Hallway in loft style: corridor photo, interior with furniture, apartment design, small benches and a hanger

Any room, designed in the loft style, is difficult to imagine without a vast free space Any room, decorated in the style of a loft, it is difficult to imagine without the presence of a large free area Loft - a popular lately modern interior design style. Most often it is used to decorate hallways and corridors. He is chosen by creative people who love and appreciate comfort. Loft means space, plenty of free space, use of interesting textures and colors. More details on how to design an anteroom in this style - let's talk today.

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Corridor loft-style: the benefits and features

Most apartments do not differ large hall, and in fact the main feature of a loft style - a large number of svobodnogspace. As in minimalism, everything here is built on practicality and minimal amount of furniture.

Union of functionality and practicality helps to perfect the layout in a loft style union of functionality and practicality makes perfect arrange the room in the loft

loft all took a lot of minimalism: its main idea - having a lot of free space, in the same lies and minimalism. Furniture is functional and practical, as in all modern trends.

order not to get lost in a variety of styles, select the direction of the main features loft:

  • minimum number of functional and practical furniture;
  • Furniture and interior elements can be folded, have rollers, are mobile and multifunctional;
  • You can use a variety of finishes: stone or brick, as well as their imitation, wallpaper with an unusual texture;
  • Decorative elements and fixtures can also be very diverse, fantasy is not limited here;
  • Cabinet or shelves are best to choose without any decorations, pay attention to black, white and gray colors for furniture;
  • Zoning is widely used with the help of cabinets or different floor / wall finishing;
  • Mirrors in this style are also appropriate, there may be several.

You can combine all these features and say that the loft is a modern style that does not have any limitations and is built on practicality and space. It is not overloaded with decorative elements, it looks laconic and at the same time is not boring.

Hallway loft

The loft-style entrance hall does not require any excesses and expensive materials.

Black classic version of the wallpaper is ideal for decorating walls in the loft style Black classic version of wallpaper is ideal for the decoration of the walls in the loft

In this style, superior comfort, you can choose the finish, it is important that all elements combined with each other.

  • Walls are often decorated "under a brick" or a stone, you can choose and wallpaper in gray or black colors;
  • Skirting choose in the tone of the decoration of the walls, they need to be made as inconspicuous as possible, paint them or choose the most neutral option;
  • Ceiling leave the concrete, in the loft style there are no tension structures;
  • The floor is the main element of the interior, it can be decorated with wood, parquet with the effect of antiquity, it looks good and laminate;
  • In the hallway loft it is possible and necessary to use various paintings and posters, they can decorate and complement not the most interesting wallpaper.

Feel free to choose elements with a rough texture, pay attention to natural and aged materials. Bright posters and large paintings, made in modern techniques, perfectly complement the interior. Furniture is better to choose with a smooth surface, if space allows, then install a wardrobe with a mirror.

Interior of the hallway in the loft style

To create a really interesting and stylish interior of the hallway in the loft style - you need to follow some rules.

The severe functional appearance of loft style replaces the laconic stylistics of other rooms The severe functional appearance of the loft style displaces the concise stylistics of other rooms


  1. In the loft-style hallway, partitions are often present. Zoning is also one of the features of this direction, it is carried out by furniture or using various materials for decoration.
  2. As the decor, you can use the most unusual things - posters, road signs, graffiti. You can insert them into the frames, or you can attach them with carnations. You can also paste your favorite photos.
  3. Mirrors - an integral element of the interior of the loft, enclose the mirror surface in the frame or decorate it with drawings, stickers, stickers.
  4. Furniture should not be much - stop at the closet, if space allows. It will also help zoning the room. Otherwise, use hangers, drawers, shelves.
  5. There should be a lot of light, install an interesting chandelier, several built-in lamps, an unusual shape of the floor lamp. Play with light, pay attention to lava-lamps and colored light bulbs.
  6. Put a mat on the floor, it can be of absolutely any shape and color.

Loft style looks very laconic, there is no congestion and unnecessary details. This direction is ideal for creative and active people, during the design you can use everything that you like, so the design of the hallway in the loft style is most often chosen by musicians and artists.

Furniture for the hallway: loft in the apartment

As we have repeatedly mentioned above - a little furniture in the hallway, made in the loft style.

Mirror - an actual element of the modern home, increasing the space, filling it with light Mirror is an up-to-date element of the modern home, increasing the space filling it with light

It must be practical and not take up much space:

  • The furniture surface should be smooth, do not experiment with textures and decor, Stop for furniture from wood and plastic;
  • Ideal for a hallway in the style of a loft - a wardrobe, but in a small room it will simply have nowhere to install, so it can be replaced by various shelves, hangers or a small chest of drawers;
  • There should be no decoration and decorations on the furniture, it is best if it merges with the walls;
  • If the furniture has a glass, then let it be matte;
  • Clothes hangers must be metal or wooden;
  • Various mirrors are also welcome, they will visually increase the space, and in general are an indispensable element of the interior of the hallway;
  • If space allows - put an armchair, bench or banquet;
  • Lighting should be bright, pay attention to hanging lamps and fixtures in the form of spotlights;
  • As furniture, you can choose an ottoman on wheels, you can also invest something from things to save space;
  • Loft - the style of active people, if you are a bike lover, then install a pedestal for your transport in the hallway and leave it in the corridor.

Style loft allows you to use almost any color of furniture, so the imagination is almost unlimited. You can say that the hallway in the loft style resembles some kind of elevator or even a factory, but this is not always the case.

This is a practical design that can be both strict and very interesting and original.

Stylish lobby in loft style( video)

In conclusion, you can say that loft style is a modern solution for active and creative personalities who value comfort and practicality. The use of natural materials together with bright and unusual decorative elements allows to achieve a unique and stylish interior, which perfectly suits both a spacious and a small hallway.

hallway design loft-style( interior photo)