Entresol in the corridor: how to make in the hall with their own hands, wardrobes as a decoration, fabrication and installation of a mirror in the apartment

In a residential building mezzanines will look harmonious in combination with other interior items In the living room mezzanine will look harmoniously in conjunction with other home furnishings Mezzanine were common element of the interior in the Khrushchev-apartments. Despite this, they did not lose their former popularity at all, but only modernized with time. So today you can decorate your hallway room not only with a practical, but also with an elegant mezzanine cupboard.

    • Types mezzanine hallway
    • cabinets with mezzanines in the hall: how to choose
    • How do mezzanine in the hallway with his hands: instructions
    • Wardrobe with mezzanine in the hallway: features
    • Mezzanine theirhands( video)
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Types mezzanine hallway

If you have a lot of things that do not fit into the cabinet, it can be purchased from the private master or make your own handsMezzanine. In it, for example, you can add winter shoes in the summer season. However, before you start creating a mezzanine, you need to find out what their kinds are.

One of the mezzanine types is bilateral One type of mezzanine - bilateral

Types mezzanine:

  1. sided;
  2. Double sided;
  3. Open;
  4. Closed;
  5. Corner.

These are the five main criteria that will help you to choose the appearance of the future mezzanine.

Also consider the size of the mezzanine, based on the size of your hallway and personal needs.

One-sided view of the mezzanine means a model whose doors are located only on one side, and on the other - the rear board. Two-way or through, respectively, does not have such a board, and on both sides there are doors.

There are also open and closed types of mezzanine. Closed models - those that have doors, and open ones mean a regular shelf under the ceiling. Plus, the latter is that it is more convenient to get things out of it, but most people prefer to close the mezzanine with doors. By the way, one of the most popular models of mezzanine is Alla-5, which is made in classical style and will fit into any interior.

Corner entresols stand slightly more expensive, and are installed in those apartments where the layout does not allow you to install a standard model. As an option, a corner mezzanine can also be a design element that emphasizes the dignity of the room or vice versa, you can decorate with her any things. For example, the ventilation system.

cabinets with mezzanines in the hall: how to choose

Also presented five criteria, which are divided into a loft, their model also can be divided into two more categories.

The mezzanine can be:

  1. Stationary;
  2. Furniture.

Furniture mezzanine is a suitable place for storing shoes Furniture mezzanine is an appropriate place to store shoes

Stationary models are shelves to the ceiling, to which are added things. But furniture mezzanines are located on the top of the cabinets. Depending on the cabinet model, they are also divided into angular and rectangular.

In the mezzanine - the upper shelves of cabinets, also most often put winter shoes, household items, books, etc. In addition, depending on the design of the cabinet, the mezzanine can be stylized as an old tree, marble, stone or a classic style.

Also note that mezzanines on cabinets come with one or two shelves, and their facade can be decorated with carved patterns or a mirror.

How to make entresol in the corridor with your own hands: instruction

It is easy to make a stationary model of the mezzanine yourself, if you follow our instructions.

How to make mezzanine yourself:

  1. Calculate the dimensions of the future mezzanine and purchase all necessary material;
  2. On the basis of calculations, draw up a detailed drawing of the future mezzanine;
  3. Following the drawing, make a marking on the material and start cutting with a circular knife or jig saw.
  4. Connect all parts of the product using self-tapping screws. Optionally, you can decorate the mezzanine patterned cutouts on the door, clever angles trim with masking tape, lacquer, and others.

The mezzanine is easy to make by hand Mezzanine easy to make your own hands

After that, it remains only to install and secure the mezzanine near the ceiling. This can be done with the help of wooden beams or a metal profile.

Keep in mind that the doors in the mezzanine, if you plan to make a model of a closed type, can be both swinging and sliding. The choice should be based on personal preferences, as well as the features of the room.

Sliding wardrobe with mezzanine in the hallway: features

Another popular element in the design of modern interiors is the closet with mezzanine. The difference from standard cabinets in the closet is that it saves more space in the room. This will be a good plus for owners of small hallways, especially since the modern market offers corner options for the closet. They cost a little more, but they can save even more space.

Cupboard with mezzanine greatly saves space Wardrobe with mezzanine saves space

Also, there is a tendency to spread wardrobes in the domestic market, while the standard model are gradually losing ground. Therefore, choosing a wardrobe with a mezzanine, you get practical furniture, which requires a minimum of space and will soon be in vogue. And a wide range of modern market will allow you to choose a model even for the most unusual design of the corridor.

By the way, you can also make yourself a closet. Of course, if you are confident in your abilities and have at least some experience in carpentry and assembly work. In this case, you can design the cabinet design, mezzanine to it and make a design to your taste.

Mezzanine own hands ( video)

buying or designing their own mezzanine, you get a practical element of the interior, which can be folded extra stuff. In addition, well-made mezzanine emphasize the advantages of your hall room or hide its flaws. Making mezzanines with your own hands will help save money.

loft design in the corridor( photo in the interior)