Ideas for the hallway: photo of the corridor, repair and design of the apartment with your own hands, the interior is comfortable and practical

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For a modern hallway, you can choose any style that suits the taste of home owners For modern hall you can choose any style that fits the taste of the owner of property Modern hall that can be represented by this term?Nowadays, there are a huge number of styles that have remained unchanged for many years. The most popular are such styles as: Baroque, classical, Empire, Provence or Art Nouveau. However, modern style is something different, it is always different, as it varies depending on the trends of fashion, materials and tastes of people. Eclecticism is the main feature of modern style. It has no boundaries and includes notes of various styles, for example: high-tech, minimalism, loft, etc.

    • Modern ideas for a hallway in the apartment: photo to help organizers
    • to translate into reality the hall: the design of the apartment, the idea of ​​a photo
    • Furniture design ideas hallway
    • Ideas Corridor and in the creation of an errorinterior
    • Unique ideas for a hallway( video)
    • Examples of repairs in the hallway: the idea( interior photos)

Modern ideas for a hallway in the apartment: photo to help organizers

modern style, it isThe exact opposite of the classical interior, simplicity, practicality, comfort, space, light and air, these are its main features.

Modernity does not comply with strict rules, however, has its own recommendations, which include the following items:

  • No, old, huge closet;
  • With the grandmother's puffs and chests;
  • Cumbersome paintings should not be present;
  • Massive chandeliers are not suitable for modern interiors;
  • No piles of excess parts of the shelves.

Everything should be simple and in the best traditions of elegance. Ideally, the interior will fit a large mirror, a compartment cupboard with a smooth surface, and several decor items, such as a vase of flowers. Some may say that this idea for the hallway is too minimalistic, yes it is. However, what can we say about the trends of modern fashion?It focuses on those elements of the interior that provide comfort, aesthetics, convenience and functionality completely replacing unnecessary decorations.

To date, there are many ideas for creating an interior hallway Today, there are a lot of ideas for the interior hallway

understand that it pursues a modern style and design solutions can be found with the photos, which are very easy to find on the Internet, as well as designers.

To make images in a photo a reality is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance, because these ideas do not have unnecessary details and create such an interior is simple.

to translate into reality the hall: the design of the apartment, the idea of ​​a photo

reviewing photos of all the options hallways are decorated in a modern style, you can see that all of the ideas include the use of extremely high-quality and natural materials.

In order to realize such an interior, it is necessary to perform repairs following a few moments. So, for example, when decorating walls it is best to use monochrome tones, the wallpaper with a smooth surface is ideal, it can not be washed easily. In addition, cork panels or decor made with acrylic paint perfectly fit into the interior. The success is the creation of an accent on one of the walls or part of it, this is done by covering with an unobtrusive pattern.

As for flooring, the designers recommend darker tones in relation to the walls. Of the materials in great demand is a laminate, parquet, ceramic granite with a pattern that imitates a stone or a tree.

To decorate the walls of the hallway is best in light colors Decorating the walls of the hallway is best in light colors

In relation to the floor, the ceiling is done in lighter tones. From materials it is preferable to choose a stretch ceiling or simple staining with water-based paint. The color palette for creating a beautiful interior in the hallway is diverse, but most often the owners choose light colors. In the corridor, contrasts are not needed, rather half-tones from one particular color. The ideal interior is simplicity. One of the options for creating a beautiful ceiling is using a panel design. They can be executed both in glossy, matte and transparent style. The second design option is a stretch ceiling. At the moment, this is not only one of the budget, but also the fastest options. Installation of stretch ceiling occurs in one day.

Furniture design ideas hallway

main goal of modern style in the hall is to achieve comfort in the details. Choose furniture is easy and compact, but the main thing is that it is comfortable.

For a modern corridor in the house fit:

  • Wardrobe;
  • Corner cabinet;
  • Use of compact pedestals that have hidden drawers;
  • Small supports for umbrellas and bags;
  • Small or folding chairs made of plastic or metal;
  • Compact stand for shoes.

If the hallway has a small size, a great way out will be the use of modular furniture, which will bring together all the necessary qualities for the hall. Designers recommend to also use the transparent-door coupe and a large mirror, preferably full length, it is not only fits perfectly in a modern style, but also visually expand the boundaries of the hallway. Since this room is virtually no light, and cumbersome chandeliers should not be present, it is best to use a concealed lighting, sconces, spotlights and LED light bulbs, more than enough options.

In the modern hallway the corner or closet will perfectly fit in In the modern foyer, ideal for corner or closet

necessary to remember an important detail, the brighter the light in the hallway, the more it seems.

The more correctly selected light, the better the installed furniture looks. On the other hand, no one says that the hallway was not created for a soft and dim light. If there is a desire to create such a detail, you need to take care of the possibility of its separate inclusion. Decorate the interior can be using bright details, such as a vase, a statuette, but do not bend the stick in bright contrasts, as this can disrupt the minimalism of the modern interior.

Ideas Corridor and error to create the interior

There is no doubt that everyone settles his hallway at will, in spite of certain styles and ideas. However, according to the designers, people often make mistakes.

Arranging a corridor, think through all the details so that your hallway looks aesthetically pleasing and functional Equipping the corridor, thought through every detail to make your hallway looked aesthetically pleasing and was functional

To corridor design was successful, you must consider the following practical tips:

  1. lack of shelves for shoes. This is not correct, since it is not only not practical, not aesthetically pleasing, but also the footwear quickly loses its appearance;
  2. Open hanger. This element not only creates an extra volume of the hallway, but also shows the master's inability to properly organize the interior;
  3. No place for planting. Even the smallest corridor should include a small chair for comfortable footwear;
  4. Wrong wall lining. Designers insist that the hallways do not use paper wallpaper. Street mud will quickly settle on the surface, and it will not be easy to remove it;
  5. Use of carpets. Naturally the use of this element of a personal matter, but the carpet, located around the perimeter of the corridor, is impractical

Unique ideas for a hallway( video)

It happens that the created simplicity in the interior entirely satisfied, but still you want some additions. As for the modern style, it is profitable, because it can not actually be spoiled, combining with another style, while the overall composition will not be broken. Make repairs yourself, find new solutions using decor. God in small things, so says the French people. Create a practical interior is easier to seal pipes, but everything should be thought out in accordance with the concept of the entire apartment.

Examples of repairs in the hallway: ideas( photo interiors)

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