Partition corridor room: how to divide between the kitchen, public photos, zoning and design with decor

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Separate the space between the room and the corridor can be a stylish partition You can demarcate the space between the room and the corridor with a stylish partition In addition to the bearing walls in the apartments, interroom partitions are increasingly being built, they perform a variety of functions. The partition can be made of different materials and serves as an element of zoning, acts as a support for any storage systems or performs decorative functions. In the event that the corridor and the room should be separated, a partition comes to the aid, thus, the interior of the dwelling turns out to be completed.

    • How to separate the corridor and rooms with a partition
    • Advantages of sliding partitions: we share rooms with the corridor
    • Partition in the corridor of common use: advice and issue of legality
    • Zoning of the corridor
    • Functional partition: corridor -Room( video)
    • Design of the partition between the kitchen, hallway and living room( photo in the interior)

How to separate the corridor and rooms with a partition

nirovanii apartment there is a very important meaning of human existence. Everyone wants to enjoy peace and quiet in the bedroom, be concentrated in the office, relax in your favorite corner. But it is not always possible to reschedule an apartment in a large scale and divide it according to one's wishes into the necessary premises. The output is in the interior partitions, which are an excellent alternative to the complete reconstruction of the dwelling.

To date, the most popular are the plasterboard partitions After dislodging the main wall between the corridor and the room and installing the movable partition, it becomes possible to increase and reduce the space. The narrow passages and superfluous doors disappear, and during the shifting of the leaflets of the partition walls are restored.

According to the material the partitions can be different:

  1. Wooden;
  2. Glass;
  3. From acrylic raw materials;
  4. Made of plasterboard;
  5. Polycarbonate;
  6. Brick;
  7. Of foam concrete blocks;
  8. Combined - metal frame and metal-plastic with glass, bamboo, textile and other inserts.

Drywall partitions fully imitate the wall. They will help create a perfectly smooth and smooth surface of the partition, and also easy to install. They can be curved, if such a design fits into the design of the room. If there is no desire to act cardinally, you can visually separate the corridor from the room: a rack, flower pots, a cabinet, an aquarium on a pedestal, etc. This zoning visually separates the residential area from the entrance.

Advantages of sliding partitions: we share rooms with the

corridor. The partitions allow us to separate one space from the other as comfortably as possible, while fitting into any interior solution.

Make the interior original and beautiful you will help an interesting sliding partition To make the interior original and beautiful you will be helped by an interesting sliding partition

Regardless of the material, the sliding partitions have a number of advantages:

  1. Helps solve a variety of planning tasks during repairs that do not require serious work.
  2. Do not require large cash costs.
  3. In the shortest period of time, change the appearance of any room. For such a small apartment as a Khrushchev interior partition is an excellent building material for interior solutions.
  4. Expand in different directions, if necessary become part of the room.

Such partitions were widely spread in the society after the need arose to partition the kitchen from the hallway, the children's room and the parents' bedroom.

Partition in public corridor: advice and issue of legality

Very often the common corridor is large and the apartment has a groove, which ends with the entrance door. Many fence this part with various( usually metal) partitions. But is it legal?The corridor is a part of the property of all apartment owners of this house. Such an inter-apartment staircase is not the property of tenants of one apartment. Permission to erect a partition can be obtained only during the general meeting of the tenants.

The partition will make the corridor spacious Partition allows to make the corridor spacious

What you need to know in addition:

  1. You can not block the corridor by yourself. But if there is no lock in the door, such a partition is quite legal, since access to inside can be obtained by any tenant at home.
  2. It is necessary to notify the controlling authorities( for example, housing inspection bodies).One meeting and consent of the tenants will be few.
  3. You can install a partition only by having the apartment itself in the property. Inspection may require the presentation of documents. In a removable living space, such actions are illegal.

Fire protection norms may be violated in the construction of such a structure, especially if the door built into the wall has a lock. In such a case, the case can go to court.

Zoning of the corridor

Zoning is the most optimal option for corridors in panel houses. Such a small space is quite difficult to divide into zones, but as a result, such a solution will visually make it wider, and its functionality will increase.

Gypsum cardboard partition is characterized not only by its beautiful appearance, but also by its functionality The drywall is characterized not only by its beautiful appearance, but also by the functionality of

. For small corridors arched partitions are suitable. They will divide the space into 2-3 zones. The first will serve to remove clothes and shoes, the other - for storage, the third will be the transition between the kitchen and another living room.

Areas can be identified:

  1. Furniture. On the one hand, a clothes hanger and shoe cabinets are installed, and on the other side there are built-in wardrobes for various things. The cabinets should have a different color than the hanger.
  2. Wall decoration. Different zones are covered with different wallpaper or painted with different colors. They should be in harmony, but not too different. Excellent will look trim of the panels of wood.
  3. Various floor coverings, thus it is necessary to choose wear-resistant materials. Sex can be different.
  4. By accenting the entrance area and the hall area.

Functional partition: corridor - room( video)

When we share two spaces, we achieve only one goal - increasing comfort when in the room. Partitions are the most functional and easy to use design, which will perfectly fit into any design. An important advantage of any partition is that it can be decorated. This option is suitable for those who love change. At the same time, the partition allows you to temporarily rest in your personal space.

partition between the kitchen design, hallway and living room( photo in the interior)

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