Gypsum plasterboard interior of the hallway: photo with own hands, decoration of the corridor and design

Drywall - a unique material with which the hallway can be changed beyond recognition Drywall - a unique material with which the hall can be changed beyond recognition For example, if you come to grips with the ceiling surface and use demanded nowadays plasterboard with their hands may bring to the premises not only the style and order, but alsoErgonomics, practicality. So, with the help of such building material as gypsum cardboard it is possible to make an original exclusive design that will transform the hallway beyond recognition.

    • Finishing drywall hall: the advantages of GCR
    • Hallway of plasterboard with their hands: features work with building materials
    • arch made of plasterboard with their hands
    • Plasterboard interior hallway: photos ceilings
    • Construction Drywallin the interior of the hall( video)
    • hall Design of plasterboard with their hands( photo interior)

Finishing drywall hall: the benefits are usedGKL

Repair of GKL sheets in a small corridor is quite short-lived and simple. With repair work, even a professional can not cope.

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Drywall sheets are also used for:

  • Decoration of vertical surfaces;
  • Shelves, arches and niches;
  • Other decorative elements.

The use of drywall sheets significantly benefits the traditional plaster. In addition, drywall has undeniable advantages over other materials.

For example:

  • High processability.
  • Light weight.
  • Fire resistance at a high level.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Soundproofing.
  • Aesthetics.
  • Affordable price.

Using gypsum cardboard in the hallway, you can equip niches, shelves, arches, and even make furniture With gypsum board in the hallway can arrange niches, shelves, arches, and even produce

furniture Gypsum material is considered environmentally friendly and safe for use in homes. It has a neutral acidity, does not conduct current and does not emit any smell. Masters-builders like to work with GKL, because sheet gypsum cardboard is simply mounted. The building material is easily cut, processed using a jigsaw or knife.

Using GCR, it is easy to make a hollow structure in which various communication systems and engineering networks can be arranged in the form of pipes, cables and ducts.

The plasterboard finish does not take much time and does not require additional work with the surface. Everything is done quickly and even interestingly. At the same time, there is almost no construction debris.

Gypsum boards allow creating creative partitions between rooms, multi-tier ceiling structures of the most unexpected configurations.

And also:

  • Functional shelves;
  • Niches;
  • Exclusive interior items;
  • Stylish furniture.

The area of ​​use of GKL is incredibly wide, and, having stopped choosing this material for finishing its corridor, nobody will regret it.

Hallway of plasterboard with their hands: features work with building materials

Of course, during the repair work and the application of drywall to finish the small size of the corridor, and perhaps the other room, it is important to remember some rules. For example, drywall sheets are fragile, and therefore shock loads should not be tolerated. Proceeding from this, if it is planned to mount some dry objects on the gypsum board base, it is worthwhile to think about reinforcement.

additional efforts need to surface if you plan placement:

  • Massive mirrors;
  • Heavy-duty shelves;
  • Heavy paintings, etc.

Also GKL is not resistant to moisture, with a direct hit of liquid on the building material, it can crack, lose evenness and bend.

Working with sheets of plasterboard is quite simple and easy Working with drywall sheets is simple enough and easy.

The construction of the sheet GKL is simple. Three-layer gypsum plasterboard, 2 outer layers, this is a building board, and a layer inside the material, gypsum with modifying additives.

It is clear, when creating the top layers of cardboard impregnated special. Compositions that improve performance. The market produces plasterboard of various sizes. The most popular size is 2500 by 1200 and a thickness of 12.5 mm. Drywall can also have a different type of edge. So, GKL with a PC edge is used when it is necessary to fill an empty space, constructing partitions. Sheets with a rounded edge( ZK), are used for surfaces to be coated with plaster. Knauf-sheets with the edges of the UK after mounting are subjected to additional reinforcement and shpatlevaniyu in the place of docking.

A small corridor from the GKL can be an interesting accent of the interior. To create a creative and practical design, you need to approach the finish professionally. If there is no self-confidence, it is better to turn to the masters.

Arch from gipsokartona own hands

Arches from gypsum cardboard - it's fashionable. Before you build an arch from the GKL, you should prepare the necessary building materials and tools.

For work you will need:

  • Plasterboard sheets 12 mm;
  • Profile of metal PN 28/27;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Dowels for plasterboard;
  • Knife or fret saw;
  • Shears for metal;Screwdriver or screwdriver.

In modern vestibules, arches can be found very often, and anyone can create a design by themselves In modern hallways arches can be found very often, and anyone can create

. The installation begins with cutting the workpiece for the future arch structure. Its shape and size are determined, marking of sheets is carried out. With a hacksaw or jigsaw, details are cut out. Next, you need to prepare a strip of gypsum board for the end of the arch structure. In order to give it the right shape, the sheet should be slightly moistened from the front and gently bent. Then, using dowels, fixing profiles to the door opening, arrange them in such a way that the plane of the arch structure coincides with the plane of the wall.

The profile for the end of the arch should be bent, for this, cuts are made after 3-5 cm.

It remains to trim all the excess from the sides, and fix it on the self-cut screws of the gypsum board. We can assume that the arch is made, it remains only zashpatlevat places of joints, and apply a finish coat.

Drywall in the hallway interior: photo ceilings

Considering the finish of the ceiling surface, for example a bedroom or a hall, we take into account the purpose of the room. Focusing on this, the construction materials are selected. And what about the corridor?Probably, this is one of the few rooms in the living room, where for the finishing you can take any building material. An excellent solution is the use of drywall. This is an excellent building material for finishing the ceiling in the hallway. Evidence of this is the popularity of interesting design projects.

Using gypsum board for decoration, you can create an original ceiling Using gypsum board for finishing, it is possible to create an original ceiling

The ceiling from the GCR can be:

  • Single-level;
  • Multilevel;
  • Just flat or with a figured design.

One-level ceiling looks simple, ideally hides irregularities and other defects. This ceiling is much easier to mount than multilevel. It can be arranged, and from above to glue wallpaper or apply paint, decorative plaster. Having arranged on such a surface of spotlights, you can get a beautiful ceiling. Mounting the ceiling in the corridor, you get a flat surface. Multilevel design will help realize the most daring ideas.

Constructions from plasterboard in the interior of the hallway( video)

To decorate the hallway pleased, you need to do everything carefully and carefully. After all, this room meets visitors at home, it must be impeccable. The corridor should be an indicator of the flawless taste of the owner of the dwelling. The hallway should be practical, beautiful, functional.

Design of the hallway from plasterboard with own hands( interior photo)