes, old furniture - all this can be used as a basis for the original hanger.

You should attach the hooks to the skis, fasten the whole structure to the wall - the hanger is ready for use.

Clothes hanger can be:

  • Standing;
  • Wall mounted;
  • Consisting of separate hooks.

For the classical design of the hallway room, a wooden or metal coat rack of reserved( natural) colors is suitable.

The original solution is a hanger consisting of separate hooks. They hang on the wall itself. Hooks can have an interesting shape, color and design. For example, in the form of raindrops, located in a chaotic order. Attach the hooks yourself, without using additional tools.

With the help of which the hangers and hooks are fastened

Hangers and hooks have several types of fastening to the wall. You can attach them to the wall without using special equipment or by applying it. For metal hangers, metal hooks are suitable. They are screwed with additional fastening - screws.

To attach the hanger and hooks, you can use screws or glue For fastening the hanger and hooks, you can use screws or glue

Hooks for the hanger can have the following fastening type:

  • Suckers;
  • Special adhesive strip;
  • Magnets.

All three types of fastening, which are endowed with hooks, do not require much effort and time for installation.

It is worth remembering that these types of fastening can not withstand the large weight of clothing( fur coats, down jackets).Such hooks are used to hang hats.

How to choose the hanger for the hallway

Before buying or making clothes hangers, you should remember about many nuances. It is necessary to take into account the free space and design of the hallway of the room, where to put the hanger or at what height to hang it.

If the room is made in country style, then it will suit a hanger, made in the form of a tree If the room is made in country style, then it is suitable for a hanger made in the form of a wood

Tips for choosing a hanger:

  • It should be in harmony with the design of the room;
  • For floor lovers suitable floor suit models;
  • For the classic style, wall models are suitable;

The floor hanger has a light weight. It can be quickly moved or removed. Many choose for this hallway this type of hangers.

How to make a hanger in the hallway with your own hands( video)

Each apartment should have a hanger in the hallway. It is a practical attribute in the interior. It takes up less space than cabinets. Can accommodate a large number of clothes. Every thing hangs on a certain hook, and you spend less time searching for it. All you need to take with you on the street - a bag, umbrella, hat, scarf and coat can be in one particular place near the front door. Therefore, it is worth considering the purchase or manufacture of such a wonderful device for your hallway room.

Design hangers in the hallway with his hands( photo example)