Mesh cloakroom systems: with their own cellular hands, inexpensive photos for storage, Aristo for things and Larvij

The dressing room is an excellent option to quickly and easily hide both clothes and shoes Dressing - a great option to quickly and easily hide like clothes and shoes Dressing - functional room, well frees up space of an apartment or house from cluttered, making it much more comfortable. Keep all the necessary things and personal linen in one place is very convenient, everything is at hand, and do not have to look for something throughout the apartment. Cumbersome cabinets have long been a thing of the past, and they have been replaced by functional and stylish storage systems.

    • Wardrobe systems for storage
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    • Cellular dressing
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    • Mesh wardrobe system with their own hands
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wardrobe systems for storage

One of the most popular is a mesh dressing room, it is unusuals storage solutions and stylish design, does not weigh down the space of the room. Mesh wardrobe systems are incredibly popular due to their compactness and versatility. Finished structures will ideally fit into the interior of the room.

Many prefer to equip the dressing rooms, because they are characterized by practicality and functionality Many prefer to equip wardrobes, as they are characterized by practicality and functionality

Comfortable space utilization dressing depends on its constituents.

Complete sets represent a huge selection of various components of the cloakroom rooms:

  1. The wardrobe system is mesh or cellular, it has a backbone of mesh elements.
  2. Enclosure system - modular items connected by couplers.
  3. Frame system - the basis can be called metal columns.
  4. Penal system - the panels are attached directly to the walls.

Typically, manufacturers of dressing rooms have an online designer for self-selection of component parts. You can specify the available options for the dressing room, width, height and depth. At the end of all calculations, it remains only to send a ready-made sketch for the calculation of the cost.

Hinged mesh wardrobes

Hinged mesh wardrobes consist of mesh shelves and a variety of baskets. Such a system is also called cellular due to the similarity of appearance with bee honeycombs.

Sufficiently common today are mesh hinged wardrobe, which can be used to store small items fairly common today are mesh mounted dressing that can be used for storing small items

Mesh dressing multifunctional and include everything necessary for the storage and placement of things:

  1. Obuvnitsy have the opportunity to build onConstruction.
  2. The bar for hanging clothes and other clothes can be placed at a comfortable height.
  3. The pants have different placement options.
  4. The shelves of the structure can be metal or wooden.
  5. Hooks can be hung on walls or directly on the design of shelves.
  6. Baskets are easy to extend and have different capacities and sizes.

The advantage of the mesh systems for the wardrobe is the ability to move all the elements to the desired distance without much difficulty. Partially or completely you can use shelves made of other materials. The price of combined systems of dressing rooms is quite affordable.

Cellular wardrobe

The independent design of the cellular wardrobe allows you to equip the space of any area with everything you need.

The advantage of a cellular dressing room is that it takes up little free space in the room advantage of mobile dressing room is that it takes up little space in the room

definite plus storage in the grid system are endless, the main advantages can be characterized as follows:

  1. The net structure of shelves and drawers provides good ventilation of things and eliminates the appearance of an unpleasant odor.
  2. care structure is quite simple, the elements do not have legs and do not impede access to floor cleaning, and metal components are easy to clean.
  3. Due to the honeycomb structure, the structure has a visual ease and an unconstrained appearance.
  4. Ability to see the entire contents of shelves and drawers.

The great advantage of Larvij or Aristo honeycomb cloakrooms is the possibility of self-assembly of structures. Stylish system design, convenience and comfort combined with high strength and stability. The mesh wardrobe system allows you to distribute things at your discretion, and change the parts in the case of adding new ones, or removing the old ones.

Things that little use, can be placed on the upper shelf and remain readily available for use when needed.

Universal honeycomb dressing system

Cloakroom systems are not popular by chance. The main components: bracket, stand, U-shaped and mesh shelf or box. The first application of net-based storage systems for the home was organized in Sweden.

You can install a universal dressing room yourself, the main thing is to purchase in advance the necessary tools for work Set universal dressing can be independently, most importantly - in advance to acquire the necessary tools for the job

installation principle mobile dressing room is quite simple:

  1. main part is mounted horizontally on the wall as close as possible to the ceiling.
  2. Vertical metal rails have holes for the component parts.
  3. The main components are freely mounted on the guides.

Vertical profiles move freely, allowing you to easily expand the space under your clothes. An excellent option will be the presence of a mirror in the wardrobe system that will allow you to try on some of the garments in place. Cloakrooms can serve, both for storing only outerwear, and for personal things.

to store clothes and footwear wardrobe is usually in the hallway, walk-in closets for personal belongings in a bedroom. An inexpensive dressing room can be combined and equipped for storing different things, including for outerwear. Such a complex system is usually located in common with the bathroom and the bedrooms.

Mesh wardrobe system with their own hands

Set mesh wardrobe system with their own hands will not present any difficulty. At its core, the system is similar to the children's designer, allowing you to independently build and install the system. First of all, it is necessary to determine the location of the dressing room. After determining the location, it is important to draw up a detailed drawing and take into account which things will be placed in the dressing room.

Before installing the mesh dressing room with your own hands, you should think in advance of its design and layout Before installing the mesh dressing room with his hands, should think in advance of its design and layout

Before starting the installation, you need to stock up on tools:

  • Roulette will be needed for measurements;
  • The level design will be set exactly;
  • Screwdriver is much more convenient to twist the screws than a screwdriver;
  • Rotary hammer is useful for concrete walls.

carrier element must be fixed very firmly, he bears the burden all further construction. The supporting part is installed horizontally under the ceiling of the dressing room.

Vertical elements are hung directly on the rail, if necessary, can be secured. The brackets are attached to the vertical guide elements, the distance between them is determined arbitrarily. Between objects, you can execute any distance, if necessary. Shelves are mounted directly on the brackets and snapped onto them. Baskets are inserted into a special frame, which snaps onto the bracket. Bars and bryuchnitsy also fastened to the brackets or directly to the wire shelves with the help of special items. Hooks can be hung directly on wire shelves or as separate elements dressing.

Selection rules: mesh wardrobe systems( video)

There are no difficulties in assembly and installation, the whole design is easy and practical, with a minimum of effort, you can achieve the desired result. Examples

mesh cloakrooms systems( photo)