Stylish hallways: photos and design for small, minimalism for the corridor, English interior, oriental style

The modern hallway is a beautiful and functional space, sustained in a certain design style Modern entrance hall - a beautiful and functional space, aged in certain design style Each room in the house or apartment has its own functional load. It is from its destination that the design of the room depends. Today, designers are paying more attention to areas that seemingly do not deserve such close attention. Stylish hallways today are not uncommon. This can not but rejoice. Since this is the first room that a person gets into. It is very important that its space is organized correctly. You should choose a stylish, but practical finish, high-quality and ergonomic furniture.

    • variety of styles for small hallways
    • Styles hall: general design rules
    • Hallways in the style of minimalism
    • Cozy hall in the English style: photo and design
    • Luxury interior: entrance hall in oriental style
    • Modern stylish lobby( video)
    • Design stylish hallways( interior photos)

variety of styles for small hallways

premises with a small area is required to defineCSO approach to design. It is not easy to decorate an entrance hall. Often it is too small.

To place the interior items in a small hallway is rather difficult if you do not create a design project in advance.

It is preliminary preparation for finishing and equipping the room will visually present the future space. It should be harmonious and simple. The most important thing is to choose the right style and follow its basic concepts.

The hallway can be executed both in classical or vintage style, and in the style of modern minimalism Hallway can be implemented as either a classic or vintage style and in the style of modern minimalism

corridor decorated in different styles:

  • Italian;
  • Greek or marine;
  • Shebbi-chic;
  • Baroque;
  • French;
  • European;
  • Chinese;
  • Mediterranean;
  • Moroccan;
  • Vintage;
  • Retro.

Each of the styles has its own characteristics and characteristics. This is important to consider, since the design basis is based on following certain rules. It is important to properly organize the space, choose a combination of finishes, furniture and decor items.

Styles hall: general design rules

The basis of design hallway with a small area is easy. Do not underestimate the style of minimalism, which offers the use of only those interior items that are needed in daily use. Designers advise not to overload and so small space.

Style in the hallway will help define special programs that allow you to virtually equip the room.

With the arrangement of a small space on the account every centimeter. It is important to be able to properly arrange furniture. But first you should carefully select it. Some rules in design are suitable for application in any style.

As a rule, the standard hallway does not differ in size, so the correct arrangement of furniture is very important As a rule, not a standard hall is large, so the proper placement of furniture is very important

General design rules:

  • Give preference to modular systems;
  • Install the sliding door wardrobe;
  • Combine the cabinet and the wall;
  • Selection of corner furniture;
  • Use of mezzanines.

When choosing furniture, it is important to consider how many things will be stored in the hallway. In many respects it depends on the number of people who live in an apartment or house. It is also very important to choose the right materials to visually expand the space.

Hallways in the style of minimalism

When designing the apartment's hallway is almost always given to a small room. At the same time, the load is quite large: it presents an apartment, serves for storing outerwear and footwear. It is especially difficult to decorate the entrance hall with a small area.

Modern designers advise to decorate the hallways in the style of minimalism, which allows you to harmonize the space by getting rid of unnecessary things.

The design of the hallway in a minimalist style assumes the right choice of materials for decoration, furniture, and installing the right lighting. Minimalism requires the choice of simple materials that do not overload the space. With the help of some design tricks come I can visually increase.

Minimalist style is the best for a small hallway minimalist style is the best fit for a small hallway

Tips on choosing materials and furniture:

  • Finish. It's a great idea to use wallpapers of light colors or decorative plaster. The use of relief stones and panels can have the effect of reducing space. For wall decoration, it is best to use bright paint. The ceiling is best covered with tension structures. Use of gloss will create the effect of high ceilings. The floor can be covered with a laminate or ceramic tiles.
  • Furniture. You can insert a wardrobe to save space in the wall. A mirror on the door of the cabinet will help visually increase the space. The cabinet should be as large as possible. To accommodate all the things that can clutter up the hallway.
  • Lighting. The best solution is to use a sufficient number of wall and spotlights. The hallway should be bright and cozy.

Doors in the hallway - not a very good option. Designers are advised to make gypsum plaster beams. When choosing materials and items, it is important to remember that the interior should be harmonious.

Cozy hall in the English style: photo and design

hall design must assume comfort and beautiful appearance. English style allows the hallway to look luxurious and stylish. In this style, you can design both large and small space.

Style assumes succinctness. Each design element should look expensive and tasteful.

In order for the hall to be fully executed in the English style, every material and furniture should be carefully selected. The color of the surface finish is very important. It is best to choose harmonious, calm shades.

The main attributes of the English style are tradition and laconicism main attributes of the English style - tradition and conciseness

Designed in the English style:

  • Finish. The wallpaper should be discreet, but can be decorated with wavy lines, plant patterns or a wide strip.
  • Lighting. The best way to install a lamp in the English style. To maintain the style you can install a sconce.
  • Furniture. Must be made of natural materials. The price of such furniture is quite high. If the area of ​​the hallway allows, it can be decorated luxuriously with a banquet in the English style.

Following the English style involves the installation of columns, arches and niches. The living room as a whole should be light and visually spacious. It will not be cheap to equip such a hall.

Luxury interior: entrance to

oriental style hall East African or Japanese style will always look luxurious. Cozy and stylish. Its arrangement involves the use of a minimum of furniture. It should be practical.

Furniture is roomy and functional, but it is decorated with beautiful patterns and large mirrors.

design can be done in light and dark colors. However, the dark background suggests a rather serious approach to the design, not to make too gloomy hallway. But the color of furniture can be traditionally black.

For the hallway in the oriental style are characterized by such features as a minimum of furniture and luxurious wall decoration hallway in the Oriental style is characterized by such features as a minimum of furniture and luxurious finishes walls

features Oriental-style design:

  • Low furniture;
  • Light walls;
  • romantic lighting;
  • Themed decor items.

You can decorate an entrance hall in oriental style after viewing special photos and videos. This will help visually imagine the future space. It is important that all types of finishes and furniture are harmoniously combined.

Modern stylish hallways( video)

The design of the hallway can be performed in different styles. Each of them has its own characteristics and characteristics. For example, American style implies simplicity and conciseness, minimal use of furniture. Everything should be practical and functional. For the design of such a corridor, imported materials and furniture are needed. The main rule in decorating the living room in any style is a harmonious combination of all kinds of finishes, furniture and decor items.

Design stylish hallways( interior photos)