Installation of the hallway: put and assemble from the modules, yourself as by your own hands, the scheme and video, as correct

Anteroom is a room in which a person does not spend a lot of time, but it is very important that this part of your apartment is as comfortable as possible entrance hall - a room in which a person does not spend a lot of time, but it is very important to keep this part of your apartment was most comfortable undeveloped Today, more and more owners are paying attention to modern design of the room. It is extremely important that all the rooms are decorated in a stylish, original and at the same time harmonized with each other. The hallway is the place that first acquaints guests with the apartment. It has many functions. It is in the corridor that they store their shoes and clothes, meet their guests, dress themselves up just before they leave. It should be practical and convenient. The installation of the hallway can be performed independently.

    • What put the hallway: professional advice
    • assembly hall: the main elements of
    • How to build the hall with his hands: assembly canister
    • Driving hall assemblies: angled version
    • How to build the hall with his hands( video)

What to put hallway tips

professionals today, many are trying to perform a beautiful design, not only in living rooms, but also in the hallway. Thanks to this the corridor can look stylish, neat and beautiful. But for this you need to know the techniques and methods that will help to correctly arrange the arrangement of furniture.

The hallway is a very functional part of the room, so it Hallway very functional part of the room, so important to think through all the details and even display his plan on paper

It is important to determine in advance with pieces of furniture, which will be located in the hallway. They should be primarily practical.

Our climate is very variable. Therefore, the hallway is often a concentration of dust, moisture and dirt. It is important to think carefully about the finish of the floor, as well as the ways to store outerwear and rooms. It is important to remember the main rule of material should be high-quality and durable.

What to put in the hallway:

  • Swing cabinet;
  • Shelf for shoes;
  • Mezzanines;
  • Poof;
  • Large mirror.

When choosing this or sometimes the type of furniture, it is important to pay attention to its capacity. Very often the overall furniture can not accommodate enough things. Furniture should be ergonomic. Today, modular structures are very popular.

Assembling the hallway: basic elements

The cost of arranging the hallway can vary. After buying the necessary furniture, the owners have to decide the issue with its assembly. This can be done by specially hired workers.

Often it is the hallway that is the place where clothes and shoes are stored, so the main element of the interior of this room is the closet Often it is the entrance hall is the place where it is stored clothes and shoes, so the main element of the interior of this room is a closet

assembly hall can be done by yourself. However, for this you need to have some knowledge and skills.

Furniture can not only be assembled, but also made independently. To do this, you need to determine the number of required elements. The work should begin with the development of the assembly scheme.

Elements of the hallway assembly:

  • Single-leaf pedestal;
  • Double-leafed pedestal;
  • Hanger;
  • Pencil case;
  • Cabinet.

In order to assemble a complete set of furniture, you need to prepare materials, make drawings, determine the number of parts. After the parts are ready, you need to make sure that you have enough fixing materials. It is important to carry out the assembly following the safety precautions.

How to assemble an anteroom with your own hands: assembling the case

The size of the case can be varied. With the dimensions of furniture it is necessary to decide in advance, so that unforeseen situations do not occur. Materials for the pencil case can be bought in building supermarkets or ordered online.

It is desirable not to enclose the entrance hall with furniture - it should be extremely free and comfortable Hallway desirable not to clutter the kitchen - it should be very free and comfortable

Preparation for assembling the canister takes a little time. The main thing is to cut out the strips of the appropriate size.

During assembly, the strips must be placed parallel to each other and secured with screws to the cover. It is necessary not to forget to fix the frame with corners made of plywood. After that it's fashionable to start cutting doors and shelves.

Features of the pencil assembly:

  • Can have different sizes.
  • The lid should be cut "overlapping".
  • Use 2 or 3 hinges to fasten the doors.

Assembly of the pencil case is not difficult. However, you should not take up work without experience working with building materials. It is important that the hall look beautiful.

Layout of the hallway: angled version

When assembling the corner hallway with your own hands, it is important to be extremely careful. Wrong calculations can lead to damage to the material from which furniture is made. Before assembling furniture, you need to check the condition of the wall, near which the furniture will be located.

Very often furniture in a small corridor has an angle, which allows you to save space and visually expand it Very often furniture in a small corridor has an angle that allows to save space and visually expand it

The curved wall assumes the presence of a common frame, which is screwed into the shelves during assembly.

The size of the room, the length of the walls and the proximity of the doorways affect the composition of the assembly. After the dimensions have been taken into account, it is necessary to think over the internal equipment of the furniture structure. It consists of six main hull elements.

Corner cabinet assembly process:

  • Assembling the frame;
  • Working on slats( lower and upper);
  • Manufacturing of rear walls;
  • Creating side walls;
  • Installation of internal shelves, boxes and baskets;Fastening of rods and hooks.
  • .

You can assemble the corner cabinet yourself. For this, it is important to prepare yourself beforehand. View video tutorials that will help you understand the build process in more detail. It is important to note that the quality of the cabinet will depend on the selected material. It is best to use natural tree species. However, such a cabinet, even if manufactured alone, will be quite expensive.

How to assemble an anteroom with your own hands( video)

You can assemble furniture in the hallway yourself. The main thing is to assemble and install the hall responsibly and carefully. Many designers recommend installing a modular design in the living room. It is ergonomic, has a beautiful appearance. The assembly of the modules may take some time. Furniture can also be made independently. However, one can not do without professionalism and relevant skills.