Corner halls: catalog and photo, module shelf in the corridor, unusual novelties in design, table, L-shaped

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The corner hallway does not take up much space in the corridor, and looks very elegant The corner entrance does not take up much space in the corridor, and looks very elegant It's important for any apartment owner that his corridor looks stylish, interesting, fashionable. Of course, if it is spacious enough, you can implement unusual designs, and if the corridor does not differ in size, as it often happens in new buildings, one can not do with one's imagination, you need a sound mind, a competent approach, a refined taste.

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Unusual angular hallways: photoAnd novelties

It is important to think about furniture, buy furniture, which will fit clothes, shoes, accessories, not only family members, but also guests of the house. After all, you can not always store things on the bed or chair. This is not aesthetically pleasing and even unpleasant.

But you want the corridor to be:

  • Large mirror;
  • Cabinet;
  • Shelf;
  • Cabinet for shoes;Chair or ottoman.

It turns out that most often in modern corridors, if you arrange all the necessary pieces of furniture simply nowhere, it will unfold!

But you should not get upset if you approach the purchase of furniture responsibly, you will create an original, functional and practical design.

To save space in the corridor, you can think of a spacious corner entrance hall. In addition, it is an excellent alternative to the use of unclosed hangers. Since often they create an atmosphere of untidiness and a sense of litter. Today you can find beautiful corner cabinets, the depth of which is not more than 45 cm.

Before choosing a corner hallway, consider what components in it should be Before choosing a corner hallway, think about what components it should be

This is enough to accommodate:

  • Hangers for jackets, coats, raincoats;
  • Shelves for hats;
  • Table for accessories;
  • Shoe compartment.

In addition, the cabinet angle - a rational solution that allows you to use the entire useful area in the corridor in the apartment. The market offers a huge selection of ready-made sets of hallways in the corner, which includes all the necessary elements. Naturally, the client himself can assemble the set, including only the furniture that is required.

Designers recommend, in addition to the furnishings described above, to install a chest of drawers.

But the book is an ideal solution for preserving all kinds of little things. As for the material of the vestibules, the choice is also huge. The choice depends on the possibilities and taste preferences. You can choose expensive material, natural array. And you can save by buying, for example, furniture from laminated MDF or chipboard.

Often these materials are also covered with veneer from natural wood. This gives visually a sense of furniture made of natural wood, oak, wenge, maple, etc. If the family wants furniture from a good manufacturer to last for many years, it is better not to save.

The abundance of colors will enable you to choose the right tone of furniture.

It is important to choose furniture that will look harmonious in color and texture with the overall interior of the corridor. But the style direction should be combined with a general design in an apartment with a L-shaped hallway.

Corner entrance with sliding door wardrobe

In our time in the trend placement in the hallway of the closet. And even the angular variations of this novelty are realized on the market. The advantages of the closet are many. Firstly, it's a roomy design. If you buy a wardrobe, do not need to think about how to arrange additional shelves and hangers. After all, all clothes and shoes fit on the shelves inside the cabinet. In the event that you want to visually expand the space, the facade of the cabinet can be made mirror. Thanks to this, you do not need to hang a separate mirror.

Another advantage of a spacious closet, doors, they are sliding, do not take up space when opening.

The alternative to the closet is the radius functional furniture, which is located in the corner and occupies a minimum of space. If you decide to buy a corner entrance hall to order, you should pay attention to a number of points.

The corner entrance hall with a wardrobe will conveniently accommodate and securely store your belongings The corner entrance with sliding door wardrobe allows you to conveniently store and secure your belongings

It's good when on the side wall of such a cabinet will be placed:

  • Compartments for umbrellas;
  • Rounded shelves;
  • Departments for necessary accessories.

If the family is rich in children, you should pay attention to the fact that inside the closet there are hooks on different levels. The distance from the floor surface should be approximately 110 cm. Cabinets in the corner are right and left.

Modular corner entrance

Modular furniture is in demand, with the help of it you can beat any interior design project. This is furniture for the corridors, consisting of separate modules. Its feature is that the modules can be used, both in full configuration, and separately( any catalog is diverse).Such anterooms for narrow corridors are a rational solution, becauseAll items are mobile. In addition, they are universal and ergonomic, unlike other types of furniture.

Images of corner models of the modular hallway perfectly show their:

  • Relevance;
  • Aesthetics;
  • Functionality.

Modular corner entrance hall - an excellent option for the corridor Modular corner entrance - perfect for the corridor

Modules look great in the interior of a traditional city apartment. Modular kits for the corridor are very much in demand due to their mobility.

Usually, there is very little space in the apartments, and especially in the hallways. It is important to place all things competently and compactly. This is where the complete sets of modules will come in handy.

Entrance deck: corner model

The original and stylish piece of interior for the corridor is a shelf. Externally, open a bookcase placed in the corner of the hallway, is a few shelves, which connects the rack.

The hallway for the hallway can be made of different materials The hallway for the hallway can be made of different material

Produce them from various materials:

  • Metal;
  • Tree;
  • MDF.

For a corridor, a shelf in a corner can be a component part of a furniture set in the form of a structure of connected eccentric shelves, or be located separately.

A peculiar column in a corner can differ in size and design, but it always organically fits into a small corridor.

Choosing a corner table in the hall

Console table in the corridor is a great idea. The table is not a mandatory piece of interior in the corridor. But it can nicely complement the interior, and also be used as a surface for storage of various necessary trifles or arrangement of decorative objects.

The corner table in the hallway will not only decorate the room, but will also allow storing the necessary things on it Corner table in the hallway will not only decorate the room, but also allow you to store the necessary things on it

The tables in the corridor can be:

  • Wall;
  • Toiletries;
  • Telephone.

You must select the console carefully. It is important to take into account the purpose and location of the installation. You can select a wall, an ordinary and a corner table in the corridor.

We should not forget about the design, it must correspond to the general style of the room. Usually it is installed under a mirror, but if there is not enough space in the hallway, it is better to refuse this idea.

Modern hall with beveled corner

A beveled corner cabinet is called a cabinet with 1 or 2 side sections with a beveled facade. In the corridor the sloping facade is located to the door frame. In narrow vestibules, such a variant of furniture makes it possible to release the passage, at the same time, making the most efficient use of the area of ​​the room.

Can be supplemented:

  • Cabinet;
  • Hanger;
  • mezzanine.

The entrance hall with a beveled facade looks interesting, and is great for narrow corridors An entrance hall with a bevelled facade looks interesting, and is excellent for narrow corridors

A beveled wardrobe is a great idea for a modern apartment. In this design, you can place a large number of things, shoes, accessories.

Shoe racks in the corridor

Modern designer fashion requires the organization of the interior functionality, ergonomics and practicality. It is necessary to remove all unnecessary, to approach the question wisely. If a "mountain" of shoes is observed in the corridor on the floor, it can be eliminated by installing a convenient rack.

A pencil case, although it takes up space at the wall, but will make the atmosphere cozier and more harmonious. Having arranged in the corridor a shelf for shoes, you can place all the seasonal shoes there. The fact is that on the floor there will no longer be a dump of shoes, everything will be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

Rack-transformers in the hallway - this is the only geometric figure, in the form of a rectangle, so that the entire interior looks neat and orderly. If you draw an analogy with the bookcase, where the shoes are located on inclined shelves, the interior will be more functional.

In the trend of the use of shelving and shoe shelves, so do not be afraid to arrange them in the corridor of your apartment. Bending to hide or take shoes, shoes, boots, will have much less, and if you put the shoes on the shelves for the season, it is possible and generally avoid exercise, the necessary shoes will be at an affordable height. However, the hallway can be made in a horizontal shape, then the furniture will also be functional.

For convenient storage of shoes you should use a rack For convenient storage of shoes, you should use the

rack. It can accommodate:

  • Bags;
  • Keys;
  • Umbrellas;
  • Telephone.

And if there is a desire, you can arrange a seat in order to be more comfortable to wear. Such a practical object as the rack looks nothing worse than a vertical structure. Corner shelves for corridors are indispensable for small rooms.

There are a large number of options for such furniture, which combines closed compartments with open shelves, combining vertical and horizontal elements in one design.

Approaching the design of the hallway with a mind and listening to the advice and recommendations of designers, decorators, you can get an ergonomic, fashionable, creative and cozy room that will delight the family and guests of the house for many, many years.

Beautiful furniture: angular hallways( video)

Experts recommend that if you can not organize the arrangement of furniture yourself, it is better to contact professionals who will make up an individual design project.

Details: catalog angular hallways( photo examples)

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