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A small sofa is able to give the hallway comfort and make it more beautiful small sofa is able to give comfort hall and make it more beautiful Hallway room often try to arrange a special taste, because it is a place that guests see as soon go into the apartment. Corridor, furnished with taste - a visiting card of the owners of the house. The main accent in the interior, of course, is the cabinet, where you can hide a lot of things. But soft sofas and padded stools complement the general image of the hallway, make it more attractive and create a cozy atmosphere.

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Do I need a sofa in the apartment in the hallway

Very often owners question whether to buy a sofa in the hallway is necessary, because it will CatchingA lot of space. In fact, a small sofa will look very appropriate if you competently approach its choice.

The sofa in the hallway has two functions - practical and aesthetic. From a practical point of view, the sofa helps to make your life more comfortable, you can put a heavy bag from the supermarket or sit down, shoeing uncomfortable boots.

The sofa is an excellent piece of furniture, on which you can sit down to rest or put things Sofa is a great piece of furniture on which to sit to relax or put things

in school corridors Often we've seen soft seats without backrests and armrests. They were sitting first-graders' parents, waiting for their child from school. Modern furniture manufacture has stepped far ahead. Now such soft seats can serve as a kind of sofa for the hallway. These are so-called banquettes, they are very similar to a bed. Bancettes are relatively small and fit well in small corridors. It can be decorated with beautiful decorative pillows or soft toys. If the banquet is placed next to the pedestal on which the phone stands, this place will definitely appeal to lovers of long conversations.

Bancettes can also be used for the kitchen, replacing the kitchenette and saving space.

Small sofas in the hallway: tips for choosing

For a small hallway, it is quite problematic to choose a sofa that would fit perfectly into the interior and not clutter up the space.

Criteria for choosing a sofa in the hallway:

  1. When buying, pay attention to the proven furniture factories that manufacture furniture for a long time;
  2. It is important that the chosen sofa is in the same style with the design of the hallway;
  3. The sofa should with a good, high-quality upholstery, can be leather, it is easier to wash, and it has a rather attractive appearance;
  4. Choose a sofa with low armrests or without them at all. Particularly practical role they will not play, but visually the sofa will look more neat.
  5. When choosing a sofa, consider their varieties - they can be straight, angled, frameless and without armrests. Each of them will bring a note of individuality to your hallway.
  6. Pay attention to the price. Inexpensive - does not mean bad quality, maybe it's the model of the old series and if you do not chase furniture novelties, you can successfully purchase a good sofa at an affordable price.

If the hallway has a wardrobe or other furniture, then the sofa should be organically combined with them in color and style If the hallway there is a wardrobe or other furniture, the sofa should be organically combined with them by color and style

Also, when choosing a sofa in the hall to consider the shape of the room.

If in your apartment the corridor is rectangular, the sofa should be as narrow as possible so as not to obstruct the passage. In the presence of free space, you can buy a corner sofa that fits into the interior and will look harmonious with the rest of the furniture.

The square corridor can accommodate both a classic sofa with a backrest and armrests, and padded stools with bedside tables.

If your corridor is of a non-standard form and instead of the opening of the arch, which opens into the living room, it is better to purchase a compact semi-circular sofa.

Any of the sofas can be decorated with beautiful pillows or knitted rugs.

Multifunction mini sofas hallway

Even if the corridor is very small, but really want to have a sofa, you can try to find a way out. Very nice look small sofas "Cascade" with attached on one side cabinet with a hidden box. Such a sofa will not only be convenient, but also functional - in boxes you can store keys and various trifles. Inside the sofa can be a box, where it is convenient to fold small shoes - slippers, sandals and shoes. A small sofa is placed, as a rule, next to the door. Choosing a mini-sofa, you should give preference to the upholstery, which can be wetted. When choosing the color you need to focus on the general interior of the corridor, but it is not recommended to buy a sofa with white upholstery because of its impracticality. If your hallway a little light, it is possible to buy a sofa cream or light green color, as long as upholstery shade in harmony with the rest of the wallpaper and furniture.

On the mini-sofa you can not only sit, but also put household items in special holes, if any on mini couch can not only sit, but also to put everyday objects into the holes, if any

Elegant and original sofa "Optimus" in a contemporary style and emphasize the individuality of your hallway.

A narrow forged sofa looks rather unusual. Sofa, complete with twisted shoe racks, wrought iron coat rack and stand under the beautiful flowers, will make the corridor a very original and beautiful.

If you really want to collect a set of forged items, but finances do not allow to buy all the furniture at once, you can search old hangers at flea markets in your city, or read a newspaper column "give free of charge or for a nominal fee."Many people, not understanding all the beauties of antiques, try to get rid of the boring stuff. Among the junk you can often find insanely beautiful and high-quality pieces of furniture that need a small restoration. After repair, old things will find a new life and bring something unusual to the interior of your hallway.

chair-bed hallway: a complete replacement of the sofa

Choosing the right furniture hallway combines practicality and beauty, decorate the interior of the room and makes the room a homey.

If necessary, a chair-bed can be full-fledged furniture for overnight stay If necessary, a chair-bed can be a high-grade furniture to sleep

Having a small square hall, a chair-bed in your case may be the perfect choice. If necessary, the armchair is laid out and a full bed for one person is obtained. Based on the placement can put the rest of the furniture, chair-bed near the entrance to the living room, if necessary, folding chairs, it was the site for passage.

If the place in the corridor does not allow you to put a sofa or an armchair, do not despair. Near the mirror you can place a small soft ottoman. It does not take much space, if desired, it can easily be transported to another room or to a loggia. When choosing a puff, risk taking a bright coloring, it will become an accent in the hallway and make it more alive.

Do not forget that all furniture should be combined with each other and not clutter free space.

How to choose a sofa in the hall( video)

Modern furniture stores are a wide number of sofas, couches and banquettes hallway, but if you find it difficult to decide, or you want something special, you can make the personal order. Master in a special program will model of the future of the sofa with all the necessary things - hidden drawer pedestals, back or arm rests. Then it will be possible to say with certainty that this model is unique in its kind.

Design sofas in the entrance hall( photo examples)

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