Hangers in the hall: for clothes with a curbstone, a photo of a corner and a closet in the corridor, a swivel with a mirror open

Irreplaceable furniture in each hallway is a functional clothes hanger provides an indispensable furnishings in each hall is functional clothes hanger Everyone knows that the theater begins with a hanger, and the same rule applies to any hallway. Therefore, at the entrance to the room should be equipped place, where you can easily hang out the outer clothing, bag, umbrella or hat.

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Nuances selection hanger hallway

When choosing clothes hangers must be repelled on the size and layout of the hall, on the number of resident and visiting the apartment people, as well as the overall room design. After all, despite the fact that the hanger is not the main element of the interior, but from its appearance and functionality, you can make a general impression of the entire hallway.

When choosing a clothes hanger, consider its practicality and functionality choosing clothes hangers, consider its practicality and functionality

nuances when choosing hangers in the hallway:

  • In a small hallway instead of a modest closet for clothes and a small shelf for shoes, but rarelyTo increase the space, the cabinet is replaced by a floor hanger or a small bar with a set of hooks;
  • Having a medium-sized hallway, it is worth paying attention to modular furniture for the hall, which can be freely transformed, which is very convenient for the implementation of unusual design ideas;
  • When choosing a color solution for hangers in the mini hallway, light furniture is best suited, which ideally fits into the space without reducing the already small size of the room.

Each selected version of the clothes hanger in the hallway should be comfortable, practical and save the total area of ​​the hallway.

Clothes hanger: entrance hall with pantry

Owners of apartments with a pantry are called happy. Because this small room can be used as a dressing room. Due to what to get rid of the closets in the hallway, making it more spacious.

Important!Beginning repair work on the reconstruction of the storeroom, in a small but cozy dressing room, it is necessary to equip it with its own sliding door so that it is virtually invisible from the corridor.

A stylish entrance hall with a storage room is an excellent way to save space stylish entrance hall with storage area - this is a great option to save space

a converted closet in the dressing room can be a small function with your own hands, guided only by some professional advice, which will help to realize any design solution storage room of the owner.

Rules for arranging clothes hangers:

  • Drawing or a general layout of the pantry will help to correctly calculate the ideas for arranging furniture and hangers. After all, it is necessary to distribute things so that the heap of shelves and hangers filled with clothes do not bring discomfort to the occupants.
  • When choosing wardrobe hangers for outerwear, you can prefer an open hanger with a bar that harmoniously fits into a small space of the room and will significantly save space, thanks to its transforming properties. In addition, such hangers have a shelf for shoes, built-in side hooks for bags and umbrellas.
  • Installing a built-in cabinet will save a few centimeters of a narrow room. Proper organization of retractable structures, as well as the installation of end bars and additional hooks under the clothes in the inner part of the cabinet will make its application as practical as possible.

All the interior space of the room is important to maximize.

Hanger with cabinet for small size hallway

A small hallway can be equipped with a spacious mini-hall, consisting of two components - a hanger with a separate or combined seat. In today's market, you can choose options where the top of the cabinet will be presented in the form of a soft banquet, or a model with a large mirror.

To ensure that the hallway is cozy and comfortable, for its arrangement it is necessary to select a compact but functional clothes hanger To hallway was cozy and comfortable, for its arrangement should be chosen compact, but functional clothes hanger

Popular options modular racks:

  • hanger on the shield of the slats from the top shelf or notAnd a stand-alone pedestal on a stable base. As an example, you can consider the modular design of the company "Sunrise" - a small hallway "Mashenka."The width of 80 centimeters and a height of 2 meters. The door of the curbstone is equipped with handles. There are four hooks on the rack shield, and there is also a small shelf for hats.
  • Stable construction, combined with a curbstone, differs from the previous version in that after that as the hanger will be fixed on the wall, it will not be possible to push it any more.

As an example, we can consider the modular hallway "Erika," which is often complementary elements in the form of headset 2-flap enclosure with little depth or more tables of the same production, which makes the hall more functional.

Suspended models of hangers with a curbstone are quite diverse, they are united only by the upper part, made in the form of a panel with hooks for clothes and a shelf. The model can have a top and bottom cabinet.

Important!A suitable shoe style or an extra banquet to a hanger with a curbstone will make the small hallway more stylish and cozy.

Also, the hanger can be in the form of an open cabinet, where there are closed pedestals on top and bottom, and in the middle there is a panel with hooks. The original hanger in the form of the royal throne is made of mahogany.

Versatile and compact angular hanger in the hallway

For proper organization of space - in the entrance hall with its small size, experts advise to buy a corner hanger. The model is stable and easily integrated into any free angle of the hallway.

Beautifully arrange the corridor can be using a stylish corner clothes hanger Beautifully arrange the corridor is possible by means of stylish corner hangers

These hangers are divided into open and closed types:

  • If the hallway is spacious enough, the angular hanger gated perfectly fit into the interior, And thanks to its maximum functionality, there will be no need to make furniture the remaining space.
  • The small entrance hall can easily accommodate an open-type corner hanger. This product will look neat, and the presence of shelves, mirrors and shelving, make it functional.

Each hallway has its own characteristics, so the corner hanger makes sense to make an order, equipping it with an additional bundle.

stylish wall hangers in

corridor Wall hangers mounted in the hallways, it is not always possible to put a full wardrobe. If the hallway is narrow with low ceilings, then vertical variants are often acquired, as they are able to visually increase the height of the ceiling. Small horizontal hangers can be positioned even in the smallest area, without occupying wall and floor space.

Important!If there is no need to purchase an expensive and stylish hanger, then using the technique of decoupage with your own hands, you can transform standard and boring products for clothes and bags, into unusual and creative things.

For a small hallway, you can choose a stylish wall hanger hallway small, you can pick up a stylish wall hanger

Modern design wall hangers are pretty exotic look, at first glance it is difficult to accept for the usually hang clothes, but despite this they still fulfill their directFunction.

Examples of use of wall hangers:

  • If the overall interior of the apartment is decorated in the style of Rustic, Shebbie-chic or country, then the hallway is best designed for the gentle motives of France. A small white hall in the style of Provence, can not do without a wall hanger, made in the same style of wood or metal.
  • For the calm classical style of the hallway, experts recommend choosing Italian models of wall hangers made from valuable wood. Italy produces wooden hangers in a carefully designed design. Thus, the models of Italian production are rather original, because they are associated with the luxury of Italy and the stiffness of England.
  • Stylish and modern coat rack, from the famous Ikea trading house, is characterized by its simplicity and quality. The accessories of these products are quite strong.

These are just a few successful examples that will help realize your own fantasies.

Closet in the hall with hangers for outer clothing

For maximum use of free meters in the hallway, experts recommend the installation of a wardrobe with a hanger. The cabinets of the compartment are filled with boxes, shelves, niche for shoes and booms for shoulders. You can also purchase a variant with sliding hangers.

The wardrobe with clothes hangers perfectly fits into the interior of the large hallway The wardrobe with clothes hangers perfectly fits into the interior of the large hallway

Important!Choosing the necessary model of the wardrobe compartment for the hallway, you need to build on the expected load of things that will be stored in it.

The standard cabinet depth is 60 centimeters, which fully corresponds to the width of the outer coat hangers. In a small hallway the best is written a narrow closet with a depth of 40 centimeters, then the rods for outer clothing will be installed not longitudinally, but transversely.

Convertible hanger for the hallway and its functions

The multifunctional and modern rotary hanger holds shelves for hats and shoes, a cabinet, a mirror, a small bar and hooks for clothing. A round structure, with a base of a reliable swivel mechanism, allows full use of all surfaces of the supporting panel.

The open swivel hallway in diameter of only 55 centimeters, and thanks to its mobility can move to any corner of the room.

To save space, many prefer to choose a swivel clothes hanger To save space, many prefer to choose a rotary hanger for clothes

Functional convenience in combination with modest sizes, allow this model to be attributed to successful acquisitions in a small entrance hall.

Important!If the hallway has a very small area, then the floor structure can be cumbersome and inconvenient to use, in which case it will be more practical to hang a wall version of the hanger.

Every year, in the modern market, there are more and more original and unusual hangers, among which the consumer can find both a cheap and luxurious model, suitable for an individual design of the hallway.

We choose hangers in the hallway( video)

Any beautiful halls can be created with your own hands, using for this a little imagination and guided by the advice of designers and professionals. Then the typical hallway will become cozy and comfortable.

hangers design in the foyer( photo in the interior)