Furniture in the living room-hall: a combination in the house, cabinets and design of the kitchen-corridor, photo partitions between the rooms

Living room - the main room in the apartment, so its design should be given maximum attention Living room - the main room in the apartment, so its design should be given maximum attention first impression of the host status is composed of a living - room, the main function of which is to rest and reception. At the discretion of the owners, preference can be given to the aesthetic beauty of the components of the room or furniture can be functional, which will ensure the comfort and comfort of family members and their friends. Also, the hosts should make a choice in what style they want to see their living room.

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choosing furniture for the living room and hallway

Furniture should be selected based on whatThe function will be performed by the living room. In the event that it is planned to arrange merry gatherings with friends, then the best option will be the design in a minimalist style. The main idea is to keep comfort and free space for fun and dancing at the same time. In this case, it is sufficient to choose a sofa and a table, and also to prepare a place for the placement of equipment.

The sofa is best placed near the wall, and the table is between the sofa and the TV.Also for couples with children, you can add a couple of soft chairs and make a carpet for games.

If households prefer a quiet and cozy holiday with watching TV, then choose a soft set, wall or cabinet, table and other accessories. Furniture is placed in the open in front of the TV.

If you like spaciousness and comfort, then for the decoration of your living room the style of minimalism If you like space and comfort, while for the decoration of your living room is perfect for a minimalist style

center of the room to place a TV or a table, and on the perimeter to put the sofa, thus dividing the room into zones. In this case, the entire space of the room will be evenly occupied, the main thing is to leave only the furniture that will really be used. Otherwise the room will turn out to be too cluttered.

When choosing furniture for the living room, you need to pay attention to the quality of the materials from which it is made. The hardest material is wood, but it is also the most expensive. Much more often used chipboard, fiberboard and other wood plates. Their plus is that they are not harmful.

To prevent the upholstery of furniture upholstery, synthetic fabrics should be selected. Natural fabrics are also popular among buyers, but the most durable, and most expensive upholstery is genuine leather. This is especially important for families who have many children in their homes.

Entrance hall combined with living room: pros and cons

Having decided to make a redevelopment, the owner of the premises should understand that this will bring him a lot of trouble. First you need to carefully plan everything, then get permission in special bodies and only after that start construction work. An important requirement: you can clean any walls, except one - the carrier. To reveal it, it is enough to look at the plan of the house.

Consider the advantages of combining the hallway to the living room:

  1. expansion of space for the light reduction or complete demolition of the walls. Visually the room becomes larger by about a third of its normal size.
  2. Demolition of the wall allows you to conveniently place a wardrobe in its place. And this is profitable twice. On the one hand, we expand the space, and on the other it becomes possible to remove all shoes, bags, outerwear in a stylish closet.
  3. Unique design will make the room interesting and to the taste of the owner.

Drywall partitions are a great way to stylishly delineate the living room and hallway space drywall - it's a great way to stylishly distinguish between space living room and hallway

Besides all this, natural light from the window eliminates the need for each time include lighting, which, in turn, will reduce energy costs.

Disadvantages of this placement:

  • From the corridor, mud will be transported directly to the room to avoid this, it is recommended to lay a special mat on the doorstep and the problem will be solved.
  • The room and the street will be separated by one door, so the option of passing the cold inside the hallway is not excluded. The problem will not be so obvious if the entrance is insulated.
  • Noises from the entrance can be an unpleasant surprise for the household. If the neighbors do not make a noise, then this problem is solved.

Having weighed all the pros and cons, we come to the conclusion that there are more pluses. The hall, combined with the living room, will make you feel comfortable and comfortable. One of the options for decorating the room is zoning. It is done to visually distinguish a large, spacious room, and preserve coziness. Separating the hallway from the living room by the method of zoning is quite simple.

Combined interior: living room with hallway in the house

In a large house you can show even more imagination. Quite popular solution is to combine a spacious corridor with a living room. Particularly advantageous this option will look in the cottage - a house with a staircase leading to the second floor. In the end, it turns out a kind of apartment - a studio, in which one principle is observed - the minimum number of partitions and the maximum union of the entire space. The transition from room to room will be smooth and elegant.

A stylish solution to the problem of space in the house is not only the combination of the hallway with the living room, but also the transfer of the kitchen to the living room. It allows you to receive guests without spending time on long and uncomfortable transitions from the living room to the kitchen. The kitchen is near, and the hostess of the house always remains at the center of all events and conversations.

Make the interior in the house interesting and unusual with the help of combining the guest room with the hallway and the kitchen Make the interior in the house interesting and unusual with the help of combining the guest room with the hallway and the kitchen

In larger houses zoning looks even more interesting than in small apartments. How to achieve the effect of interior unity and the separation of the entrance zone?

There are several solutions:

  1. Application in the interior of through or not very high partitions is appropriate in the event that after the demolition of walls the area of ​​the room is quite large. Through partition can be an interesting design solution for the design of the room. It can be shelves on which there are photos, children's collage, books or other accessories.
  2. Furnishing. A sofa set in the center, a curbstone or carpet will also visually allow you to divide the hall into zones. And each zone will be allocated at will of the owner.
  3. Finishing. It can be a different kind of wallpaper or different flooring.

Cabinets in the hallway-living room: what to choose

The person ordering furniture should clearly represent what exactly he wants to see in his house. To the aid always there come catalogs with finished products and consultations of masters. But it is important to consider other factors that will help make the right choice and get not only a beautiful view, but also a quality cabinet.

The cabinet in the adjacent living room-hallway should not only stylishly complement the interior of the room, but also be functional and practical The cabinet in the adjacent living room-hallway should not only stylishly complement the interior of the room, but also be functional and practical.

Consider the most common ones:

  • Size and appearance. It should be taken into account that U-shaped models are suitable for large rooms, and angular ones will help to use the released corner quite rationally.
  • Quality of accessories. Ensures the reliability and long service of furniture.
  • Color. Dark cabinets look good only in large rooms, and for small and medium interior items, it is optimal to use light colors.
  • Functional. Here you should choose in favor of such a cabinet, which will meet the requirements of all family members.

Design of the living room-hall

The design of the living room is not only the selection of wallpaper, the choice of furniture and its competent arrangement, but also various "details" that make the interior stylish.

The absence of carpet in the adjacent living room-hallway will visually increase the space in the room The absence of a carpet in the adjacent living room-hallway will visually increase the space in the room


  1. Bright color accent. When choosing a classic style, a wonderful photo-collage or pillow can be a wonderful solution for reviving a room.
  2. No carpet. In small rooms, carpets create the effect of reducing the room.
  3. Lamps. Convenient option - fixtures installed on the floor. They do not take up much space, but they illuminate the room well. You can illuminate any area with a small lamp.
  4. Commodes. Large, bulky chest of drawers with many compartments is a variant for a room, and a chest of drawers with a pair of shelves, which can also be used as a stand for a TV, is suitable for the living room.
  5. Figurines. Looks original, especially if something means for the hosts, but here the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to turn the rest room into a museum.

Also transform the interior capable of flowers. Floor vases, or small, will not only fill the room with a wonderful scent, but create a light atmosphere that improves mood.

Furniture options in the living room-hallway( video)

Remember, the style of your living room is your personal style. Therefore, the living room combined with the hallway is an extremely responsible decision. And it does not matter which style you choose - classical or modern, it is important that it is cozy and comfortable for the whole family.

Design kitchen, hallway, living room( photo interiors)