A banquet in the hallway with a seat: with a back and under the phone photo, a bench with a drawer, a narrow sofa, a puff with your own hands

A beautiful banquet not only stylishly decorates the hallway, but will also become a functional interior item beautiful stool is not only stylishly decorate the hall, but also become the subject of a functional interior Bench - a popular accessory and nothing more?So it is impossible to say, because such furniture is functional, and not only decorative in nature. A soft, beautiful, comfortable banquet serves in the hallway instead of a couch or bench, on which you can sit down and without discomfort to take off your shoes( or on the contrary to wear shoes).

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    • Comfortable stool in the hallway with the seat: photo and types
    • beautiful banquette under the phone in the hallway with a seat
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Classical bench-stool hallway

Of course, the classic version of the hall dimensions are such that, if desired, it is possible to put a sofa, and the situation is not being pressed. But this is not always the case, and the usual pouf is used as a seat. At the same time, after all, there is an average option - it's a modest but beautiful bench, and a small curbstone-sofa.

Make the interior more exquisite with the help of a classic bench-bench, which will be executed in low-key colors make the interior more elegant, you can use the classic stools, benches, which will be executed in restrained colors

Classical bench-stool will look good in the hallway, made with a hint of aristocracy, in the classic interior styles.

A curbstone is not a classic, but it will probably become it, so this variant can often be found in modern apartments. If you are really adherents of the classics, then you should look at the examples of a bench-bench without a backrest. At the same time it can be executed in a modern style, which a priori not every living room will do.

Classic bench-bench:

  • It should not be very narrow, it will not make it comfortable;
  • Should not be made in bright, eccentric colors;
  • The minimalism style is not peculiar to this furniture.

In a classic design, a wooden banquet with a soft textile seat, or a forged banquet of elegant shapes.

Comfortable stool with a seat in the hall: a photo and type

By design stools can be very different, but also sets them apart and the material and style of performance. Before choosing a banquet in a shop, think, and if you do not take up the restoration of old furniture - today for this there are all possibilities. With your own hands, you can make amazing things from "decommissioned furniture."If you still think that you can not cope with such a task, know that the choice is still great for you.

To pick up a practical and beautiful banquet with a seat for a hallway it is possible in specialized furniture stores You can choose a practical and beautiful banquet with an antechamber seat in specialized furniture stores

The most popular types of banquettes are:

  • Forged. They have a soft seat with a filler under the textile. The armrests and legs of this banquet are made of metal. Rarely, such benches are equipped with a shelf, because as a stand for shoes they are hardly suitable. Good forged wrought-iron banquet hall in the style of Provence, Empire and Baroque. The decorative function of such furniture is beyond praise.
  • Bucket, covered with textiles. This banquet can also have a metal frame, but it will be covered with a cloth completely. Outwardly, this baketka resembles a sofa. There is no storage space in it.
  • Basset from chipboard, MDF.It is inexpensive, because it is made of inexpensive materials. In the model there may be shelves, drawers and other dopfunctions. In such a model, additional handles can be added.

If the hallway is small, it makes sense to choose a banquet for additional functionality. So that it had shelves, a place for shoes or even a shelf for a stationary telephone.

Beautiful banquet for the phone in the hallway with the seat

Among other multifunctional small furniture stands a banquet with a shelf under the phone. If you have a landline phone, then this design will be very convenient - you are talking on the phone, not leaning on the wall or the back of the cabinet. At what, very often do benches not just with a shelf, but with a full storage box( with drawers).

For a small hallway it is better to choose a compact but functional banquet with a seat and a table for the phone and other accessories hallway small is better to choose a compact, but functional with banquette seat and a table under the phone and other accessories

Is on sale quite small, compact stools. Where in addition to the shelf for the phone there is at least one scarf, and even the lower shelf for shoes. For small hallways - a great option.

However, not only compact banquet tables do according to this scheme: a lot of banquets for the present aristocratic interior are on sale today - it's exquisite, beautiful, stylish furniture. By the way, with due furnishings, such a sofa-bed will take care of itself, and will draw the same attention from the modest size of the hallway.

Modern banquettes with a backrest in the hall: options for upholstery

And here there is "where to clear up."Today, the upholstery of a banquet with a backrest can simply amaze with its extravagance, finish, color. If you make a banquet to order, you can get furniture that fits perfectly into the already decorated interior of the hallway, and you can be sure that you will not find anything like it anywhere.

Picking up a beautiful banquet for a modern hallway, you should pay attention to its quality and basic functionality Choosing a beautiful banquette hall for the modern, should pay attention to its quality and basic functionality

Possible materials for the upholstery:

  • Natural and eco-leather;
  • Imitation leather;
  • Polymer compounds;
  • Traditional upholstery fabrics.

But sometimes you can just get lost in options, not knowing how to find that very golden mean. Therefore, it is good to adhere to the following recommendations: rounded surfaces in classical ornaments and tones almost always look good. If you have a classic or a provence in the hallway, a tea rose with a large floral pattern will suit you.

If gamma violet-purple-crimson, and all its variations - is your preference, the banquette in a hallway, you can choose a lilac or bluish tints with a very soft Ombre. Do not go out of fashion purple color or dark green with a print of a beautiful gold print.

Homemade banquet in the hallway with a seat and a drawer

Of course, the most interesting, albeit difficult, is to make furniture yourself. Not all of this can, which is understandable, but there are many schemes, video lessons, master classes, where from the old unattractive furniture make chic, unique samples of new and fashionable. So can you do.

Make the hall comfortable and cozy with a homemade original banquet with a seat and a box for storing various things Make the hall a comfortable and cozy, you can use the homemade original stools with a seat and a box for storing different things

In the manufacture of furniture, often used this algorithm:

  • choose the model - for example, stool will be withA back and a drawer, it can be on legs or other support, and can do without them. In a word, you choose a design and a model.
  • Based on the size of the seat, determine the parameters of other elements and draw a sketch.
  • If you get a lot of details, it's more reasonable to make a template, and then to produce the same plywood shield.
  • The details are usually cut with an electric jigsaw and the edges are necessarily sanded.

banquettes Capacity is calculated simply - one person takes uchastochek size 45x55 cm

But again it should be said, does not necessarily make banquette "from scratch"..There are a lot of options when a new life is given to an old thing. And it is not necessary that this old thing once was a banquet.

original benches with their hands

Even the old grandmother's chest, if the "reward" of his padded seat, can be an excellent original banquettes. It will be a unique thing, a thing with a story, a hand-made thing, or maybe a family heirloom. Of course, it should not be such an unusual spot in the standard interior, everything should be in harmony.

You can make a banquet yourself, the main thing is to decide in advance with its design and pick up the necessary materials for work You can make your own banquet with your own hands, the main thing is to decide in advance with its design and choose the necessary materials for the work.

You can make an interesting banquet from an old coffee table with curved legs. You have a base, you just have to come up with a seat. Or maybe just put an old, shabby baket with some smart cloth, paint your legs, and the thing will be life for many more years.

Variants of a banquet in a hallway with a backrest( video)

The options will necessarily appear in the process of thinking over the question. Do not repeat the banal decisions, which very soon will not seem relevant. Unique things, in which your imagination is invested, works, diligence, will last much longer. They are out of fashion!

Good choice!

stools Design in the hallway with a back( photo in the interior)