Wardrobe rooms design projects photo: with their own hands 3 sq. M.M, how to make a closet, a house with a washing and boiler room

The dressing room is a convenient and practical place for storing clothes in the apartment The dressing room is a convenient and practical place for storing clothes in the apartment Modern apartments sometimes allow you to place full dressing rooms, where you can conveniently put clothes, shoes, and other things. There are many projects of apartments and houses, on the basis of which you can choose, before the construction of a dressing room, the most suitable option.

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Dressing rooms: design projects, photo in the interior

The interior of the dressing room should correspond to the general style of the apartment or house or other premises, and also meet the needs so that they can put clothes, shoes, Any things and other accessories. In order to choose the most optimal option, you should first see examples of works, design projects, all information, including those with exact dimensions that can be found without any problems, and pick up some of the most optimal options.

You should familiarize yourself in advance with the types of dressing rooms and choose the one suitable for you You should familiarize yourself with the types of dressing rooms in advance and choose the one that suits you

  • A selection of the color of the dressing room and style for the overall design and color of the whole room;
  • Wardrobe closets should be functional, but at the same time occupy a small space, it is desirable that the dressing room is located close to the entrance to the room;
  • If the dressing room was not planned at all, then it can be made from a pantry, and if there is not a pantry, it is worth considering the possibility of arranging a dressing room in the room part.

If the premise is only constructed, and still the decoration is not performed, then you can make your own clothes using your own solutions, and the design will be unique. But, if the room is already finished, and a good repair is made, then in this case, it is best to turn to a good designer so that he designs a wardrobe in a particular room, based on his area, people's needs, and also from the general style.

When a design is considered or several of its options, you can choose one of the most liked, and based on it already build a dressing room.

You can, of course, do everything with your own hands, buying the relevant materials, but if a person has no experience in constructing any designs, it is better to contact professionals who will quickly and efficiently do what is necessary.

The device of the dressing room: design and photo

Unfortunately, not always people live in large apartments or houses, and the area of ​​the premises does not allow to arrange a full dressing room, in this case you can try to make a wardrobe.

Wardrobe-cabinet will be a good solution for a small room The closet cabinet will be a good solution for a small room

To do this, you must perform calculations beforehand, and take into account many nuances when planning such a design:

  1. It is necessary to choose a place in the room in whichA cabinet is installed, it can be a corner of a room or a niche, and the cabinet can be ordered according to a special design, and it is possible to make it yourself from different materials.
  2. Storage systems, drawers, hangers, shelving should be developed, it is also necessary to make a highlight, and provide a place for the mirror.
  3. In some cases, instead of a full dressing room, you can install only hangers, shelves and storage systems that can be covered with sliding doors or a screen.

If the place is catastrophically small, then it is possible to consider such an option as a wardrobe-pencil case, in fact, it is a rectangular case in which the storage system consisting of shelves, cabinet and hanger is pushed and pushed. This design is pushed and pivoted on the rollers, and in order for the sliding part not to bend laterally, to the left and to the right, rollers are installed from the sliding part, which do not allow the sliding part to move. Of course, this design will not allow you to accommodate many things, but for a small room it will be optimal.

Choosing projects for the cloak room: photos and ideas

Now it is not possible to find many examples of cloakroom rooms, as well as drawings and their descriptions, as well as a variety of schemes, thanks to which you can choose the best option for equipping the dressing room. If a person does not like anything, then on the basis of the information found, you can try, something to come up with, for the most optimal placement of the dressing room in the room. If you can not choose any project based on the information found, or if you have difficulties with planning a wardrobe room, you should contact professional designers and builders.

With the arrangement of the dressing room in the apartment will help professionals of furniture and construction With the arrangement of the dressing room in the apartment will help the professionals of furniture and construction


  1. Based on preferences, the professional designer designs the most optimal variant of the dressing room.
  2. Due to the small size of the premises, it is not always possible to realize the variant you like, and in this case professional builders and furniture makers can be called to the rescue.

If a person knows how to work with a tool, he can develop the most suitable wardrobe project himself, and start building it independently. You can also find information about the various materials that are used to make small dressing rooms, as well as how to properly mount and install all the details, and then make the finishing of the room, install shelves, hangers and other equipment, carry out lighting.

We plan cloakrooms: design projects with our own hands

Despite the abundance of various designs of dressing rooms, it is not always possible to choose what you want, and in this case you have to do the design of the dressing room yourself.

Auxiliary tool for independent design of the dressing room are special designers The

    For those who are well versed in computers, it will not be difficult to master the necessary programs, With which you can simulate any furniture, room, including, in 3D format. You can simulate the room in which you plan to install a dressing room, and see in the program how everything will look.
  1. Those who do not know much about computers can, by hand, on the basis of numerous examples of cloakrooms, schemes and drawings, draw what they want, that is, independently design a wardrobe room.
  2. If you make a schematic drawing of the room, overlaying both patterns on top of each other, you can determine the most optimal location for the dressing room.

Such an independent project will take into account many factors, such as the size of the room, the area, the height, the size of the dressing room itself, etc. Also, an independently developed project will take into account already those things, clothes that a person already has, it can beAny fixed storage systems, or any mobile modular systems that can be quickly rebuilt.

In addition, the independently developed project of the dressing room will be most harmoniously integrated into the interior of the whole room.

Features of dressing rooms in a private house

Those people who live in a private home have much more opportunities to arrange a dressing room, even if it was not originally planned. To accommodate it, you can use the auxiliary premises of the house, the attic, the basement, the boiler room or the laundry, if the house is built on several families with one common basement, of course, provided that other tenants will agree to give part of the boiler room or laundry for the organization of the dressing room.

If the dimensions of these rooms allow, then you can make a large enough dressing room. If not, you can make a compact dressing room, but it is worthwhile to build it so that it is possible to expand its dimensions, if necessary.

The owner of individual private houses is given more opportunities for the equipment of the dressing room The owner of individual private houses is provided with more options for equipping the wardrobe

If the house is one-storey, then the most optimal location for the dressing room will be the basement, in order to design a small dressing room, you need to take into account certain parameters.


  1. The dimensions of the basement itself, the convenience of approach to the dressing room, as well as all the communications laid in it.
  2. The possibility of quick adjustment, if necessary, expand or, conversely, reduce the size of the dressing room, as well as 2 exits, for example, from the side of the living quarters and from the side of the street basement.
  3. The dressing room should be insulated from moisture, as things will deteriorate from humidity.

It is best to arrange the waterproofing of the cloakroom in the basement of a single-storey house to turn to specialists who have extensive experience in arranging such structures.

Features of cloakrooms, arranged in the premises

When designing the dressing rooms, one should think over the ergonomics of the whole room - it should be convenient and practical. Planning should be so that it is possible to place almost all the clothes and shoes that are available, as well as leave a supply for new things.

In the dressing room it is desirable to provide for additional space for new things In the dressing room, it is advisable to provide for additional space for new things to be placed.

In addition, there are a number of additional features when designing a dressing room:

  1. Sufficient lighting, as many dressing rooms do not have natural light sources. It is necessary to think over the lighting, it is better to put several lamps, evenly illuminating the entire area.
  2. Ventilation - so that there is no musty smell, and also, that things do not spoil from moisture, you should think over the ventilation system.

Video of cloak room in classical style ( video)

In addition, you should think over the placement of clothes, shoes and other things, dresses, blouses, jackets, as well as outerwear that should be hung on horizontal bars, the sameTouches the trousers. Small things: T-shirts, underwear is placed in boxes at an average level. Shoes, bags and other things are placed on open lower shelves. In closed shelves, usually resolved at the top of the dressing room, have hats, scarves, etc.

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