Corner hallways in the corridor are small: small photos, sizes and design for apartments, small and mini

To make the corridor more functional it is possible with the help of a stylish corner hallway Make corridor can be more functional with the help of a stylish corner hallway The main difference from conventional hallways small angle is that it is convenient, you can arrange virtually any interior design of the apartment and easily fit in the colors of the wall. But in order not to be mistaken with the choice of the hallway, it is necessary to accurately perform the wall measurements to the corner entrance. Another difference is the price. After all, the fewer materials will be spent on making your hallway, the value will decrease. In our time in the furniture market you can find and pick up absolutely everything to properly equip your interior in the apartment.

    • small corner lobby for small corridors: how to choose
    • Features a small corner hallway
    • Corner hall in the small hall: the optimal set
    • How to choose size: Corner lobby for small corridors
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small corner lobby for small corridors: how to choose

Segday transform your small corridor you can use the small corner, which today are very popular, and the small size of the hall can be transformed into a worthy design solutions that will be the envy of all the guests of this apartment. A good option for rooms of almost any size and area, you can call an angular hallway. To find what suits your interior, then looking into any furniture store, they will tell you about the prices and provide you with photos of small corner hallways.

Also, having told about your preferences, desires and a little telling about your interior in the apartment, you can definitely decide on the size of the hall, choose its color range, and even the material.

Advantages of the corner hallway is that it is functional, roomy and does not take up much free space in the room Benefits corner in the hallway that it functional, roomy and does not occupy much space in the room

When choosing a corner hallway, consider the following characteristics:

  • functionality;
  • Ease of installation and installation in the apartment;
  • Capacity;
  • Material;
  • Design of the angular hallway.

Undoubtedly, small hallways are easier and cheaper to equip and optimize for a room, but it is important to properly use the useful space for these purposes. It is not always possible to achieve this, but the advice of an experienced designer will not be superfluous. If you have a large hallway, then it is better to install a wardrobe, as it is more space-efficient and does not require the installation of additional sections, but the price, of course, will be much higher.

Features of the small corner hallway

We have already analyzed the differences of the usual corner hallway from small-sized. Now we will rely on the design decision when choosing furniture for the hallway. As already noted, this type of furniture in the apartment is popular, even let it be a country house, where this furniture will be good, if you can call it a warehouse for the things that we wear on our site.

main purpose has always been the corner hallway for outdoor clothes, but there are a variety of types and sizes( with shelves, individual partitions, inserts, mirror and doors) that can store various home luggage and even shoes. But what about the mini corner for small corridors, then they are mainly designed for storing outerwear.

A small corner hallway will quickly and easily hide both outer clothing and shoes small corner hallway will quickly and easily hide both garments and shoes

Depending on the hallway requirements, the most essential elements that must be equipped with hallways and cheap varieties: a wardrobe, A hanger and an insert for the installation of a mirror, and if you require the presence of other parts for your interior and the headset of the corridor, it already depends directly on your imagination. It is always necessary to take into account one important fact: any furniture must be correctly entered into the interior of the whole apartment and rooms.

Corner entry into a small corridor: the optimal

When choosing an anteroom, look at the dimensions and area of ​​your room so that it does not clutter up or interfere with corridor openings. A very important component of an ideal home is convenience, but one should not forget about coziness.

Suppose that you have a small area of ​​the corridor, then I advise you to choose small-sized corner hallways of a modular shape, which necessarily include the most necessary elements.

Choose the angular hallway, taking into account the size and features of the corridor Select angular hallway be based on the size and characteristics of the corridor


  • Chest with pull-out shelves( boxes);
  • Shoe cabinet;
  • Shelf for hats;
  • Ability to install additional sections.

The last point is very important, since by installing an additional compartment, you can store not only the everyday wardrobe, but also those things that need to be postponed for the next season.

When choosing a mini corner hallway, it is necessary to take into account not only the area of ​​the apartment, but also the design as a whole, because the view of the hallway tells what kind of host it is. The hallway materials should be so that the floor, the ceiling, the walls and the furniture itself are combined with each other. All the smallest details in the design depend only on your imagination and budget size. To accurately determine the size of your hallway, read below.

How to choose size: Corner lobby for small corridors

get back to a better size corner hallway choose it to be optimized for the interior and fits together with the apartment. Now the market offers a lot of options already collected furniture, yes, it can be very beautiful, functional, but not suitable for your apartment. Therefore, it is better to order an entrance hall with the dimensions you need. When choosing the main dimensions of angular vestibules are taken into account - the height and width of the sections.

In order for the interior of the corridor to be cozy and harmonious, the hallway should stylishly complement the design of the room To corridor interior was cozy and harmonious hall should complement the stylish room design

Standard dimensions are: height of 2-2.5 meters and a length of 1-2 meters, as well as the installation angle, once again, It all depends on the layout of your apartment. If you also take into account that the corner hallway will consist of additional elements, for example, mirrors, additional thumbs, etc., they also need to be taken into account in the order. The most common variants are halls with dimensions: length: 2 m width - 1.5 meters, the height - 2.5 m

Tip. Better to place the hall where the corner, which is located near the doorway to visually give narrow hallwayA wider view.

Small hallway in the corridor( video)

Agree, it's nice to go into the apartment, where you can immediately find a place to sit, there is where to leave the outer clothing and hat. The corner entrance hall in the apartment will perfectly match the interior of the corridor with a successful arrangement of such furniture. The most successful option for a small hallway, in which the road literally every square centimeter, this solution is perfect, but if you have properly treat the design decision, a correct angular hallway, you can perfectly organize the space in the corridor and allow guests to feel comfortable in your apartment.

Examples angular vestibules for small corridors( photo)